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Test English Speaking Countries

Test on basic and interesting facts about English speaking countries.
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  PART 1: THE BRITISH ISLES QUIZ (40 points) Write whether these sentences are true (T)  or false  (F) . 1.London, Birmingham and Manchester are the biggest cities in the UK. _________2.Ben Nevis is not the highest mountain in Great Britain. ________3.The e!ub ic o# $re and is a !ar iamentar% re!ub ic. _________&.' e(ander ) eming *as a #amous +ng ishman *ho discovered !enici in. __________.-ardi## is the ca!ita o# a es. _________/.The BB- 0British Broadcasting -or!oration began its broadcasts in the 1&4s. ____5.inston -hurchi got a Nobe 6ri7e. _________8.9t. 'ndre* is the !atron saint o# +ng and. __________.$n the UK there is more coa , oi and natura gas than in an% other countr% in the +uro!ean Union. ________1.Gae ic is the -e tic anguage s!o:en in the north o# +ng and. ________11.The e!ub ic o# $re and is a so :no*n as U ster. ________12.+d*ard ;$$$ *as the on % British :ing *ho abdicated in 13/. _________13.The Beat es started their career in Liver!oo . _________1&.<scar i de *as a #amous +ng ish *riter. __________1.-ambridge is the o dest universit% in Great Britain. ___________1/.There are 3 air!orts in the London area. __________15.The !o!u ation o# London is around 3 mi ion !eo! e. _________18.Northern $re and is a !art o# the e!ub ic o# $re and. __________1.9her oc: =o mes ived at Ba:er 9treet in London._________2.The -hanne Tunne bet*een Britain and )rance *as o!ened in 11. _________21.i iam 9ha:es!eare ived in the + i7abethan times. _________22.The omans invaded Britain t*ice. ___________23.King =enr% ;$$$ had / *ives. __________2&.The -onservative and the Labour are t*o the most im!ortant !arties in the UK. ______2.Go # srcinated in a es. ___________2/.The UK and the e!ub ic o# $re and have the same currenc%. ____________25.Britain has one o# the o dest !ar iaments in the *or d. ___________28.Most $rish names begin *ith Mac, Mc or  O’ . ________2.The on % state church in Britain is the 'ng ican -hurch. _________3.The British $s es are the biggest is es in +uro!e. __________31.' 'cts o# 6ar iament must be signed b% the >ueen. __________32.+dinburgh is the biggest cit% in 9cot and. ___________33.The ?9@uare Mi e4 is a !o itica centre o# London. ___________3&.The =ouse o# -ommons has /&/ members. ____________3.Troo!ing the -o our is he d to ce ebrate the >ueen4s birthda%. _________3/.The s%mbo o# $re and is a da##odi . ____________35.<n 3 th  Aanuar% 9cotsmen ce ebrate the birthda% o# obert Burns. __________38.<ne o# the most #amous Nationa 6ar:s in a es is 9no*donia. ________________3.The Lords in the =ouse o# Lords are e ected. ___________&.Gu% )a*:es4 Night is ce ebrated on 1 th  November each %ear. _________ 1  PART 2: THE USA QUIZ (40 points) Circle the correct answer    a, b, c or d  . Only one answer is correct . 1.  hich o# these is not a borough o# Ne* or:C a >ueensb Manhattanc Broad*a%d Broo: %n 2.  The argest state in the U9' isDa Te(as b -a i#ornia c ashington d ' as:a 3. The nationa emb em o# the U9' isD a the 9tatue o# Libert%b the ba d eag ec the mountain b uebirdd the bu##a o 4.  The highest court in the U9 isDa the 9u!reme -ourtb the -ourt o# '!!ea sc the )edera -ourtd the Eistrict -ourt  5.  The seat o# both houses o# the U.9. -ongress isD a the hite =ouseb the 6entagonc the Nationa Ma d the -a!ito 6.   The Gulf War   in 11 *as #ought againstD a Ku*ait b $ra@ c 9audi 'rabia d $ran  .  hich o# these is not an 'merican car brandCa Aaguar b )ordc =ummerd -hr%s er !.  6resident George Bush 0Funior is the eader o#D a the -onservative 6art% b the Eemocratic 6art%c the Libera 6art% d the e!ub ican 6art% .  The # ag o# the United 9tates hasD a 12 stri!es and & stars b 13 stri!es and  stars c 12 stri!es and 1 starsd 13 stri!es and 1 stars 10.  The nationa anthem 0h%mn o# the U9' isD a the 9tars and 9tri!esb the 9tar9!ang ed Bannerc e 9ha 9urvived God 9ave 'merica 11. The U9' *as srcina % #ormed b% ______ Britishco onies *hich announced their se!aration #rom Britain.a 8 b  c 13 d 1  12. The Eec aration o# $nde!endence *as ado!ted a on Aune &th, 155/ b on Au % &th, 155/c on Aune &th, 1583 d on Au % &th, 1583  2  13.  Aohn ). Kenned% *as _______ *hen he became the !resident o# the U9'.a 3b &&c d /& 14.  The U9' is a #edera re!ub ic o#a  states and ' as:a b  states and =a*aiic  statesd & states 15.   Thanksgiving Day   is ce ebrated to commemoratea the discover% o# 'merica b% -o umbusb the victor% o# the #irst co onists over the $ndiansin 1/2c the #irst harvest o# 6 %mouth co on% in 1/21d the marriage o# -a!tain Aohn 9mith and 6ocahontas 16.  The -ongress o# the U9' consists o# a 1 9enators and &3 e!resentativesb 1 9enators and &3 -ommonsc 1 9enators and &3 + ectorsd 1 9enators and  Governors 1 . The -ivi ar 018/118/ began because o#a the #act that the northern states did not *ant toabo ish s aver%b the #act that the southern states *anted to be a!art o# Britainc great socia and economic di##erences bet*een the north and the southd re igious di##erences bet*een the north and the south 1!.  hich o# the #o o*ing is the highest !ea: in the U9'Ca the oc:% Mountainb the Grand -an%onc Mount McKin e%d Mount ushmore 1 .  The ongestserving U9 6resident 0the on % !resident to be e ected three times *asDa G. ashington b '. Linco n c ).E. ooseve t d A.).Kenned%  20.  6residentia e ections in the U9 are he d ever%a 3 %ears b & %ears c  %ears d / %ears 21.  The term ? ig ! le’  re#ers toa Los 'nge es b 9an )ranciscoc Manhattan d Ne* or: 22.  hich o# these is not the 'merican nationa s!ortCa baseba b bas:etba c rugb% d 'merican #ootba   23.  Broad*a% is #amous #or a #inancia institutions *hich have their o##ices thereb a theatre and cinema district c the head@uarters o# the United Nations d s:%scra!ers 24.  ? The !dventures of #uckleberry $inn’  *as *ritten b%a M. T*ain b +. =eming*a%c +.'.6oe d ).9. )it7gera d 25.  <ne o# these !er#ormers is not 'mericanDa Madonnab George Michae c Aon Bon Aovid )ranc 9inatra 26.  ashington E.-. is situated onD a the Mississi!!i iver b the -o orado iverc the =udson iver d the 6otomac iver 2.  The highest o##ice bui ding in the U9' at the moment isD a the 9ears To*er in -hicago b the +m!ire 9tate Bui ding in Ne* or: c the 9tatue o# Libert% in Ne* or:d the 6entagon in ashington E.-. 2!. The Go den Gate Bridge, one o# the *or dHs most #amous sus!ension bridges, is situated ina Los 'nge esb Bostonc 6hi ade !hia d 9an )rancisco 2 . The biggest 'merican river isDa the -o oradob the Mississi!!ic the Missouri d the u:on 30.  The o dest 'merican universit% isD 3  a =arvard b a e c 6rinceton d -o umbia 31.  e can #ind Las ;egas inDa -a i#orniab Nevadac Ne* or:d 'ri7ona 32.  IThat4s one sma ste! #or man. <ne giant ea! #or man:indI *as said b%a Nei 'mstrongb Martin Luther Kingc A.).Kenned%d 'braham Linco n 33.  'nd% arho *as an 'mericana !ainter b !oetc scientist d !o itician 34.  The J1 ban:note has the !ortrait o#____ on it.a )ran: in b Linco n c Ae##ersond ashington 35.  Ne* or: *as #ounded in 1/2 b%a the British b the )renchc the Eutch d the 9!anish 36.  hich o# the #o o*ing *as not invented in the U9'Ca -oca -o a b Feansc !i77a d te e!hone  3.  hich o# these #i ms *as not directed b% 9teven 9!ie bergCa Aa*s b aiders o# the Lost 'r:c +.T. d 9tar ars  3!.  ' ? nickel’  is a a #ivecent coin b a tencent coinc a t*ent%cent coin d a #i#t%cent coin 3 .  hich o# the #o o*ing *e cannot #ind in the asington E.-.a the hite =ouseb the a : <# )amec Linco n Memoria d the -a!ito Bui dings 40.  The annua a*ards #or artistic achievements in music are ca edDa +mm% '*ards b Gramm% '*ardsc <scar '*ards d 6u it7er 6ri7es   PART 3: AUSTRALIA# $A%A&A A%& %E' ZEALA%& QUIZ (20 points) Co% lete these sentences using words and hrases in the bo& below. There ' e&trawords which you do not need to use. New Zealand, Ottawa, Ayers Rock, Canberra, 1840, The reat !arr er Ree#, $ell n%ton, &ydney, the 'ord o# the R n%s, Abor % nes, een *l +abeth , the  -aor , -ont .osc s+ko, Toronto, 1/8, !r ta n and France, the a2le lea#, the 3ort%ese, the !r t sh, cr  nals, 5own 6nder7, ebec, 1/88, 1.'ustra ia *as #irst discovered b% _______________________. 2.The argest minorit% in Ne* ea and are __________________________. 4
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