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  “Dominion Motor & Controls , ltd ” Marketing planning NMP 31 Team – Lakshya1.Abhishek Singh (05)2. Sahil Bhatia (43)3. Suresh assani (51)4. S!ar esh ha (52)5. #inay Thakur (5$)    DMC %50& share ' 'il !ell uming m't'r market.%*arly ''t h'l + e,el' a str'ng market 'siti'n.%1-200 h m't'r sells re,enue 2$& t'tal 32$m.%/ 'er m't'r !ith 'ntr'l unit 'nly manuaturer in in ustry.%Str'ng sales 're !ith g'' re'. NMP 31  Alternative 1 : Reducing price of DMC’s 10-hp motor to level of 7 1/ hp motor % Could be taken immediately to prevent loss of customers. % Short run soluon. % DMC looses the market condence. % !ncoura e other competors to play #ith price % $pportunity loss for ivin discount % 3&'( per unit. NMP 31 Rejected  Alternative : Reengineer DMC’s present 7 ! motor to ta e high tor#ue % )ill sasfy the customer re*uirement % No capital investment. % +o#er operaon cost. % ,iolets N!M- Standards  increase #indin temperature/ e0cess frame sie/ scopin up2 % ,iolaon safety and *uality standards #ill dilute the brand value. % e*uires appro0imately 3 months to deliver in the market. NMP 31 Rejected
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