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The biography of Hadrat Qutub-ul Hind Hyderabad

The biography of Hadrat Qutub-ul Hind Hyderabad
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  1 The biography of Hadrat Qutub-ul Hind Hyderabad His name was Hazrat Mir Shujat Hussain and his personality and his status was well known for his qualities of innermost and manifest. There was a great benefit to a large number of Arabic, Indian and Hyderabad  people. He was a perfect Sufi saint of his time and as well as he was also famous and well known as Qutub (highest cadre in spiritual pivot at axis) of India of his time and he was a perfect personality of his time in Hyderabad in the following knowledges. 1. Exegesis of the Quran  2 2. Hadith (the holy  prophet‟s traditions)  3. The knowledges of manifest 4. The knowledges of the innermost 5. Basic Islamic knowledge 6. Arabic grammar 7. Poetry 8. Fiqa (Islamic law) 8. Author He was famous for the innermost knowledge so for this reason many 100,000 persons in Hyderabad and around Hyderabad were benefitted greatly in his company and in his training sessions and due to his endeavours and hard tasks a large number of people were able to reach their final destination. He was also well known for his great love of Allah and his friendship with the Lord of the worlds. His name was Mir Shujauddin Hussain but He is well known by the name of Maulavi Saheb and his poetic name was Faqir. His ancestors His father's name was Syed Karimullah Bahadur and he was very  pious and he was a man of rapture (ecstasy) and he was a well known  person of knowledge and famous scholar of his time and he was given the titles of Khan Bhadur by the government authorities in Hyderabad. He was in the special service of Paigah (During the rule of kings of Hyderabad an area of known as Paigah was given to the Amirs (rulers)  3 to keep ready the armed forces in their regions to help the government in the time of emergency). His grandfather Syed Daim was well known and famous scholar of Islamic law (fiqa)  and famous pious personality of his time. Nawab Nasir Jung Bahadur appointed him to the post of Qazi (judge) of Burhanpur. His genealogical record was connected with Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (R.A.) in the 27 th  generation. So Hazrath Qutub-UL Hind was  belonged to the pious genealogical lineage of Hazrat Muhammad Ibn al-Hanafiyyah who was the son of Hazrat Syedna Ali Ibn Abi Talib (R.A.). His ancestors were migrated from Arabia to India in Madhya Pradesh area during the period of the Moghul Emperor Akbar. Hazrat Ahmed Yesevi (R.A.) who was a Turkish poet and Sufi person, an early mystic who exerted his endeavours and hard tasks and so he was becoming well known for his powerful influence on the development of mystical Sufi orders of Tariqa  (mystic path) throughout the Turkish speaking world of the 11th century and his was also successor (caliph) of Hazrat Yusuf Hamdani, is the forefather of Qutub-UL Hind Mir Shujauddin Hussain. The Mausoleum of Hazrat Ahmed Yasevi is situated in the city of Turkistan in the South Kazakhstan. He was born in 1191 Hijra corresponding to 1774 Burhanpur in Madhya Perdesh and his father's name was Hazrat Syed Karimullah and who was well known personality for his pious and spirituality. He was awarded the title of Khan Bahadur by Nasir Jung Bahadur. His  4 grandfather‟s name was Mir Mohammed Daim and who was famous for his knowledge and he was also well known pious person of his time and who was a disciple of Mirza Be‟dil.  Due to his excellence in the knowledges and due to his pious personality Nawab Asif Jah Bahadur had great devotion to him and for this reason he appointed him as  Qazi  (judge) of Burhanpur. His maternal grand father's name was Khaja Siddiq alias Ghulam Mohiuddin and who was the custodian of the grand (Jamia) mosque in Burhanpur. He was great worshipper and pious  personality of Burhanpur and he had only one daughter whose name was Hazrat Arifa Begum Sahiba and who was the mother of Hazrat Mir Shujauddin Hussain. Early education and training At the time of the marriage of Qutub- UL Hind‟s parents, the age of his father was 60 years. Qutub- UL Hind‟s father was passed away when he was two years old. Then the responsibility of his upbringing fell on his maternal grandfather, Hazrat Khawaja Syed Mohammed Siddiq. So his early education and training was completed under the care and attention of his maternal grandfather Khaja Mohammed Siddiq alias Ghulam Mohiuddin. Under his care and attention he was learning the  basic Islamic knowledge, Arabic grammar (Sarf and Nahoo) and also memorized the Holy Quran by the age of 12 years. He studied other  books of knowledge in Burhanpur with the help of learned persons there. During the period of his mother‟s pre gnancy his maternal grandfather
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