Thanksgiving 2 Psalm 145 Handout 110914

a season of thanksgiving
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  Glorifying God…by Jesus Christ...through his body the church | 816-224-9113 | A N  E XPERIENTIAL  E XEGESIS   OF  Y OUR  N EED   FOR  P RAISING  P RAYER  1. None of us praise God as much as he ________________ it 2. The “praise language” of prayer is hard to pick up on because we hear it so ____________ 3. Often our public petitions do not match our ______________ pleas D EFINITIONS  ã__________________ is strong devotion, and means to hold in utmost or highest esteem by performing acts of fervent and devoted love ãTo __________ is to elevate and exalt in rank, status or character Point 1.  In many of our families ______-__________ are more plentiful than praise and what is repeatedly modeled at home becomes our automatic behavior in the world. Point 2.  There is something about pure praise that restores our joy and renews our ________. Point 3.  Praise is an unceasing, unrelenting and unstoppable force from __________. Point 4.  It is our __________________ about God that will connect the generation following us to our God.      h  a  r  v  e  s   t   b  a  p   t   i  s   t  c   h  u  r  c   h Thesis  Thanksgiving gives us the book of ________ experience of becoming ã a powerhouse bible- teaching  church ã a lighthouse gospel- witnessing  church ã a schoolhouse missionary- sending  church  Season of      Reaching Discipling Equipping to fulfill the  mission of the Great Commission 09 November, 2014   Message 2  S EVEN  E LEMENTS  A CCOMPLISHING   A  S EASON   OF  P RAISE   1. God’s __________________, 1-2 2. God’s __________________, 3-6 A. We’ve got to _____________-________ God’s works, 3-4 B. We’ve got to ______________ God’s works, 5-6 3. God’s __________________, 7-9 4. God’s ____________________, 10-13 5. God’s ________________, 14-16 6. God’s ________________, 17-19 7. God’s ________________, 20-21 Rom 11:33 O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his  judgments, and his ways past finding out! Psalm 81:10 I am the Lord thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it. John 17:17 Sanctify them though thy truth: thy word is truth. GOD’S ETERNAL PURPOSE To glorify God, by Jesus Christ, through his body the church, as we preach the gospel to the world (Eph 3:10-11,21) Season of      I. PRAISE BECAUSE GOD IS GREAT, 1-6 Thanksgiving Day to Day A. His Position is Deep, 1-2 Thanksgiving Generation to Generation B. His Power is Wide, 3-6 Praise for the… 1. Mystery of His Person, 3 2. Might of His Power, 4 3. Majesty of His Purpose, 5 4. Meaning of His Providence, 6 II. PRAISE BECAUSE GOD IS GOOD, 7-10 In His… A. Moral Ways, 7 B. Merciful Ways, 8 C. Manifold Ways, 9 D. Meaningful Ways, 10 III. PRAISE BECAUSE GOD IS GLORIOUS, 11-13 Thanksgiving Nation to Nation A. His Dynamics are Inspiring, 11-12 B. His Duration is Invincible, 13 IV. PRAISE BECAUSE GOD IS GOVERNING, 14-17 Thanksgiving Need to Need A. He Helps by True Kindness, 14 B. He Helps by True Kingliness, 15-17 1. Being Absolutely Impartial, 15-16 2. Being Absolutely Impeccable, 17 V. PRAISE BECAUSE GOD IS GRACE, 18-21 Thanksgiving Prayer to Prayer A. Reviewed Grace, 18-19 1. God is Approachable, 18 2. God is Appealing, 19 B. Revoked Grace, 20 C. Refrain on Grace, 21   FAST FACTS Downloadable P   rayer Diary Sermon Video Pastor   Alan Shelby
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