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  NAME:__________________________ DATE______________ SEMESTRIAL TEST PAPER - 9 B A.Reading Comprehension 1.Read the text carefully and mark the sentences as True or False. (10 p) Facebook Do you use any of the social networking websites which are so popular these days, the places where you can connect up with friends and relatives and meet people? If you‟re younger you may use MySpace, adults are more likely to be found on Facebook and busy professionals may prefer something like LinkedIn. But at least two of these sites have one thing in common: apart from being social spaces where you can meet and chat to people, share photos and other things, they‟ve all added new verbs and nouns to the language in the past couple of years. Let‟s take a look at some examples. You can  facebook   your holiday photos ( upload   them to your Facebook page),  facebook   someone to see who they are ( look him up  in Facebook),  facebook someone about a party ( contact   someone through their Facebook page) and ask permission to facebook   someone ( add   them as a Facebook friend). As you can see, „facebook‟ is a pret ty versatile word, and you can say the same about „myspace‟.  While you‟re „facebooking‟ or „myspacing‟ you may also find yourself „commenting‟ (writing a comment on someone‟s Facebook or MySpace page), as in this example: „I commented Mary that she should come to the  pub on Saturday and she commented me that she couldn‟t because she was going away for the weekend‟. Questions 1. People who use Myspace are generally not as old as people who use Facebook. T / F 2. LinkedIn is for people with good jobs. T / F 3. Sites like these have given new words such as adverbs and adjectives to the language. T / F 4. Myspace is a less versatile word than Facebook. T / F 5. All three of the sites mentioned have provided some new words. T / F 6. In this Internet context, „to comment‟ means to leave a message for someone on their site. T / F 7. You can use Facebook for different purposes. T / F 8. The new terms have been in use for twenty years. T / F 9. The word „facebook‟ has various uses. T / F 10. You need someone‟s authorisation to add their name to your facebook  page. T / F 2. You have read the story of Beowulf and studied details about the most famous epic poem in Old English. Choose the correct variant: (10 p) 1. How many fantastic creatures does Beowulf fight in total? A. one B. two C. three D. four 2. What is the repetition of similar vowel sounds close together called? A. frequency B. alliteration C. litteracy D. assonance 3. Beowulf is a heroic epic poem because: A. it presents, in a long narrative poem, impressive characters who do heroic deeds which are followed by rewards. B. it presents, in a long narrative poem, heroic characters with fantastic powers and who change from evil to good. C. it presents, in a long poem in alliterative verse, the story of good defeating evil and the war between two kingdoms. D. it presents, in a long in alliterative verse, how Beowulf became king of the Geats after defeating a terrible dragon. 4. Grendel dies because: A. Beowulf cuts off his head with a magic sword. B. Beowulf tears off one of his legs C. Beowulf tears off one of his arms D. his mother can‟t protect him against Beowulf    5. The heroic poem has: A. a historic purpose B. a social purpose C. a literary purpose D. a moral purpose  B . Use of English 1. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form. (10p) 1) He will ask for our help only if he __________________________(not know) what to do anymore. 2) We______________________(visit) all the important places   in England, Wales and Scotland this summer. 3)  ______________________________________________(the plane to Prague/ take off) at 8 o‟clock?  4) Our guide will be able to answer your questions as soon as he __________________(finish) this last tour. 5) ____________________________________________(you/always/speak) so loudly? My ears hurt! 2. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form. (Present Simple or Present Continuous) Pay attention to state verbs and action verbs! (10p) 1) My friends______________________(think) about going to see Green Day in concert next month. 2) “Why______________________   _________(you/weigh) the baby ?”   “ I want to see if he _______________________(weigh) enough for his age.”  3) My baby brother __________________ (be) really naughty today. He keeps drawing on the walls. 4) “Why ___________________________________(the kitchen/smell) of burnt meat?”   “Surprise! I‟m cooking dinner!”   3. Complete the tag questions: (5p) 1) I t isn‟t getting warmer,  ___________________? 2) Graham isn‟t enjoying the flight, ___________________?  3) They are still trying to finish their work,__________________? 4) I don‟t listen to Frank Sinatra, ___________________?  5) Mrs. Cathy Baker runs eight miles every week, ___________________? 4. Translate into English. Pay attention to the form of the adjectives. (10p) 1) Cred ca acesta este cea mai proasta idee din lume! 2) Londra este mai aglomerata decat orasul meu dar mai curata. 3) Cred ca aceasta expozitie este mai putin plictisitoare decat prima. 4) Prefer jogging-ul deoarece este mai sanatos decat privitul la televizor. 5) Din punctual meu de vedere, colectia de jucarii este cea mai neobisnuita colectie din muzeu. 5. Word building (10p) 1) All he wanted was to go on a holiday in a __________________place. PEACE 2) When he offered to help me understand the situation I knew he is a ________________person. RELY 3) What happened to your eye? The skin around it is ___________________ BLUE 4) Companies need ___________________people to work for them day and night. ENERGY 5) ___________________heroes become idols for little kids. FEAR C. Writing (25 p)  –    Write on the given theme in about 1500 words.  1point granted  BAREM A.Reading Comprehension A.1. (10 x 1p =10 points) 1) T; 2) T; 3) F; 4) F; 5) F; 6) T; 7) T; 8) F; 9) T; 10) T. A. 2. (5 x 2p = 10 points) 1.C; 2.D; 3.A; 4.C; 5.D B.Use of English B.1. (5 verbe x 2p = 10 points) 1. doesn‟t know ; 2. are visiting; 3. Does the plane to Prague take off; 4.finishes; 5. Are you always speaking B.2. (5 verbe x 2p = 10 points) 1.are thinking; 2. are you weighing, weighs; being; 4. does the kitchen smell; B.3. (5 x 1p= 5 points) 1. is it?; 2. Is he?; 3. aren‟t they?; 4. do I ?; 5. doesn‟t she?  B.4. (5 x 2p = 10 points) 1. I think this is the worst idea in the world because parachuting is the most dangerous sport! 2. London is more crowded than my town but cleaner. 3. I think this exhibition is less boring than the first one. 4. I prefer jogging because it is healthier than watching TV. 5. From my point of view, the collection of toys is the most unusual collection in the museum. B.5. (5 x 2p = 10 points) 1. peaceful; 2. reliable; 3. bluish; 4. energetic; 5. fearless C. Writing (25points) Writing   1. You are a tourist in London. Write your best friend a letter about the things you like/dislike here, the places you have visited the weather and the people. 2. Write about your hobbies. when you took up the hobby, describe it, write about its advantages/ disadvantages. 3. Write about your favourite object(s). You should Describe it- shape, colour, material, other properties Explais what it makes you feel like Explain why it is so important to you- give arguments
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