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The Ismaili Constitution

This is the constitution of Ismailis - A religious sect inside Islamic ummah who believe in live Imam.
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  ***786***BISMI-LLAHI-R-RAHMANI-R-RAHIM Ismailia Constitution Whereas (A) The Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims affirm the Shahadah La- ilaha illallih! Muhammadur Rasulu-llah the Ta#hid therei$ a$d that the H%l& 'r%het Muhammad (Salla-llahu ala&hi #a-sallam) is the last a$d fi$al 'r%het %f Allah Islam! as reealed i$ the H%l& ura$! is the fi$al messa+e %f Allah t% ma$,i$d! a$d is u$iersal a$d eter$al The H%l& 'r%het (S A S ) thr%u+h the dii$e reelati%$ fr%m Allah resri.ed rules +%er$i$+ siritual a$d tem%ral matters (B) I$ a%rda$e #ith Shia d%tri$e! traditi%$! a$d i$terretati%$ %f hist%r&! the H%l& 'r%het (S A S ) desi+$ated a$d a%i$ted his %usi$ a$d s%$-i$-la# Ha/rat Ma#la$a Ali Amiru-l-Mumi$i$ (Ala&hi-s-salam)! t% .e the first Imam t% %$ti$ue the Ta#il a$d Talim %f Allahs fi$al messa+e a$d t% +uide the murids! a$d r%laimed that the Imamat sh%uld %$ti$ue .& heredit& thr%u+h Ha/rat Ma#la$a Ali (A S ) a$d his dau+hter Ha/rat Bi.i 0atimat-a/-1ahra! 2hatu$-i-3a$$at Ala&ha-s-salam) (4) Suessi%$ t% Imamat is .& #a& %f Nass!it .ei$+ the a.s%lute rer%+atie %f the Imam %f the time t% a%i$t his suess%r fr%m am%$+st a$& %f his male dese$da$ts #hether the& .e s%$s %r rem%ter issue (5) The auth%rit& %f the Imam i$ the Ismaili Tariah is testified .& Ba&ah .& the murid t% the Imam #hih is the at %f aeta$e .& the murid %f the erma$e$t siritual .%$d .et#ee$ the Imam a$d the murid This alle+ia$e u$ites all Ismaili Muslims #%rld#ide i$ their l%&alt&! de%ti%$ a$d %.edie$e t% the Imam #ithi$ the Islami %$et %f u$iersal .r%therh%%d It is disti$t fr%m the alle+ia$e %f the i$diidual murid t% his la$d %f a.%de!() 0r%m the time %f the Imamat %f Ha/rat Ma#la$a Ali (A S )! the Imams %f the Ismaili Muslims hae ruled %er territ%ries a$d e%les i$ ari%us areas %f the #%rld at differe$t eri%ds %f hist%r& a$d! i$ a%rda$e #ith the $eeds %f the time! hae +ie$ rules %f %$dut a$d %$stituti%$s i$ %$f%rmit& #ith the Islami %$ets %f u$it&! .r%therh%%d! ustie! t%lera$e a$d +%%d#ill (0)Hist%riall& a$d i$ a%rda$e #ith Ismaili traditi%$! the Imam %f the time is %$er$ed #ith siritual ada$eme$t as #ell as imr%eme$t %f the ualit& %f life %f his murids The Imams Talim li+hts the murids ath t% siritual e$li+hte$me$t a$d isi%$ I$ tem%ral matters! the Imam +uides the murids! a$d m%tiates them t% deel% their %te$tial (9) Ma#la$a Ha/ar Imam Shah 2arim al Hussai$i! His Hi+h$ess 'ri$e A+a 2ha$! i$ diret li$eal dese$t fr%m the H%l& 'r%het (S A S ) thr%u+h Ha/rat Ma#la$a Ali (A S ) a$d Ha/rat Bi.i 0atima (A S )! is the 0%rt&-Ni$th Imam %f the Ismaili Muslims   (H) B& irtue %f his %ffie a$d i$ a%rda$e #ith the faith a$d .elief %f the Ismaili Muslims! the Imam e$%&s full auth%rit& %f +%er$a$e %er a$d i$ reset %f all reli+i%us a$d 3amati matters %f the Ismaili Muslims (I) It is the desire a$d Hida&ah %f Ma#la$a Ha/ar Imam that the %$stituti%$s rese$tl& alia.le t% the Ismaili Muslims i$ differe$t %u$tries .e suerseded a$d that the Ismaili Muslims #%rld#ide .e +ie$ this 4%$stituti%$ i$ %rder .etter t% seure their eae a$d u$it&! reli+i%us a$d s%ial #elfare! t% f%ster fruitful %lla.%rati%$ .et#ee$ differe$t e%les! t% %timi/e the use %f res%ures! a$d t% e$a.le the Ismaili Muslims t% ma,e a alid a$d mea$i$+ful %$tri.uti%$ t% the imr%eme$t %f the ualit& %f life %f the :mmah a$d the s%ieties i$ #hih the& lie N%# theref%reI$ e;erise %f the said reited auth%rit& ested i$ me as Ha/ar Imam! <! SHAH 2ARIM AL H:SSAINI A9A 2HAN! am leased t% %rdai$ AN5 5= HRB> =R5AIN that the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims! i$ #hateer lae the& ma& .e! shall at all times .e .%u$d a$d +%er$ed .& this 4%$stituti%$ a%rdi$+ t% its te$%r =R5AIN5 u$der the Si+$ Ma$ual a$d Seal %f Ma#la$a Ha/ar Imam Shah 2arim al Hussai$i His Hi+h$ess 'ri$e A+a 2ha$ the 0%rt&-Ni$th Imam %f the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims at Merim%$t! 9e$ea! this Thirtee$th da& %f 5e =$e Th%usa$d Ni$e Hu$dred a$d i+ht& Si; .ei$+ the Te$th da& %f Ra.i ath-Tha$i =$e Th%usa$d 0%ur Hu$dred a$d See$ (Hirah)! i$ the Thirtieth &ear %f his Imamat A9A 2HANThe te;t #hih f%ll%#s i$%r%rates ha$+es %rdai$ed .& 4%$stituti%$al I$strume$t made %$ the lee$th da& %f 3ul& =$e Th%usa$d Ni$e Hu$dred a$d Ni$et& .ei$+ the i+htee$th da& %f 5hu al-Hiah =$e Th%usa$d 0%ur Hu$dred a$d Te$ (Hirah) Article One POWER AND AUTHORITY OF MAWLANA HAZAR IMAM < < Ma#la$a Ha/ar Imam has i$here$t ri+ht a$d a.s%lute a$d u$fettered %#er a$d auth%rit& %er a$d i$ reset %f all reli+i%us a$d 3amati matters %f the Ismailis < ? Ma#la$a Ha/ar Imam has the s%le auth%rit& t%@(a) determi$e all uesti%$s that ma& arise as re+ards the mea$i$+ a$d i$terretati%$ %f a$& reli+i%us %r amati traditi%$ %r ust%m %f the Ismailis a$d ame$d %r dis%$ti$ue it at a$& time(.) %$fer a %$stituti%$ %$ the 3amat a$d ame$d %r dis%$ti$ue a$& suh %$stituti%$ %r a$& r%isi%$ there%f()determi$e all uesti%$s that ma& arise as re+ards the mea$i$+ a$d i$terretati%$ %f a$& suh %$stituti%$ a$d +ra$t dise$sati%$ therefr%m(d) %$stitute %r dis%$ti$ue a$& .%d& %r =r+a$i/ati%$ u$der a$& suh %$stituti%$ a$d defi$e %r ha$+e its %m%siti%$! fu$ti%$s! urisditi%$ %r %#ers(e)4%$stitute %r dis%$ti$ue %ffies u$der a$& suh %$stituti%$! ma,e a%i$tme$ts t% a$& suh %ffie a$d termi$ate suh a%i$tme$ts #hih shall all .e held at Ma#la$a Ha/ar Imams leasure a$d(f) 'resri.e the Rules a$d Re+ulati%$s t% .e made u$der this 4%$stituti%$   Article To TITLE! DEFINITION AND INTERPRETATION ? <This 4%$stituti%$ shall .e ,$%#$ as The 4%$stituti%$ %f the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims ? ? I$ this 4%$stituti%$! the #%rds a$d e;ressi%$s set %ut .el%# shall hae the mea$i$+s set %ut %%site them u$less the %$trar& i$te$ti%$ aears Ae; I$stituti%$ A$& i$%r%rated %r u$i$%r%rated.%d& desi+$ated as a$ Ae;I$stituti%$ .& Ma#la$a Ha/ar Imamas r%ided i$ Artile 6 4e$tral I$stituti%$ A$& i$%r%rated %r u$i$%r%rated.%d& set u as r%ided i$ Artile 7 5ar,ha$a A$& 3amat,ha$a desi+$ated as suh.& Ma#la$a Ha/ar Imam as r%idedi$ Artile <C 0arma$A$& r%$%u$eme$t! direti%$! %rder %r ruli$+ made %r +ie$ .& Ma#la$a Ha/ar Imam 9ra$ts a$d Reie# B%ardA$& i$%r%rated %r u$i$%r%rated .%d& %f ers%$ a%i$ted .& Ma#la$a Ha/ar Imam as r%ided i$ Artile D I$ter$ati%$al 4%$iliati%$ a$d Ar.itrati%$ B%ard a$d Nati%$al 4%$iliati%$ a$d Ar.itrati%$ B%ardA$& i$%r%rated %r u$i%r%rated .%d& %f ers%$s a%i$ted .& Ma#la$a Ha/ar Imam as r%ided i$ Artiles <? a$d <E resetiel& Ismailis %r Ismaili Muslims %r Shia Imami Ismaili MuslimsThe murids %f Ma#la$a Ha/ar Imam 3amatIsmailis residi$+ i$ a$& artiular area 3amat,ha$aA lae desi+$ated as suh .& Ma#la$a Ha/ar Imam f%r use %f Ismailis f%r Tariah raties Leaders I$ter$ati%$al 0%rumThe u$i$%r%rated .%d& %f ers%$s a%i$ted .& Ma#la$a Ha/ar as r%ided i$ Artile F   Ma#la$a Ha/ar ImamMa#la$a Shah 2arim al Hussai$i! His Hi+h$ess 'ri$e A+a 2ha$! the 0%rt&-Ni$th Imam %f the Ismailis! %r his sues%r desi+$ated .& him t% sueed him as the Imam! %r a$& %f his suess%rs as Imam s% desi+$ated .& his redeess%r Mu,hi a$d 2amadiaThe ers%$s a%i$ted as suh .& Ma#la$a Ha/ar Imam Nati%$al 4%u$il!Re+i%$al 4%u$ilL%al 4%u$il %r 4%u$ilThe Nati%$al 4%u$il! Re+i%$al 4%u$il %r L%al 4%u$il resetiel& as herei$after desri.ed as Ma#la$a Ha/ar Imam ma& a%i$t 'reside$tA$& 'reside$t %f a 4%u$il! %r 4harima$ there%f i$ reset %f th%se territ%ries #here the head %f a 4%u$il is ,$%#$ as 4hairma$ Re+i%$al B%ard!L%al B%ard %r B%ardThe Re+i%$al B%ard %f L%al B%ard resetiel& as herei$after desri.ed %f a$& 4e$tral I$stituti%$! Tariah a$d Reli+i%us duati%$ B%ard a$d 9ra$ts a$d Reie# B%ard Tariah a$d Reli+i%usduati%$ B%ardA$& i$%r%rated %r u$i$%r%rated .%d& %f ers%$s a%i$ted .& Ma#la$a Ha/ar Imam as r%ided i$ Artile 8 Rules a$d Re+ulati%$sThe Rules a$d Re+ulati%$s #hih ma& .e resri.ed .& Ma#la$a Ha/ar Imam i$ reset %f a$& %f the territ%ries me$ti%$ed i$ this 4%$stituti%$ ? E I$ this 4%$stituti%$! u$less the %$trar& i$te$ti%$ aears@ ? E I$ this 4%$stituti%$! u$less the %$trar& i$te$ti%$ aear (a) #%rds im%rti$+ the masuli$e +e$der i$lude the femi$i$e(.) #%rds im%rti$+ the femi$i$e +e$der i$lude the masuli$e() #%rds i$ the si$+ular i$lude the lural(d) #%rds i$ the lural i$lude the si$+ular
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