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  BILLBOARDS IN ARTLANTIS 5 BY PAUL R BESTON Billboards for Artlantis 5  a step by step guide Tools used ã Digital camera and tripod or ( a good phone and a steady hand ! ) ã Mac pro ã Photoshop CS6 ã  Artlantis Studio release version Steps   1.  Take photo of object at best resolution, even light conditions, with the most contrasting background available and use a tripod if you have one. Shoot photo square on object, billboards face camera in artlantis so perspective images look skewed with some images like cars etc. 2. Load your images into iphoto 3.  When ready to make billboard, drag your image out of iphoto over the PS icon in the dock....image opens in PS. 4. In the layers  panel, double click the background layer  to unlock, click OK 5. Crop  image to remove excess background around object. see fig 1  6. Select IMAGE , image size. Make note of width/ height in pixels click OK 7. Select FILE , New , name file, change width/ height to image pixels size noted previously. In Background Contents select transparent click OK. 8. Select FILE , Open Recent , select image ( i.e. top item ) 9. Zoom on object for best editing size. (mac alt option and scroll ) 10. Select Magnetic lasso tool from toolbar ( right click lasso tool ) …… for complicated billboards like trees try 11. Carefully trace out object, when complete trace “ lights up “. note use delete key to backtrack tracing if mistakes made during process. see fig 2 .  12. Select SELECT , Inverse , then delete  key.... see fig 3 13. Select FILE  ( now with transparent background ) and SAVE AS a . PNG  or .TGA to desktop or dedicated folder for easy access. see fig 4 & 5 BILLBOARDS IN ARTLANTIS 5   PAGE 1  BILLBOARDS IN ARTLANTIS 5 BY PAUL R BESTON fig 1 cropped to remove unnecessary background fig 2 highlighted after traced out with magnetic lasso selection tool Dog with transparent background , note after  main subject is on transparent background , other areas within subject are made transparent by highlighting with magnetic lasso tool and pressing delete   key   only . Eg small hole between front and back legs fig 3  BILLBOARDS IN ARTLANTIS 5   PAGE 2  BILLBOARDS IN ARTLANTIS 5 BY PAUL R BESTON fig 4 Format above as PNG or TGA and save on desktop or easily accessible file fig 5 BILLBOARDS IN ARTLANTIS 5   PAGE 3  BILLBOARDS IN ARTLANTIS 5 BY PAUL R BESTON 14. Close Photoshop and open Artlantis   15. Open any Artlantis file and in Catalog bring up Silhouettes   16 . Right click on any Silhouette e.g. Peo 124 and select reveal  in finder  The Abvent_Std_Silhouettes folder will appear on Desktop BILLBOARDS IN ARTLANTIS 5   PAGE 4
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