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  Gi¸o ¸n tù chän b¸m s¸t - TiÕng anh 9  - Monday, September 22nd, 201 !eriod 1 The simple past and the presentperfect tense A. Aims: Provide some exercises about the simple past and the present perfect tense in order that Ss will master the using of these tenses.Teaching aids: Posters B. Content: I. Grammar,1. The present perfect a. Một hành động bt đ!u trong u# $h% nh&ng c'n ti(p t)c đ(n hi*n t+i ho,c t&-ng lai.   Th&ng đi v/i: since 0t1 $hi23 for 0đ&4c bao l5u2. 6x7: She has lived here since 789 6x;: The< have swum for 7 hour   b.  Một hành động x=< ra trong u# $h%> $h?ng x#c đ@nh rA th-i gian. Th&ng đi v/i: alread<> ever... 0 before2> never... 0before2> not> <et> several times> man< times... 6x7: SheBs been to Capan several times. 6x;: D have never wor$ed in that compan< before.  c. Một hành động v1a m/i x=< ra. Th&ng đi v/i: latel<> Eust> recentl<> in recent wee$sF months F <ears .... 6x7: M< uncle has Eust come bac$ form Gmerican 6x;: The< have done the assignment in recent wee$s. 2. The simple past tensea. Một hành động đH hoàn tIt t+i một thi điJm nào đK trong u# $h%. Th&ng đi v/i: <esterda<> last... 0 last wee$> last <ear....2> ....... ago 0L da<s ago> .... 2> in 7888> in 789.... 6x7: She was here <esterda<. 6x;: The< didnBt learn hinese L <ear ago.  b . Một thKi uen N u# $h%. 6x7: The< often went fishing when the< lived in the countr<. 6x;: Cac$ alwa<s got up at L:OO am last <ear.  c.  Một hành động đH hoàn tIt trong một $ho=ng thi gian x#c đ@nh trong u# $h% 0 from ... to...... 2 6x: rom 7897 to 789L> m< older brother wor$ed as a Eournalist  II. Exercise    Ex1.  Write qestions sin! the simple past tense a. 0 QhereF go R 2  Qhere did <ou go R b. 0 Uow longF sta< there R 2c. 0 QhatF weather li$e R 2d. 0 Qhat F visit R 2  - -1  Gi¸o ¸n tù chän b¸m s¸t - TiÕng anh 9  - e. 0 Qhat F see R 2f. 0 spea$ 6nglish F all the time R 2g. 0 watchF TV R 2h. 0 Ma$eF new F friends R 2i. 0 li$e F food R 2 E. 0 Qhat F li$e most R 2  Ex 2: Put the verbs in the brackets into the present perfect or the simple past tense. 7.G: This is m< house. W: Uow long <ou 0live2 hereRG: D 0live2 here since 78O.;. Ue 0live2 in Xondon for two <ears an then 0go2 to 6din burgh.L.  You 0wear2 <our hair long when <ou were at schoolR Yes> m< mother 0insist2 on it. Wut when D 0leave2 school D 0cut2 m< hair and0wear2 it shorter ever since.Z. Sha$espeare 0write2 a lot of pla<.[. M< brother 0write2 several pla<s. Ue Eust 0finish2 his second traged<.\. D 0not see2 him for three <ears. D wonder where he is.. Ue 0not smo$e2 for two wee$s. Ue is tr<ing to give it up.9. Qhen he 0arrive2R  Ue 0arrive2 at ;.OO8. You 0loc$2 the door before <ou left the houseR7O. D 0read2 his boo$s when D was at school. D 0enEo<2 them ver< much.77.  D never 0drin$2 Qhis$<.  Qell> have some now. 7;. D 0write2 the letter but D can]t find a stamp.7L.  The cloc$ is slow.  Dt isn]t slow> it 0stop2.7Z.  You 0have2 brea$fast <etR  Yes> D 0have2 it at 9.OOR7[. D 0meet2 him last Cune.  Answer key: 7. have <ou livedF have <ou been living> have livedF have been living.;. livedF wentL. did <ou wear> insisted> left> cut> have wor$ed. Z. wrote[. has written> has Eust finished.\. haven]t seen . hasn]t smo$ed 9. did he arrive> arrived. 8. ^id <ou loc$.7O. read> enEo<ed. 77. have never drun$ 7;. have written 7L. has stopped7Z. have <ou had> had 7[. metDDD> Uomewor$: _eview the tenses above.  - -2  Gi¸o ¸n tù chän b¸m s¸t - TiÕng anh 9  - Monday, September 0th, 201 erio# $%&: assi'e (oiceA. Aims: Uelp students to review the passive voice b< doing some exercises.Teaching aids: Posters B. Content: The passive voice:  Gs$ ss to loo$ at the example in exercise Z on the page ;7: The< sell Eeans all over the world.` Ceans are sold all over the world. 6licit from ss the passive form : S  amF isF are  P ; 7. _M:Simple present or simple past 0UT ho,c 2amisare P ; 0 V ed F V L 0WT2 2 b< S.. waswerePresent progressive or past progressive 0UTT^ ho,c T^2amisare being  P ; 0 V ed F V L 0WT2 2 b< S.. waswerePresent perfect 0UTUT2havehas been  P ; 0 V ed F V L 0WT2 2 b< S.. uture or modal 0TX ho,c T2willshall be going to be  P ; 0 V ed F V L 0WT2 2 b< S.. have tomodal 0canFmust..2  Exercise 1: Chane these sentences into passive voice: 7. The< can]t ma$e tea with cold water.;. Somebod< has ta$en some of m< boo$s awa<.L. The< will hold the meeting before Ma< ^a<Z. The< have to repair the ingine of the car.  - -3  Gi¸o ¸n tù chän b¸m s¸t - TiÕng anh 9  - [. The bo<s bro$e the window and too$ awa< some pictures. \. People spend a lot of mone<on advertising ever<da<.. The< ma< use this room for the classroom.9. The teacher is going to tell a stor<.8. You musn]t use this machine after [.LO p.m7O. o one believes his stor<.  Exercise 2: Chane these sentences into active voice: 7. These exercises well done well. ;. This dress must be washed in cold water.L. o mista$er have been made in his composition. Z. This house was built 7OO <ears ago. [. The lessons are being written b< the students now.  Answer key: Exercise 1: 7. Tea can]t be made with cold water.;. Some of m< boo$s have been ta$en awa<.L. The meeting will be hold before Ma< ^a<.Z. The engine of the car has to be repaired.[. The window was bro$en and some pictures were ta$en awa< b< the bo<s.\. G lot of mone< is spent on advertising ever<da<.. This room ma< be used for the classroom.9. G stor< in going to be told b< the teacher.8. This machine mustn]t be used after [.LO pm7O. Uis stor< isn]t believed.  Exercise 2: 7. The< did these exercises well.;. The< must wash this dress in cold water.L. Ue has made no mista$es in his composition.Z. The< built this house 7OO <ears ago.[. The students are writing the lessons now.DDD> Uomewor$: _eview the pasive voice above  - -4
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