QUESTION 1: A Unique Primary Index (UPI) is chosen for which three reasons? (Choose three) A. A UPI guarantees even data distribution B. A UPI is the Primary Key of the table C. A UPI access is a one AMP operation D. A UPI requires no duplicate row checking during loads QUESTION 2: Which of the following are two architectural attributes of a Teradata system? (Choose two.) A. Disk space associated with an AMP is divided into three areas: system, permanent, and spool. B. Parallelism is achieved th
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  QUESTION 1: A Unique Primary Index (UPI) is chosen for hich !hree reasons (#hoose !hree)A$ A UPI %uaran!ees e&en da!a dis!ri'u!ion$ A UPI is !he Primary ey of !he !a'*e#$ A UPI access is a one A+P o,era!ion-$ A UPI requires no du,*ica!e ro durin% *oadsQUESTION /: 0hich of !he fo**oin% are !o archi!ec!ura* a!!ri'u!es of a Terada!a sys!em (#hoose !o$)A$ -is. s,ace associa!ed i!h an A+P is di&ided in!o !hree areas: sys!em ,ermanen!and s,oo*$$ Para**e*ism is achie&ed !hrou%h o,era!in% sys!em !ime s*icin%$#$ The A+Ps access da!a from !heir associa!ed &dis.s as required$-$ The PEs communica!e i!h !he A+Ps across !he 2NET$QUESTION 3: 0hich of !he fo**oin% is a s!a!emen! !ha! is !rue re%ardin% !em,orary s,ace A$ Tem,orary s,ace is s,oo* s,ace curren!*y no! used$$ Tem,orary s,ace is ,ermanen! s,ace curren!*y no! used$#$ Tem,orary s,ace is su'!rac!ed from SysAdmin$-$ Tem,orary s,ace is assi%ned a! !he !a'*e *e&e*$QUESTION 4: 0ha! o,!ion can 'es! descri'e Terada!a5s archi!ec!ure A$ shared e&ery!hin%$ shared memory#$ shared no!hin%-$ shared da!aQUESTION 6: 0hy ou*d you choose a Non7Unique Primary Index (NUPI) ins!ead of a Unique Primary Index (UPI) A$ A NUPI requires *ess dis. s,ace !o s!ore !he da!a ro$$ A NUPI may 'e more effec!i&e for query access and 8oins$#$ A NUPI query sim,*ifies !he o,!imi9a!ion ,rocess in !he PE$-$ A NUPI ,ro&ides 'e!!er da!a dis!ri'u!ionQUESTION : 2ou are a da!a'ase adminis!ra!or a! OA $com and ha&e defined a user i!h no ,ermanen! s,ace$ 0hich are !hree o'8ec!s !ha! can 'e found in !his user (#hoose !hree)A$ !a'*es$ !ri%%ers#$ macros-$ &ies  QUESTION ;: Of !he fo**oin% ha! are !hree ma8or a!!ri'u!es of !he Terada!a da!a'ase (#hoose !hree)A$ ,ara**e* aare o,!imi9er$ ,or!a'*e !o any ,*a!form#$ uncondi!iona* ,ara**e*ism-$ au!oma!ic da!a dis!ri'u!ionQUESTION <: 0hich of !he fo**oin% are !hree charac!eris!ics of !he func!ions of !he PE (#hoose !hree)A$ I! de!ermines hich A+P shou*d recei&e a messa%e$ I! 'rea.s don SQ= reques!s in!o s!e,s$#$ I! can mana%e u, !o 1/> indi&idua* sessions-$ I! hand*es ou!,u! con&ersion and forma!!in%E$ I! &erifies SQ= reques!s for ,ro,er syn!axQUESTION ?: 2ou are an adminis!ra!or a! OA  OA has a Terada!a sys!em i!h 1>> @ of ,ermanen! s,ace of hich 6> @ is reser&ed for s,oo* s,ace$ The sys!em curren!*y has 3> @ of user da!a$ 0ha! is !he !o!a* a&ai*a'*e s,oo* s,ace for user queries A$ ;> @$ 6> @#$ 3> @-$ <> @QUESTION 1>: 0hich of !he fo**oin% are !hree ,ur,oses !ha! A+P ser&es (#hoose !hree) A$ I! does !he ,hysica* or. associa!ed i!h %enera!in% an anser se!$ I! de&e*o,s !he *eas! ex,ensi&e ,*an !o re!urn !he reques!ed res,onse se!#$ I! does ou!,u! con&ersion and forma!!in%-$ I! has access !o a sin%*e &dis. QUESTION 11: 2ou are an adminis!ra!or a! OA$ OA has a Terada!a sys!em i!h 1>> @ of ,ermanen! s,ace and you crea!e User A i!h 3> @ ,ermanen! s,ace$ o much s,ace i** User A ha&e if User A crea!es User  i!h /> @ ,ermanen! s,ace A$ ;> @$ <> @#$ 1> @-$ 3> @QUESTION 1/: 0ha! does *inear sca*a'*i*i!y ,ro&ide (#hoose /)A$Pro!ec!ion on in&es!men! for a,,*ica!ion de&e*o,men!$ $Uncondi!iona* quic. res,onse !imes for da!a queries$#$Increase or.*oad i!hou! decreased !hrou%h,u!$  -$#onsis!en! resu*!s i!h inconsis!en! da!aQUESTION 13: Say True or Ba*se $ Tem,orary S,ace is S,oo* S,ace !ha! is no! curren!*y 'ein% used$QUESTION 14: Terada!a ac!s as a da!a s!ore !o mu*!i,*e hos!s !o ,ro&ide CCCCC$ (#hoose !o$)A$A sin%*e &ersion of !he !ru!h $+u*!i,*e com,*ex queries !ha! run concurren!*y #$Ease of da!a re,*ica!ion -$A da!a mar! im,*emen!a!ion 'ased on func!iona* uni!s QUESTION 16: 0hich !o s!a!emen!s are !rue a'ou! !he ay !he Terada!a da!a'ase is adminis!ered (#hoose !o$)A$+anua* ,ar!i!ionin% schemes are required$$S,ace mana%emen! is hand*ed in!erna**y 'y !he A+Ps$#$The -a!a'ase Adminis!ra!or de!ermines here da!a is ,*aced$-$-a!a dis!ri'u!ion is au!oma!ic QUESTION 1: Select the correct type of connection (network-attached client or channel- attached client) from the below that corresponds to the listed software and hardware components. _________ Teradata Gateway ___________ Teradata Director Program ___________ hannel Dri!er  CCCCCCCC E!herne! #ard CCCCCCCCCCC Dhos!DQUESTION 1;: hat are the trade-offs of a #$ll Table Scan (#TS) compared to an %nde& access' A$Some da!a is re,*ica!ed on a** A+Ps$ $A** da!a '*oc.s are read in a sin%*e ,ass$#$ A** da!a is !ra&ersed mu*!i,*e !imes$ -$ I! is a fe7A+P o,era!ion$QUESTION 1<: 0ha! are !o reasons for choosin% a Unique Primary Index (UPI) &erses aNon Unique Primary Index (NUPI) (#hoose !o$)A UPI access is a !o7A+P o,era!ion$A UPI %uaran!ees e&en da!a dis!ri'u!ion$A UPI requires no du,*ica!e ro durin% *oads$A UPI is !he Primary ey of !he !a'*e$  QUESTION 1?:#onsider !he fo**oin% se! of SQ= s!a!emen!s:#EATE +U=TISET TA=E !1 (a INTE@E ' INTE@E)UNIQUE PI+A2 IN-EF (a)GINSET INTO !1 HA=UES (11)GINSET INTO !1 HA=UES (1/)GUP-ATE !1 SET '  ' J 1 0EE '  1G0hich s!a!emen! is !rue A$The INSETs and !he UP-ATE succeed$$The #EATE TA=E fai*s$#$The INSETs succeed 'u! !he UP-ATE fai*s$-$The second INSET fai*s$QUESTION />:-e,!CNo -e,!CName In!erna*C#os!1 esearch 6>/ -e&e*o,men! 4>3 +ar.e!in% NU==SE=E#T AH@(In!erna*C#os!) BO+ de,ar!men!G@i&en !he !a'*e and !he query a'o&e ha! is !he resu*! se! A$NU==$46#$3>-$6>E$?>/1$ Terada!a Archi!ec!ure
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