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  MindTree Family Brand Strategy Ware Person Brand & Brief Mamun Clemon: Sales is dropping. Need to increase sales volume and brand affinity among the target audience. An exciting campaign needs to be launched that will excite the audience when they hear the “Clemon” brand name and associate the brand to Freshness in Lime & Lemon. TG: Youth Ileush Coca-Cola: An experiential campaign keeping in mind the upcoming EID ul Azha. TG: Road Runners (Always on the Run) Arif Sandalina: The brand loyalty among the audience is at an all time low. They are purchasing Sandalina one month, but repeat purchase is not happening. According to recent research, it is seen that consumers are not aware of the core attributes & benefits of using a sandal soap. As such, they buy it, but do not feel the urge to carry on with the brand. Need a 3 month plan to increase customer retention. Not very interested in Mass Media (TV, Radio) TG: Married Women; Age 28-40 Shovon Frutika: Consumers are now very learned and skeptical. They have come to know that most Mango juice found in the market are adulterated and use very low quality raw materials (such as Mishti Kumra). As such, they have stopped buying bottled mango juice such as Frutika, Slice and Pran. Frutika now wishes to aware the audience about the purity and good quality of the Products of Frutika. After the campaign, audience should be able to associate quality and purity to Frutika. Relaunch of past TVC theme with new idea and subsequent activations will be required. TG: University Youth  Jewel Radhuni: Lifting of Radhuni Gura Mashla has gone down at retailers’ end due to “ Fresh ” Spices. Come up with a Trade Marketing Plan so that retailers are interested to keep Radhuni in their stores. TG: Retailers at Neighborhood & Wet Markets; General Stores Riaz Pran Jhalmuri: Pran has decided to relaunch the Pran Jhalmuri brand catered towards the needs and wants of the youth population. Logo Redesign, Thematic TVC, Press Ad and Billboard will be required. TG: Youth; Age- 15 to 25 Note: Every Individual should come up with their own Agency Name. Creatives are a MUST. Every Agency should provide creatives for their subsequent plans! If you can manage our Brilliant Design team and get them to design for you, that will be an added point in your favor! The Winning Agency will receive an attractive gift! So better fight with all you have! CLIENTS: Sabbir: Coca Cola; Frutika; Radhuni; Pran Jhalmuri Ikbal bhai: Sandalina Ileush: Clemon


Jul 23, 2017
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