Telecom Italia Project

Project made in collaboration with Telecom Italia managers, creating and developing a complete business strategy in order to overcome the commoditization (and churn rate) problem in the telecommunication industry. The solution has been provided to Telecom Italia itself, with a very positive valuation
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  POINT SYSTEM   CUBO SERVICES   PARTNERSHIP BANK   TIM  WALLET  Simultaneously we saw many digital services, like eBooks, digital banks, NFC technologies emerging in all parts of the world. As we believe that these digital services will play a very important role in the future, we were thinking about which role TIM can play in this emerging digital world. That is why we decided to work on the whole Telecom Italia platform to create a unique and coherent network of services and products. We call our solution the TIM Ecosystem. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   When we were asked to think about how to attract and keep TIM subscribers, we tried to get an idea about the TIM's domestic market situation, doing this we realized that there are two trends in the italian market that are becoming or at least might become a big threat to Telecom Italia. First we have identified increasing churnrates in the telemobile sector of around 32% and at the same time the competitor WIND is winning many market shares especially in the north. POINT SYSTEM   CUBO SERVICES   PARTNER SHIP BANK   TIM  WALLET  ANALYSIS The telecommunication sector is an industry that changed and developed drastically since the 1990s. Most of these developments resulted in a commidization process. Reasons for these changes are changing economic regulations, technological developments and changing consumer behavior. For example, the liberalization lead to an increasing number of new providers entering the market. The increasing competition and the difficulties to differentiate then ended up in a destructive price war. Moreover, new developments in technology lead to more radical and frequent innovations. Today substitutes such as Skype and Whatsapp constitute a big threat to the telecommunication industry. All these factors created negative effects on the industry causing substantial problems to all providers.  DIAGNOSIS Even if Vodafone is the biggest loser (-2,5%), Telecom Italia lost 0,9% of its market share during these 4 years. So we belief that WIND could pose the biggest threat to Telecom Italia in the future. (Source: Bernstein Research) 2.1. DOMESTIC MARKET According to a strategy outline of Bernstein Research, the biggest change in Italian Wireless sector is the expansion of WIND into Northern Italy and a general network improvement. Even if WIND is historically a southern Italian telecommunications provider, it could increase market share in the north of Italy, which lead to an overall growth of 3,2% in less than 4 years.
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