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   TELEMATCH   GAME 1 ( Pails And Bucket Game )   Person In Charge : Yi Zhen Place: Chalet Materials Needed : Pails, Water, String and Bucket Instructions : i. A pail is tied to the side of each the player in the group. The players form a line from the starting line to the bucket. ii. The player fills up the pail and passes the water to the next player. The player should not use his/her upper limbs to do so. iv. The last player in the line will fill up the bucket. This will be repeated until a plastic bottle has been filled up with H20 completely GAME 2 ( Chopsticks and Rice Game ) Person In Charge: Prasant Place: Basketball court Materials Needed: Chopsticks, Bowl and Rice Instructions: i. One player will come up to pick up a single rice grain from the bowl and transfer it to another bowl. ii. Once it’s done, the player then runs back to the starting line and the next player comes up. iii. This will repeated until 20 rice grains has been collected and transfered. GAME 3 ( IQ Game ) Person In Charge: Xin Ying Place: Laman Bacaan / Padang Materials Needed: Flour, Paper plate and IQ questions Instructions: i. A representative from the respective groups comes to blow the flour in order to find a piece of paper. ii. The player then reads and discusses with his/her teammates. Failure to answer the question will result to another round of blowing.Time limit to answer is 20 seconds.    GAME 4 ( Getting Wet Game ) Person In Charge: Zi Xin Place: New block Materials Needed: A very big bucket and lots of H20 Instructions: i. A big bucket of water will be prepared on the first floor of the new block. ii. Players will then be drenched by the water poured from the first floor. iii. Please refer to Zi Xin for more information. GAME 5 ( Orange Juice Game ) Person In Charge: Wan Chin Place: Tapak / Near the canteen Materials Needed: Oranges, straws and cups Instructions: i. Each player in the group will be given an orange. The players will then peel the orange and squeeze the juice into a cup. ii. Then, each player will be given a straw. The players will connect the ends of each straws to form a long straw. iii. A representative of the group will then drink the juice using the long straw they have builded. GAME 6 ( Scissors, Paper, Stone Remix ) Person In Charge: Yi Zhen Place: Dewan Terbuka Materials Needed: Chairs and Ajk to help Instructions: i. 10 chairs will be arranged in a straight line. A AJK will be sit on the 6 th  chair and a player will sit on the 5 th. ii. The player and the AJK will then battle in scissors, paper, stone. If you win, you move one step forwards and vice versa. iii. The task will be complete when all members of the group have successfully beaten an AJK in scissors, paper, stone.    GAME 7 ( Mahjong Paper Game ) Person In Charge: Anthony Place: Beside carpark / Near the store room Materials Needed: Mahjong Paper and cups Instructions: i. A cup is filled with H20 to a certain level. ii. The cup is then placed on the center of the mahjong paper. iii. Each member of the group will hold the sides or corner of the mahjong paper with with one hand only. iv. One member of the group doesn’t need to hold the paper  , but to give instructions to the other group members. v. They will then carry the mahjong paper to a certain point and come back to the starting line without spilling the water in the cup. GAME 8 ( Icy Karaoke ) Person In Charge: Shiao Dong Place: Volleyball court Materials Needed: A very big bucket, H20 and Ice Instructions: i. A bucket is filled up with ice and water to simulate icy conditions. ii. 3 to 4 members will step into the bucket/ basin and trys to sing a song. iii. Once the AJK in charge is satisfied, they can move on.
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