The Goat and the Camel

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  The Goat and The Camel  A very good afternoon to the chairperson, the most honourable judges, thetime keeper, teachers and my friends. I stand here today to tell you asimple story about “The Goat and The Camel”  A goat and a camel were good friends. They always ate and dranktogether. They lived together happily. One day, the goat and the camel were talking in a field. They talked a lotand teased each other. The camel said “ou are not as tall as I am. ou arealso not clever as I am.! The goat did not want to lose, so he said, “ hat isthe use of being tall#! ou are not as agile as I am. !The goat and thecamel carried on praising themselves as they walked. $inally, they reached an orchard. There were a lot of fruits in the trees inthe orchard. The goat and the camel could not get into the orchard. Therewas a high fence around the orchard. The camel stretched his neck. %ebegan to eat the young leaves that were hanging over the fence. The goattried to jump up to eat the young leaves. %e jumped up many times but hecould not reach the leaves. The leaves were too high for him. The camelate the young leaves all by himself. %e did not bother about the goat. %edid not even look at the goat. The goat was very sad. %e stood beside the fence and kept &uiet. Thecamel then looked at the goat and began to laugh loudly. %e said “what isthe matter, my friend# Isn't a tall body useful# The goat felt ashamed anddid not say anything. %e looked around &uietly.  (uddenly the goat saw a small hole in the fence %e was very happy. Thegoat went near the hole in near the fence. %e entered the orchard throughthis hole. The goat was now inside the orchard. The camel then went near the hole too. )ut the camel could not get into the orchard through the hole.%e tried hard but the hole was too small for him. The goat ate the redapples in the orchard. Then he ate the yellow pears. The camel looked atthe goat eating the fruits greedily. The camel's mouth began to water.  A short while later, the goat was full. %e then began to laugh at the camel.“ hat do you say now, my friend# Isn't a small body useful#! A s&uirrel was sitting on a tree nearby. The s&uirrel heard the camel andthe goat teasing each other. The s&uirrel said, “ou two are wrong. Allanimals are not the same height. )eing tall is both good and bad. It's thesame with being short.! The s&uirrel continued, “*very animal has his owngood and weak points. Therefore you must not tease one another. The goat and the camel feltashamed. They bowed their heads and did not say anything.The moral of the story is everyone has their own good and weak points.Therefore we must not make fun of other people. Thank you+
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