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The Cooperative Store

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  The Cooperative Store, Our Store This lesson gives emphasis on the importance of cooperatives, which is another way of improving the living condition of the families in the community. It aims to enlighten and teach the student or pupils that the concept of cooperative is based on loyalty, trust, and willingness to serve the other members and to patronize the project it has established, particularly the cooperative store. I.   Objectives: *Explain what cooperative store is *Distinguish a cooperative store from an ordinary retail store or grocery. *Discuss the goals and composition of the cooperative store. *Explain the cooperative store's function as a venue for socializing. II.   Subject Matter: The Cooperative Store, Our Store III.   Materials: Video tape, slides, projector, pictures, newspaper articles, visual aides IV.   Procedure: A.   Preliminary Activities 1.   Sharing a.   Ask volunteers to role-play a scene a store showing both the positive and negative characteristics of sellers and buyers. Let the class react freely. b.   Relate the activity to the lesson.   2.   Unlocking of Difficulties Brainstorm on the meaning of the word cooperative. B.   Developmental Activities 1.   Presentation of the Lesson Ask the pupils to read the cooperative store, our store. Let them focus briefly on the teacher 2.   Discussion With these guide questions, let the pupils interact freely: *How can a cooperative store help solve the problems of ordinary families in the community? *Who should join the cooperative store? *Why should the members patronize this store? *What are the goals of the cooperative store? *What other function does the community project serve? *Why does the cooperative store symbolize cooperation and strength? 3.   Application Divide the class in to four or five groups. Ask them to prepare a dialogue for the illustration. 4.   Generalization: The two goals of the cooperative store are service and profit. 5.   Values Integration Be ready to serve others. Make it a habit to be honest and thrifty. COOPERATIVE  6.   Evaluation: Write True if the concept is correct. False if not. 1.   A cooperative store is a business organization 2.   The cooperative store is a venue for meeting neighbors and making friends 3.   The cooperative store symbolizes wealth 4.   A cooperative store is owned by its manager and rich members 5.   Member families can earn more and spend less by patronizing their cooperative store c.   Assignment: Find out if there is a cooperative in your school, in your parent's workplace or in your community. Who are served and who patronized these cooperatives?
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