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The Case of the Missing Chickens

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    The Case of the Missing Chickens Chapter 1: The Mystery Begins I remember one time when I fought the greatest battle in my life to protect the ranch I live on. Don’t recognize my famous and handsome furry face? I’m Hank, a cow dog as head of security for the ranch. My job is to protect the ranch from any threats. Oh! There’s my sidekick Rover coming up. He’s my deputy to become Head of security. I’m hoping he’ll succeed me one day, but at the moment, he’s not too bright and really small, too. All he does i s chase his tail, and not even put in a single paw to help with the ranch work. Who’s yelling at me? It’s my boss, Lester. Like all humans, he barely understands anything I say, and gets angry easily. Still, he pays me well for my work with a leg of chicken or a pound of beef. Life on the ranch was fine, until the chickens started disappearing. It was one night when Rover and I were out on ranch grounds patrolling. We were just on our way to the chicken pen when a strange howling came from that direction. R over whimpered, “I’m scared!” and took off into the night. I yelled after him, but he ignored me and went his way to our base, Lester’s house. It was all up to me to find out what was the source of the howling. When I arrived at the chicken pen, feathers were flying everywhere. I thrust my way through the door and noticed two of the chickens were missing, and one lying dead on the floor with a deep bite gouged in its neck. My mind was racing, and I didn’t know what to do. After what felt like hours, I decid ed to bring the dead chicken to Lester as evidence. When I arrived back at base, Lester saw me and immediately ran inside his house. There was a thrill as I waited for my reward. Rover would get nothing, the coward. Suddenly, Lester came outside holding a large pail. Then, he spilled a torrent of freezing cold water all over me. “That’s what you get for eating chickens!” snarled Lester, “scram!”   I never felt such anger and humiliation. Didn’t Lester know that I was doing my duty to protect the ranch and its residents? He actually thought I was the thug who killed the chickens. It was time to get Rover to get a fair share of crime and punishment, too. I was going to hunt him down, wherever he was hiding on this ranch. As I was searching, I saw a wide pair of eyes peeking out at me from under Lester’s truck. “Rover, come out of there immediately!” I barked at him.    Right away he popped out.” Hank, I’m so sorry!” Rover cried out, “I promise I’ll never do it again!”   “An apology is just not enough, Rover.” I replied. “You have to face a penalty or probation for abandoning a comrade in the field.”   “Come on, Hank, it wasn’t as bad as that.”   “You know what you did; Rover, and now you have to face the consequences.”   “Please!”   “That’s enough begging, Rover. Your pu nishment is to lower your tail, and lick Lester’s truck’s tires for ten minutes every day for five days, starting right now.”   “Yes, Hank,” Rover muttered, and began licking the truck’s dirty and weathered tires with a look of disgust on his face. Chapter 2: The Investigation The kidnapping of the chickens continued, and more strange howls echoed in the night. Lester blamed it all on me, and each night my life got worse and worse. At first the punishment was rather mild, from my usual diet of roast meat to a change of vegetables (in other words, spinach.) The next was horrible. I had to sleep outside. It was really annoying to see Rover’s tiny face peeking out of the base’s windows. The next evening, I decided to investigate the kidnappings. The only problem was that I would need Rover’s help in this. “Rover,” I asked, “Would you help me investigate the chicken disappearances?”   “Sure, Hank, anything,” answered Rover eagerly, wagging his tail, “Anything you want.”  I shared with Rover the details of our plan. We were to lie in wait, and assume a position near the perimeter of the chicken pen. Whoever approached the chicken pen would be screened. Soon enough, two lean, muscular figures were creeping towards the chicken pen entrance. Rover whispered rapidly in m y ear.” They’re coming!”      “Keep your jaws shut!” I answered back. By the time we finished arguing, the suspects were already slinking into the bushes with something in their jaws, possibly a chicken.”Pursue them!” I yelped. As if on cue, the suspects broke away. The first one was already on a breakaway, but the second suspect turned around and grinned at me. It was a coyote! Once again, Rover was high tailing away, but for once I didn’t blame him. I was so scared I couldn’t even move. Finally, I found my voi ce. “Stay where you are!” I stammered shakily.   “Oh, I’m not going anywhere mate,” responded the coyote with a twisted grin, “We can’t leave any witnesses, can we?   At that point, I forgot about my pride and strength and followed Rover’s lead back to base. Chapter 3: The Recovery The next morning, in my bed under the gas tanks, I was awoken by some purring. It was Pete the barn cat! You don’t know him? Pete is a hooligan who’s been messing around the ranch for years. Sally May, Lester’s wife, actually likes him, even though he’s a scrawny, dirty and ragged cat. When I opened my eyes, Pete was there, eating my food! Immediately I chased him. “You are trespassing on ranch land, and I have the right to detain you!” I roared after him.  Just then, Pete jumped on top of a fence. I held my position, barking at him, “Get down from there, trespasser!”   At that moment, Sally May arrived and chased me off. “Don’t scare the poor kitty, Hank! You’re making a racket!”She roared at me.   “Yeah, Hank, don’t scare me!” Pete taunt ed. That broke the edge of my limits. I started trying to grab Pete in my jaws and rip him apart. Unfortunately that had no effect, because Pete jumped to the other side of the fence. “Have an egg for being such a good kitty!” Sally May sympathized. Then, she turned and walked back in the house.    “Say, Hank, would you like my egg?” Pete asked. “I’m much too full.” He slid part of the egg through one of the tiny holes in the fence. I could almost taste the butter in that scrambled egg. My mouth started drooling like a storm drain. Then, I tried to grab the egg, but Pete pulled it back. My nose smashed right into the fence, scraping some of the skin. Pete slid the egg back through again. Smash! The egg went through again. Smash! I lost my temper and ploughed into the fence with all my might. Believe it or not, but the fence actually came down! Pete yowled curses and ran away. Suddenly, I felt a rock graze my pelt. I looked around and saw that Sally May was throwing rocks at me! The fact she was angry made her deadly. Without looking back, I fled to the deserted part of the ranch. When I got there, there were several strange trucks parked on ranch territory! A strange dog was sitting in one of the trucks. “Get off ranch territory!” I snarled at him. “This is private property!”   “Who’s gonna make me?” He asked, in an infuriating manner.   “I am!” I replied with a threat.   Immediately the dog rocketed at me and pinned all my paws down. “Are you still sure?” he asked. I kicked him in the belly with my hind paws and bit o n his paws. The strange dog retaliated back, and soon we were wrestling in the dirt. Eventually, due to my extreme superiority, the offender surrendered. “What’s your problem? “He growled.”Can’t you see I’m not doing anything wrong?”   “You’re doing wrong when you are trespass in a restricted area!”   “Hank! Get away from that dog!” Lester was running up to me. Another man was with him. Lester grabbed me off the strange dog. “Sorry, Slim, I don’t know what got into my dog today, “apologized Lester to the man, “I promise it won’t happen again.”   “Your dog should be jailed up!” Slim yelled at Lester. “My ranch borders yours, so make that dog of yours stay on his side of the fence!”  I then realized this was not ranch territory as I knew it, but another ranch. The dog was protecting his territory, and I was an invader. Immediately, I retreated.

ISO TS 16949

Jul 23, 2017
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