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  Swaney Ann C. Dee The Eye Opener 1 My Statement of Teaching Philosophy A teacher is a person that aims to help his students not by telling students what the answers are  but by letting them experience the world around them and letting them encounter problems where they will be able to pose their own questions and find their own solutions. Students, in turn, are given more sense of accountability and responsibility for their own actions. Therefore, education, for the most part, is not just a one-way street but an avenue of nowledge where the teacher or educator shows the various avenues that students can tae. !t is up to the students to choose which path they want to try out. ducation, as ! see it, is something that can never be contained with just a set of adjectives and adverbs at one time. !t is never absolute, though some facts and information may be. ducation isnot just found in boos but also when one chooses to explore the world and try to see it through the eyes of other people. #owever, one should not be just accept the other$s point of view. %ne should also find out if that view is acceptable to him or not through inquiry and problem-solving,in theory and in action &Shields, '(()*. The Nature of the School The school should have an engaging learning environment that will inspire students and teachers alie. !t should have an encouraging curriculum that lets students explore the world in their own views and appreciate and respectfully examine the views of others. The school should also allow the students to explore things that they didn+t now about themselves and reaffirm things that they now about themselves. The school should also tae into account the experiences and influences of the students &ie. parents, communities, friends* regarding their learning &amary, '((*.  Swaney Ann C. Dee The Eye Opener 2 The Role of the Student The student is not just an audience in the educational setting. The student should feel comfortable and safe enough to pose questions, give suggestions, voice ideas, and encourage other students. The student will also be given more responsibilities in finding out more about their environment and the ideas of other people. The students should not be afraid to mae mistaes but should feel encouraged to learn from them. REFERENCES Shields, . &'(()*.  A Pragmatic Teaching Philosophy. /ournal of ublic Affairs ducation.#all, S.0. &12(1*. 3The !deal School as 4ased on 5hild Study,3  National Education Association  Journal of Addresses and Proceedings . 6ashington, pp. 78-9', 799.amary, A. &'((*. Creating the ideal school: where teachers want to teach and students want tolearn.  :owman ; <ittlefield ducation
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