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  TECHNICAL DATA DRY TRANSFORMER20±2.5 % / 0.4 kV, 25 kVADescriptioMe!s ri#$itV! e&'ENERA( 1.1Manufacturer Measuring Transformers Factory Zajecar 1.2Tye!o er transformer 1.#Mo$e% tyeTE&1.'Country of origin&er(ia1.)&tan$ar$sIEC *++,*-11 1.*ua%ity contro% systemIEC /++1 2RATED DATA 2.1Transformer tyeDry 0E!342.25ate$ o er67A2)2.#5ate$ 8o%tage- rimary in$ing672+92.):- secon$ary in$ing67+.'2.'Insu%ation %e8e%- rimary in$ing672'- secon$ary in$ing671.12.);in$ing materia%- rimary in$ingCu- secon$ary in$ingCu2.*7o%tage regu%ation  -5egu%ation tyeNo %oa$- 5egu%ation range <on =ig=-8o%tage si$e>?@- 2.):2.,7ector grou3yn+2.FreBuencyH)+2./Transformers connection- rimary connection <H7>;it= ca(%e un$ersi$e- secon$ary connection <L7>;it= (usses from a(o8e or ca(%es from un$ersi$e. Lo 8o%tage connection is 8ertica%.2.1+Losses <guarantee$>- no-%oa$ %osses !  ;1/+- rate$-%oa$ %osses <,) o C mi$$%e osition of regu%ation c%utc=> ! 6 ;'+2.11&=ort-circuit ime$ance:'2.12Noise %e8e% L!A <at 1 m>$AG '22.1#Noise %e8e% L;A$AG )#2.1'5ate$ %ig=tning imu%se it=stan$ 8o%tage 12@)+s- rimary in$ing6712)- secon$ary in$ing@@2.1)5ate$ o er-freBuency it=stan$ 8o%tage )+H 1 min.- rimary in$ing67)+- secon$ary in$ing67#2.1*Ma. am(ient temerature o C'+2.1,Maima% temerature rise - rimary in$ing o C1++  - secon$ary in$ing o C1++2.1Insu%ation c%assF2.1/Fire re8ention c%assF12.2+En8iroment rotection c%assE22.21C%imate con$itions it=stan$ c%assC22.22A%titu$eJ to 1+++ m2.2#Coo%ingAN )*ONSTR$*T+ON DATA #.1Dimensions- %eng=tmm1+- i$t=mm)2+- =eig=tmm1)#.2;eig=t6gK#1+#.#EBuiment- '!t1++ senors <t=ree in e8ery secon$ary in$ing an$ one on magnetic core> - e%ectronic re%ay it= *!TC senors for t=erma% rotection1. 1#) o C < arningsigna% for artia% ec%usion >2. 1') o C <ec%usion>7isua% $is%ay for temerature monitoring- =ee%s(i-$irectiona% <in t o $irections it= ang%e /+ o >- Lifting eye%et3E&#.'A$$itiona% $ocumentation-oerating manua%-factory test reort -tye test reorts3E&
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