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The Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School (BUGS) Wellness Policy on Physical Activity and Nutrition

The Brklyn Urban Garden Charter Schl (BUGS) Wellness Plicy n Physical Activity and Nutritin Preamble Whereas, children need access t healthful fds and pprtunities t be physically active in rder t grw,
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The Brklyn Urban Garden Charter Schl (BUGS) Wellness Plicy n Physical Activity and Nutritin Preamble Whereas, children need access t healthful fds and pprtunities t be physically active in rder t grw, learn, and thrive; Whereas, ur interdisciplinary curriculum is grunded in the Clud Institute Fr Sustainability Educatin s ethic f living well within the means f nature; Whereas, gd health fsters student attendance and educatin; Whereas, besity rates have dubled in children and tripled in adlescents ver the last tw decades, and physical inactivity and excessive calrie intake are the predminant causes f besity; Whereas, heart disease, cancer, strke, and diabetes are respnsible fr tw- thirds f deaths in the United States, and majr risk factrs fr thse diseases, including unhealthy eating habits, physical inactivity, and besity, ften are established in childhd; Whereas, a majrity f children (2 t 19 years) d nt eat a healthy diet cnsistent with the five main recmmendatins frm the Fd Guide Pyramid; Whereas, natinally, the items mst cmmnly sld frm schl vending machines, schl stres, and snack bars include lw- nutritin fds and beverages; Whereas, cmmunity participatin is essential t the develpment and implementatin f successful schl wellness plicies; Thus, BUGS is cmmitted t prviding a schl envirnment that prmtes and prtects children s health, wellbeing, and ability t learn by supprting healthy eating and physical activity. Therefre, it is the plicy f BUGS that: BUGS will engage students, parents, teachers, fd service prfessinals, health prfessinals, and ther interested cmmunity members in develping, implementing, mnitring, and reviewing district- wide nutritin and physical activity plicies. All students and staff at BUGS will have pprtunities, supprt, and encuragement t be physically active n a regular basis. 1 Fds and beverages sld r served at schl will meet r exceed the nutritin recmmendatins f the U.S. Dietary Guidelines fr Americans. Qualified child nutritin prfessinals will prvide students with access t a variety f affrdable, nutritius, and appealing fds that meet the health and nutritin needs f students; will accmmdate the religius, ethnic, and cultural diversity f the student bdy in meal planning; and will prvide clean, safe, and pleasant settings and adequate time fr students t eat. T the maximum extent practicable, BUGS will participate in available federal schl meal prgrams (including the Schl Breakfast Prgram, Natinal Schl Lunch Prgram [including after- schl snacks], Summer Fd Service Prgram, Fruit and Vegetable Snack Prgram, and Child and Adult Care Fd Prgram [including suppers]). BUGS will prvide nutritin educatin and physical educatin t fster lifelng habits f healthy eating and physical activity, and will establish linkages between health educatin and schl meal prgrams, and related cmmunity services. TO ACHIEVE THESE POLICY GOALS: I. BUGS Schl Health Cuncil Within the first tw years f peratin, BUGS will create a Schl Health study grup t develp, implement, mnitr, review, and, as necessary, revise schl nutritin and physical activity plicies designed t achieve the gals f the BUGS Wellness Plicy n Physical Activity and Nutritin. The Schl study grup will cnsist f individuals representing the schl and cmmunity, and may include parents, students, representatives f the schl fd authrity, schl administratrs, teachers, health prfessinals, and members f cmmunity- based rganizatins affiliated with BUGS. The Schl Health study grup will revise and update the BUGS Wellness Plicy during the first tw years f BUGS peratin and add specific details and prgrams t the plicy as they are develped and implemented. II. Nutritinal Quality f Fds and Beverages Sld and Served n Campus Schl Meals T the greatest extent pssible, meals served thrugh the Natinal Schl Lunch and Breakfast Prgrams, as well as any meals served n campus utside f regular schl hurs (parent events, cmmunity functins, etc.), will: Be appealing and attractive; Be served in clean and pleasant settings; Meet, at a minimum, nutritin requirements established by lcal, state, and federal statutes and regulatins; 2 T the greatest extent pssible, restrict the fat cntent f meals as fllws: - Ttal fat will be limited t 30 percent f the ttal calries ver the curse f the week - Saturated fat will be limited t 10 percent f the ttal calries ver the curse f the week - Partially hydrgenated ils will be eliminated in accrdance with current dietary guidelines Prvide limited amunts f sdium and chlesterl; Prvide restricted amunts f high fructse crn syrup, with a gal f eliminating high fructse crn syrup frm all prducts; Offer and prmte the cnsumptin f a variety f fresh fruit and vegetables daily; Make every effrt t prmte fresh, lcally- surced ingredients and prducts; Offer and prmte the inclusin f plant- based entrees; Offer three varieties f reduced- fat milk: - lw- fat (1%) - fat- free - fat- free flavred milk Exceptin: Sme special ppulatins (i.e. special educatin) may receive whle milk as allwable by law. Ensure that weekly requirements (as set frth by the Nutritin Standards in the Natinal Schl Lunch and Schl Breakfast Prgrams ) fr fruit, vegetables, and whle grains are met r exceeded. BUGS will share infrmatin abut weekly menus and the nutritinal cntent f meals with parents and students via website, menu bards, and/r printed r ther pint- f- purchase materials. Breakfast. T ensure that all children have breakfast, either at hme r at schl, in rder t meet their nutritinal needs and enhance their ability t learn: BUGS will prvide breakfast in the cafeteria each mrning befre classes cmmence each day. BUGS will ntify parents and students f the availability f the Schl Breakfast Prgram, and will encurage parents thrugh varius means (take- hme materials, website, newsletters, etc.) t prvide a healthy breakfast fr their children. Free and Reduced- price Meals. BUGS will make every effrt t eliminate any scial stigma attached t, and prevent the vert identificatin f, students wh are eligible fr free and reduced- price schl 3 meals. BUGS will utilize electrnic identificatin and payment systems, and will prmte the availability f schl meals t all students. Meal Times and Scheduling. T the maximum extent pssible, and in cperatin with any c- lcated entities n campus, BUGS: Will prvide students with at least 10 minutes t eat after sitting dwn fr breakfast and 20 minutes after sitting dwn fr lunch; Will schedule meal perids at apprpriate times; Will nt schedule tutring, club, r rganizatinal meetings r activities during mealtimes, unless students may eat during such activities; Will prvide students access t hand washing r hand sanitizing befre they eat meals r snacks; and Will take reasnable steps t accmmdate the tth- brushing regimens f students with special ral health needs (e.g., rthdntia r high tth decay risk). Qualificatins f Schl Fd Service Staff. BUGS will cnfirm that any Schl Fd Authrity administering schl meal prgrams t BUGS students will have qualified nutritin prfessinals with apprpriate certificatins n staff wh participate in nging prfessinal develpment and training prgrams in accrdance with their level f respnsibility. Sharing f Fds and Beverages. Given cncerns abut allergies and ther restrictins n sme children s diets, BUGS will discurage students frm sharing their fds r beverages with ne anther during meal r snack times. Fds and Beverages Sld Individually (i.e., fds sld utside f reimbursable schl meals, such as thrugh vending machines, cafeteria a la carte [snack] lines, fundraisers, schl stre, etc.) BUGS strives t ffer fd and beverages that are farm fresh, reginally surced, free f additives, lw in sdium, and d nt cntain trans fats. Unfrtunately, the BUGS envirnment des cntain items that fall utside these parameters. BUGS is c- lcated with Bishp Frd Central Cathlic High Schl and the tw schls share a cafeteria. Within the shared cafeteria, vending machines cntaining items with limited nutritinal value and sft drinks are accessible t BUGS students. Thugh there are sme healthier ptins (nuts, granla bars, and seltzer withut calric sweeteners), the majrity f the items ffered d nt qualify as BUGS apprved. Hwever, keeping in mind that children exist in a wrld where they are cnstantly cnfrnted with unhealthy ptins, BUGS will use this situatin as a teaching pprtunity. Educatin regarding healthy chices and cnscius fd cnsumptin will be wven int multiple aspects f the BUGS curriculum. The vending machines will nt be prhibited t BUGS students but rather serve as an pprtunity t explre fd marketing tactics and a venue fr making healthy chices. Excluding the Bishp Frd Central Cathlic High Schl vending machines, all fds and beverages sld individually utside the reimbursable schl meal prgrams (including items sld thrugh a la 4 carte [snack] lines, student stres, r fundraising activities) during the schl day, r thrugh prgrams fr students after the schl day, will meet the fllwing nutritin and prtin size standards: Beverages Fds Allwed: water r seltzer water withut added calric sweeteners; fruit and vegetable juices and fruit- based drinks that cntain at least 50% fruit juice and that d nt cntain additinal calric sweeteners; unflavred r flavred lw- fat r fat- free fluid milk and nutritinally- equivalent nndairy beverages (t be defined by USDA); lw- calrie drinks withut artificial flavrs r clrs. Nt allwed: sft drinks cntaining calric sweeteners; sprts drinks; iced teas; fruit- based drinks that cntain less than 50% real fruit juice r that cntain additinal calric sweeteners; beverages cntaining caffeine, excluding lw- fat r fat- free chclate milk (which cntain trivial amunts f caffeine); drinks cntaining mre than 10 calries per 8 z. fr middle schl students, and drinks cntaining mre than 25 calries per 8 z. fr high schl students. Only apprved fds will be ffered fr sale t BUGS students and staff thrugh schl stres, and/r schl fundraising activities during nn- meal hurs. A fd item sld individually: Will have n mre than 35% f its calries frm fat (excluding nuts, seeds, peanut butter, and ther nut butters) and 10% f its calries frm saturated and trans fat cmbined Will have n mre than 35% f its weight frm added sugars; Will have n mre than 200 ttal calries Will have n mre than 0.5 grams f transfat Will cntain n mre than 230 mg f sdium per serving fr chips, cereals, crackers, French fries, baked gds, and ther snack items; will cntain n mre than 480 mg f sdium per serving fr pastas, meats, and sups; and will cntain n mre than 600 mg f sdium fr pizza, sandwiches, and main dishes. A chice f at least tw fruits and/r nn- fried vegetables will be ffered fr sale at any lcatin n the schl site where fds are sld. Such items culd include, but are nt limited t, fresh fruits and vegetables; 100% fruit r vegetable juice; fruit- based drinks that are at least 50% fruit juice and that d nt cntain additinal calric sweeteners; cked, dried, r canned fruits (canned in fruit juice r light syrup); and cked, dried, 5 r canned vegetables (that meet the abve fat and sdium guidelines). Prtin Sizes: Prtin sizes f fds and beverages sld individually at BUGS will be limited t thse listed belw: One and ne- quarter unces fr chips, crackers, ppcrn, cereal, trail mix, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, r jerky; One unce fr ckies; Tw unces fr cereal bars, granla bars, pastries, muffins, dughnuts, bagels, and ther bakery items; Fur fluid unces fr frzen desserts, including, but nt limited t, lw- fat r fat- free ice cream; Eight unces fr nn- frzen ygurt; Twelve fluid unces fr beverages, excluding water; and The prtin size f a la carte entrees and side dishes, including ptates, will nt be greater than the size f cmparable prtins ffered as part f schl meals. Fruits and nn- fried vegetables are exempt frm prtin- size limits. Fundraising Activities. T supprt children s health and schl nutritin- educatin effrts, BUGS fundraising activities, t the greatest extent pssible, will use nly fds that meet the abve nutritin and prtin size standards fr fds and beverages sld individually. BUGS will encurage fundraising activities that prmte physical activity. Snacks. Snacks served during the schl day r in after- schl care r enrichment prgrams will make a psitive cntributin t children s diets and health, with an emphasis n serving fruits and vegetables as the primary snacks and water as the primary beverage. BUGS will assess if and when t ffer snacks based n timing f schl meals, children s nutritinal needs, children s ages, and ther cnsideratins. BUGS will disseminate a list f healthful snack items t teachers, after- schl prgram persnnel, and parents. Where pssible, snacks prvided thrugh after- schl prgrams will be reimbursed thrugh the Natinal Schl Lunch Prgram. Rewards/Punishments. BUGS will nt withhld fd r beverages (including fd served thrugh schl meals) as a punishment. Celebratins. When celebratins ccur that invlve fd, BUGS will disseminate a list f healthy party ideas t teachers. Schl- Spnsred Events (such as, but nt limited t, athletic events, dances, r perfrmances). Fds and beverages ffered r sld at schl- spnsred events utside the schl day will meet the nutritin standards fr meals r fr fds and beverages sld individually (abve). 6 III. Nutritin and Physical Activity Prmtin and Fd Marketing Nutritin Educatin and Prmtin. BUGS aims t teach, encurage, and supprt healthy eating by students. BUGS will prvide nutritin educatin and engage in nutritin prmtin that: Is designed t prvide students with the knwledge and skills necessary t prmte and prtect their health; Is part f nt nly health educatin classes, but als classrm instructin in subjects such as math, science, language arts, scial sciences, and elective subjects; Includes enjyable, develpmentally- apprpriate, culturally- relevant, participatry activities, such as cntests, prmtins, taste testing, farm visits, and schl gardens; Prmtes fruits, vegetables, whle grain prducts, lw- fat and fat- free dairy prducts, healthy fd preparatin methds, and health- enhancing nutritin practices; Emphasizes calric balance between fd intake and energy expenditure (physical activity/exercise); Links with schl meal prgrams, ther schl fds, and nutritin- related cmmunity services; Is hands- n and experiential, thrugh participatin in the creatin f a sustainable schl garden; Teaches media literacy with an emphasis n fd marketing; Includes training fr teachers and ther staff. Integrating Physical Activity int the Classrm Setting. Fr students t receive the natinally recmmended amunt f daily physical activity (i.e., at least 60 minutes per day) and fr students t fully embrace regular physical activity as a persnal behavir, students need pprtunities fr physical activity during and after the schl day. Tward that end: Classrm health educatin will cmplement physical educatin by reinfrcing the knwledge and self- management skills needed t maintain a physically- active lifestyle and t reduce time spent n sedentary activities, such as watching televisin; Opprtunities fr physical activity will be incrprated int multiple subject areas 7 Classrm teachers will prvide shrt physical activity breaks between lessns r classes, as apprpriate. Prfessinal develpment n incrprating physical activity in the classrm will be ffered t BUGS teachers. Cmmunicatins with Parents. BUGS will encurage and supprt parents effrts t prvide a healthy diet and daily physical activity fr their children. BUGS will peridically ffer wrkshps t parents n healthy eating and nutritin and prvide nutrient analyses f schl menus. BUGS will encurage parents t pack healthy lunches and snacks and t refrain frm including beverages and fds that d nt meet the abve nutritin standards fr individual fds and beverages. BUGS will prvide parents with pprtunities t share their healthy fd practices with thers in the schl cmmunity. BUGS will prvide infrmatin abut physical educatin and ther schl- based physical activity pprtunities befre, during, and after the schl day, and supprt parents effrts t prvide their children with pprtunities t be physically active utside f schl. Such supprts will include sharing infrmatin abut physical activity and physical educatin thrugh the schl website, newsletter, r ther take- hme materials, special events, r physical educatin hmewrk. Fd Marketing in Schls. Schl- based marketing will be cnsistent with nutritin educatin and health prmtin. As such, BUGS will limit fd and beverage marketing t the prmtin f fds and beverages that meet the nutritin standards fr meals r fr fds and beverages sld individually (abve). Schl- based marketing f brands will prmte fruit, vegetables, whle grains, and lw- fat dairy prducts; prmting predminantly lw- nutritin fds and beverages will be prhibited. Curriculum cncerning the use f vending machines and ther schl- based marketing tactics will be intrduced and students will be encuraged t examine these methds with a critical lens. Staff Wellness. BUGS highly values the health and wellbeing f every staff member and will plan and implement activities and plicies that supprt persnal effrts by staff t maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. The plan will be based n input slicited frm schl staff and will utline ways t encurage healthy eating, physical activity, and ther elements f a healthy lifestyle amng schl staff. IV. Physical Activity Opprtunities and Physical Educatin Daily Physical Educatin. All students at BUGS, including students with disabilities, special health- care needs, and in alternative educatinal settings, will receive daily physical educatin (r its equivalent f 225 minutes/week) fr the entire schl year. All physical educatin classes will be taught by a certified physical educatin teacher. Student invlvement in ther activities invlving physical activity (e.g., interschlastic r intramural sprts) will nt be substituted fr meeting the physical educatin requirement. Students will spend at least 50 percent f physical educatin class time participating in mderate t vigrus physical activity. Field Study. All students at BUGS, including students with disabilities, special health- care needs, and in alternative educatinal settings, will participate in weekly field trips t varius lcatins utside f 8 the schl building. Students will be actively explring new envirnments and physically engaged in activities during this time. Additinally, public transprtatin will be utilized as much as pssible. Inactive Perids. T the maximum extent pssible, BUGS will limit extended perids (perids f tw hurs r mre) f inactivity. When activities, such as mandatry schl- wide testing, make it necessary fr students t remain indrs fr lng perids f time, BUGS will give students peridic breaks during which they are encuraged t stand and be mderately active. Physical Activity Opprtunities Befre and After Schl. During the first tw years, BUGS will ffer extracurricular physical activity prgrams, such as physical activity clubs r intramural prgrams, and, as apprpriate, interschlastic sprts prgrams. BUGS will ffer a range f activities that meet the needs, interests, and abilities f all students, including bys, girls, students with disabilities, and students with special health- care needs. After- schl enrichment prgrams will prvide and encurage verbally and thrugh the prvisin f space, equipment, and activities daily perids f mderate t vigrus physical activity fr all participants. Physical Activity and Punishment. Teachers and ther BUGS persnnel will nt use physical activity (e.g., running laps, pushups) r withhld pprtunities fr physical activity (e.g., recess, physical educatin) as punishment. Safe Rutes t Schl. BUGS will assess and, if necessary and t the extent pssible, make needed imprvements t make it safer and easier fr students t walk and bike t schl. When apprpriate, BUGS will wrk tgether with lcal public wrks, public safety, and/r plice departments in thse effrts and will explre the availability f federal safe rutes t schl funds, administered by the state department f transprtatin, t finance such imp
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