the cultural diversity of western conceptions of management

The cultural diversity of western conceptions of management
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  Norm Grunsfeld Marco Lei  Austin Lee Erin Wright  Angelo Zuazo  Background Laurent noticed:  French managers had a difficult time contemplating alternative management styles  In particular, matrix organizational structures directly opposed their view of “single chain of command” structure    “Each manager has his own management theory… that in some way guide his potential behavior in organizations”    The Study  The purpose was not to simply analyze the structure of individual opinions, but to compare how individuals from the same country seem to share a similar managerial ideology.  Method of Research   A questionnaire consisting of 56 statements to be rated on a 5 point agree/disagreement scale.  60 upper-mid-level managers attending INSEAD executive development program; 40 French, 20 European  Between 1977  –  1979: Several more studies were conducted at various INSEAD executive development programs The Presentation Study:  10 Western countries; 9 European, 1 United States  817 Respondents of varied function, education, age, industry  Common element: upper-mid-level management
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