Teaching Plan for Breast Feeding

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  TEACHING PLAN FOR BREAST FEEDING Descripton of he Learner:  The learners are frst me mothers who just delivered their baby in the instuon o Baguio General Hospital Medical Center and needs health teachings regarding breast eeding or their babyshealth and welare! #$%&'&G &##() 'mportance and $dvantages o B%#$*T +##('&G #$%&'&G ('$G&,*'*) ac- .nowledge (efcit) Breast +eeding related to inade/uate inormaon regarding  breasteedingG,$ ) T, have ade/uate -nowledge about breast eeding LEARNINGCONTENTTIEALLOTEENTETHOD OFTEACHINGE!AL ATION $0er an hour o health teaching1 lactang mothers will be able to understand and appreciate the importance and benefts o breas2eeding1 and will be able to -now and learn thecorrect latch3on and posioning during breas2eedingThe pneumonic o B%#$*T +##('&G  4roper latching on  *igns o hunger  Breast sel care  Benefts o breas2eeding to the mother  Benefts o Breast eeding to the inant5 minutes ,ne on onediscussion withvisual aids 'nstanteedbac-   Bene#s o he Chi$% Laer in Life *ome benefts o breas2eeding become apparent as thechild grows older! $mong the benefts demonstrated by research)  'nants who are breast3ed longer have ewer dental cavies throughout their lives!  *everal recent studies have shown that children who were breast3ed are signifcantly less li-ely to become obese later in childhood! +ormula eeding is lin-ed to about a 67 to 87 percent greater li-elihood that the child will become obese!  Children who are e9clusively breast3ed during the frst three months o their lives are 8: percent less li-ely to develop juvenile1 insulin3dependent diabetes than children who are ed ormula!  Breas2eeding may also decrease the ris- o childhood cancer in children under ;< years o age!+ormula3ed children are eight mes more li-ely to develop cancer than children who are nursed or more than si9 months! ='t is important to note that children who are breast3ed or less than si9 months do not appear to have any decreased cancer ris- compared to bo>le3ed children!?  $s children grow into adults1 several studies have shown that people who were breast3ed as inants have lower blood pressure on average than those who were ormula3ed! Thus1 it is not surprising that other studies have shown that heart disease is less li-ely to develop in adults whowere breast3ed in inancy!  *ignifcant evidence suggests that breast3ed children develop ewer psychological1 behavioral and learning problems as they grow older! *tudies also indicate that cognive development is increased among children whose mothers choose to breas2eed!  'n researching the psychological benefts o breast mil-1 one researcher ound that breast3ed children were1 on average1 more mature1 asserve and secure with themselves as they developed! Bene#s o he oher *tudies indicate that breas2eeding helps improve mothers@ health1 as well as their children@s! $ woman grows both physically and emoonally rom the relaonship she orms with her baby! Aust as a woman@s breast mil- is designed specifcally to nourish the body o an inant1 the producon and delivery o this mil- aids her own health! +or e9ample)  Breas2eeding helps a woman to lose weight a0er birth! Mothers burn many calories during lactaon as their bodies produce mil-! 'n act1 some o the weight gained during pregnancy serves as an energy source or lactaon!  Breas2eeding releases a hormone in the mother=o9ytocin? that causes the uterus to return to its normal sie more /uic-ly!  hen a woman gives birth and proceeds to nurse her baby1 she protects hersel rom becoming pregnant again too soon1 a orm o birth control ound to be D5 percent eEecve 33 more eEecve than a diaphragm or condom! *ciensts believe this process prevents more births worldwide than all orms o contracepon combined! 'n $rica1 breas2eeding prevents an esmated average o our births per woman1 and in Bangladesh it prevents an esmated average o F!< births per woman!  Breas2eeding appears to reduce the mother@s ris- o developing osteoporosis in later years! $lthough mothers e9perience bone3mineral loss during breas2eeding1 their mineral density is replenished and even increased a0er lactaon!  (iabec women improve their health by breas2eeding! &ot only do nursing inants have increased protecon rom juvenile diabetes1 the amount o insulin that the mother re/uires postpartum goes down!  omen who lactate or a total o two or more years reduce their chances o developing breast cancer by 6: percent!  omen who breas2eed their children have been shown to be less li-ely to develop uterine1 endometrial or ovarian cancer!   The emoonal health o the mother may be enhanced by the relaonship she develops with her inant during breas2eeding1 resulng in ewer eelings o an9iety and a stronger sense o connecon with her baby!  $ woman@s ability to produce all o the nutrientsthat her child needs can provide her with a sense o confdence! %esearchers have pointed out that the bond o a nursing mother and child is stronger than any other human contact! Holding the child to her breast provides most mothers with a more powerul psychological e9perience than carrying the etus inside her uterus! The relaonship between mother and child is rooted in the interacons o breas2eeding! This eeling sets the health and psychological oundaon or years to come!

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Apr 16, 2018


Apr 16, 2018
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