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Tell Tale Heart-study Question With Answers

Tale Heart-study Question With Answers
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  The Tell-Tale Heart Study Questions with Answers ã Study Questions Question : What does the story's title mean? Answer : The story's title refers to the beating heart that eventually drives the narrator to confess his crime. The reader is led to believe it is the beating of the old man's heart he hears, an impossibility, considering the old man has been murdered and dismembered, leaving three  possibilities: (1) the narrator is insane (!) the narrator feels guilt over the crime and hears hiso n heart (#) both. Question : The narrator claims he is not mad. What evidence do e have that he is? Answer : (1) $e murders an old man because of his %vulture eye% (!) $e hears sounds from hell (#) $e dismembers the dead man's corpse (&) $e hears the beating of a dead man's heart () $e is paranoid () $e is %nervousvery, very dreadfully nervous.% Question : What does the narrator do ith the dead man's body? Answer : The narrator dismembers the body and carefully places it under a fe floor boards in the old man's room. $e's confident that his crime ill not be discovered, even inviting the investigator to sit on a chair directly above the dead body. Question : Why does the narrator ant to *ill the old man? Answer : +'ll let him tell you: %b-ect there as none. assion there as none. + loved the old man. $e had never ronged me. $e had never given me insult. /or his gold + had no desire. + thin* it as his eye0 yes, it as this0% (1!). *ay. Question : The narrator visits the old man's bedroom every night for seven nights before *illing him on the eighth night. What finally causes him to commit the act? Answer : $e hears the old man's heart. The narrator says, %+t as the beating of the old man's heart. +t increased my fury, as the beating of a drum stimulates the soldier into rage...the hellish tattoo of the heart increased. +t gre 2uic*er and 2uic*er, and louder and louder every instant...+ thought the heart must burst. 3nd no a ne an4iety sei5ed methe sound ould  be heard by a neighbor0 The old man's hour had come0% (1&). *ay. ããã Question : The t o controlling symbols in the story are the eye and the heart. What might these t o symbols represent? Answer : The old man's eye is %pale blue, ith a film over it,% indicating a lac* of visual clarity and reliability. +n this sense the eye symboli5es the narrator insomuch that all the information e receive comes through his distorted mind, much in the same ay everything the old man sees is filtered through his distorted eye. /urthermore, the story is told through the narrator's perspective, ho claims his actions are on account of the distorted eye, hich  suggests the point of vie is literally and symbolically filtered through the old man's eye. Traditionally the heart symboli5es the emotional center of the individual. +n %The TellTale $eart,% it symboli5es the narrator's guilt. Question : 6ive e4amples of ho oe creates suspense in the story? Answer : (1) /oreshado ing  %+ as never *inder to the old man than during the hole ee*  before + *illed him.% (1!). acing  the narrator describes the murder over several pages (#) 7angerous 3ction  the narrator invites the police officer to sit directly above the dead body. Question : Why couldn8t the narrator *ill the old man on the first night? Answer : the eye as closed. %...but + found the eye al ays closed and so it as impossible to do the or* for it as not the old man ho ve4ed me, but his 9vil 9ye.% Question : What does the $eart and eye symboli5e in The Tell tale heart? Answer: The beating heart could be thought of as everybody's cloc* inside them. When it stops  beating you die.' The beating heart could symboli5e the narrator's guilt or his o n fear. 3lso the symbol of the beating heart could represent the narrator's o n insanity, then the beating heart itself might only e4ist ithin the imagination of the narrator and might not be %real.% The narrator describes the eye as being li*e the eye of a vulture. ultures are scavangers that s oop in upon dead animals to feast on the carcass. Thus, they are everpresent and diligent. They see everything.The eye in this story symboli5es that sort of penetration. The narrator is obviously disturbed and terrified that someone ill see into his deepest fears and violent plans. The eye representsthe indo into the mind and soul of the narrator. +t is al ays atching him  no matter hat, he ill be observed. This comes true in the end hen the police come and the narrator reveals his o n guilt. ;omone is al ays atching  someone al ays *no s.<ou could also say that the eye is the conscience of the narrator. +t atches him because it *no s that he is planning to do rong, and the narrator is thus haunted by it. +nstead of tryingto reconcile his desire ith hat his conscience *no s is right, he chooses to destroy it.
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