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Teaching Technical Skills
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  Teaching Technical Skills  Teaching Technical Skills 1)Introduce the Technical Skill 2) Demonstrate and Explain the Technical Skill 3) Have Athletes Practice the Skill 4) Correct Errors  A good introduction involves  Getting the team’s attention    Arranging the team so everyone can see and hear  Naming the technique and explaining how it is used in the game 1)Introduce the Technical Skill   The primary ways to help athletes acquire a mental plans for a technique.  The coach should demonstrate so that athletes give their respect. Since he/she can perform the technique very well.  An effective way consists of three steps: 1) Demonstrating and Explaining  Explain how the demonstration will be given  Make sure to have their attention  Demonstrate the whole technique as it would be performed in a game  Slow down the speed 2) Demonstrate and Explain the Technical Skill
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