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  ã Home ã News & Analysis ã Products & Suppliers ã Standards Library ã Reference Library   ã Engineering Community Community Search Com   mGO CR4 - The Engineer's Place for News and Discussion ® Login   |   Register HOME | CR4 | Elecrical Engineering | Elecrical Engineering Pre!ious in oru#$ Hel% Needed$ &olar lighing Ne in oru#$ Earh's Magneic Pole Drifing More (u   Change Mode Add Vote &u,scri,eR non*#ous DG set rating calculation ./0120/113 2$/4 M  Poser Pradee% wries$e #e )now how o calculae D5 se ca%aci* for a gi!en #oor load6 The calculdro% li#i a he i#e of saring he #oor6 Reply Pahfinder Tags$ D5 ca%aci* #oor load !olage dro%  7neresed in his o%ic8 +* 9oining CRhis discussion and recei!e noificaion wh;oin CR4< The Engineer's Place for %eerd Power->ser;oin Dae$ Dec /113ocaion$ ?illenhall< >@Poss$ .32  dg motor starting ./01A0/113 B$/A M for suirrel cage #oors )!a g F 164/  a  #oor )w where a F B for dol sarsarers< G o 463 for auo-ransfor#er or in!eror sarers< .63 for sli%-ring #oosli% ring #oors wih high saring %ower facor )!a g F .6./  #oor )w or ,igges is o ,e sared firs6 eg G #oors #.<#/<#G whose sie increase relai!hen )!a g F )!a #.running I )!a #/ running I J  164/  )w #G KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK da* wihou a s#ile is a da* los Reply non*#ous Poser  Re: dg motor starting 1A0.30/11L .$1/ M ?ha should ,e he !alue of J gi!en in he for#ula for #uli%le #oor saring 8 Reply non*#ous Poser  Re: dg motor starting 130120/1.1 ./$4. M What should be the value of X given in the formula for multiple motor st Reply non*#ous Poser  Re: dg motor starting ..0//0/112 .$11 M  wha is he facor 164/ 8 can u clarif*8 Reply %eerd Power->ser;oin Dae$ Dec /113ocaion$ ?illenhall< >@Poss$ .32  dg motor starting ./01A0/113 2$G4 M 7 forgo o #enion %re!iousl* ha he figures 7 ha!e gi!en are ,ased on /1 o /o) for #os swichgear coils ,u #a* ,e noica,le on lighing insallaions and c KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK da* wihou a s#ile is a da* los Reply Howewo Power->ser;oin Dae$ ;un /113Poss$ GA25ood nswers$ .  DG Set Sizing ./01A0/113 ..$/G M  rule of hu#, is o li#i he #oors ha sar si#ulaneousl* o 63 h% %er )? is a /11 )? generaor< no #ore han .11 HP of #oors can ,e sared si#ulanea 41 dro% in !olage will dro% ou a #oor sarer6 Reply ca#%ioed Parici%an;oin Dae$ &e% /11LPoss$ /  Re: DG set rating calculation 1A0/30/11L 4$3. M Marahon Elecric has a grea : REE: gense cd-ro# caalog ha has an ecelen%rogra# in ecel included6The siing %rogra# a)es ino accoun NEM raing of he #oor< !olage< H< *doing #uli%le #oor saring or seuence saring67'!e found his %rogra# ecellen o!er he *ears in siing genses in he renal saring 9o,s< including siing for !er* large #oors using #uli%le %aralleled gen Reply non*#ous Poser Re$ D5 se raing calculaion 1201B0/112 .1$1A M  non*#ous Poser  Re: DG set rating calculation .10120/11A B$44 M How can calculae he ca%aci* of a Dg se reuired if !arious loads including #oraings reuired for !arious saring #ehods of #oors< li)e DO < &ar Dela an Reply  Re: DG set rating calculation 1A0120/112 G$13 M for B.611 @? how o calculae D5 ca%aci* Reply non*#ous Poser Re$ D5 se raing calculaion ./0.L0/112 L$3B M non*#ous Poser Re$ D5 se raing calculaion 1/0/30/1.1 /$G/ M dha*anandhan 5uru;oin Dae$ Ma* /112ocaion$ CHENN7< TM7 ND>< 7ND76  Re: DG set rating calculation 140//0/1.G 3$13 M Dear Mr6Pradee%<&e!eral i#es< his o%ic is discussed6 Pl6 search in his oru#< *ou will ge se!erPl6 refer he lin) ,elow6h%$00cr46glo,als%ec6co#0search0siesearch8doFshowsorFe#achran)srcDHNNDHN6& Reply
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