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  What is the difference between the severity of a bug and the priority of a bug? PRIORITY OF A BUG = reprezinta faptul ca un bug trebuie rezolvat cat mai repede SEVERITY OF A BUG = masoara impactul acelui bug asupra aplicatiei What are the differences between a test plan and a use case? TEST PLAN = reprezinta totalitatea elementelor care construiesc strategia realizarii unui test USE CASE = reprezinta cum utilizatorul interactioneaza cu o anumita functie si cum raspunde sistemul la respectiva aplicatie Define black box testing and white box testing? BLACK BOX = o metoda de testare software care examineaza functionalitatea aplicatiei (ce face aplicatia) fara a testa aplicatia pe bucatele de cod WHITE BOX = o metoda de testare software in care se testeaza structurile interne ale aplicatiei What is automated testing? Un proiect poate implica sute de teste. Executarea unui test automat economiseste foarte mult timp fata de un test manual. Cand un programator va modifica sursa unui cod, testul automat va rula imediat si va inregistra datele intr-un fisier. What is the difference between unit testing and integrated testing? UNIT TESTING = este un test scris de programator care testeaza daca o bucatica din cod functioneaza corespunzator. Acest test este realisat de programator nu de tester. INTEGRATED TESTING = presupune testarea sistemului ca un intreg, cu toate modulele aferente What is a test case? TEST CASE = un set de conditii si variabile pe care un tester le foloseste pentru a verifica functionalitatea unei aplicatii TESTARE POZITIVA = verificarea faptului ca aplicatia face ceea ce trebuie sa faca TESTARE NEGATIVA = verificarea faptului ca aplicatia nu face ceea ce trebuie sa nu faca. What is Software Testing Life Cycle? STLC = Testarea software are un singur ciclu de viata. Software testing life cycle : 1. Requirement phase 2. Design phase 3. Coding (programming) 4. Testing 5. Release (Production) 6. Maintenance (Support) -What is the difference between functional and non-functional testing? FUNCTIONAL TESTING = is the type of testing done against the business requirements of application. It is a black box type of testing. NON-FUNCTIONAL TESTING = is the type of testing done against the non functional requirements. -What is portability testing? Se refera la testarea unei aplicatii pe diferite platforme. Spre exemplu, pentru o aplicatie se poate cere efectuarea unor teste pe diferite sisteme de operare.   Selenium? Este un framework de testare software pentru aplicatii web. Este un software open-source scris in Java. Regression testing? Implica verificarea ca odata cu avansarea proiectului sa nu se piarda functionalitati deja implementate si sau sa se genereze erori noi. Bug tracking? Un mod organizat de a tine evidenta bug-urilor si a starii acestora (deschis, testat, rezolvat, inchis) Shakeout testing?â  ¯ In cadrul acestui test se verifica conectivitatea retelei, conectivitatea bazei de date. Acest test se realizeaza deobicei de catre programator sau de catre testerul Whitebox. Smoke testing?â  ¯ Prin acest tip de test se verifica functionalitatile majore ale aplicatiei si se cauta defectiunile majore ale aplicatiei. System testing?â  ¯ System testing is black box testing, performed by the Test Team, and at the start of the system testing the complete system is configured in a controlled environment. -Stress testing?â  ¯ In this type of testing the application is tested against heavy load such as complex numerical values, large number of inputs, large number of queries etc. which checks for the stress/load the applications can withstand. -What is a Primary Key?â  ¯ In a database table, the Primary Key is a column which has a unique value for each of the row within that column. It canâ  t have NULL value. -What is a Unique Key?â  ¯ In a database table, the Unique Key is a column which may or may not have null value of each of the row within that column. What is database testing?â  ¯ Database testing involves the tests to check the exact values which have been retrieved from the database by the web or desktop application. Data should be matched correctly as per the records are stored in the database. Data base testing is segmented into four different categories. Testing of Data Integrity Testing of Data Validity Data base related performance Testing of functions, procedure and triggers ++ ***


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