The Lesser Heavenly Halls (Hekaloth Zutarti)

The Lesser Heavenly Halls (Hekaloth Zutarti)
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  ! #$%&   '( )&*+,    Hêkal   th Zut    # arti T HE L ESSER H EAVENLY H ALLS      Transliteration of Hebrew names: ) A, Ÿ b B g G d D h H w W z Z x H      + T      y Y  k K K l L m M M  n N  N s S  ( ÿ p P P c C S    , Tz q Q r R # Š, Sh t T  Introductory Prayer hou art the great, mighty, and revered God, King, King of Kings; the Holy One,  blessed is He. Thy Crown is great and merciful, more than all the Crowns, and Thy strength is greater than all other powers. Who is like unto our King, and who is like our God, and who is like unto Him who formed us? King of worlds, Thou art  blessed above, and glorified below; Thou art sanctified above, and exalted below. Thou art magnificent beyond magnificence, and Thou art haughty over the Seraphim. Maker of great things unto nothingness, and miracles infinite, blessed art Thou, YHWH, watchful One over the hosts, and blessed one amongst the faithful ones; in the name of YHWH,  blessed one, and knower of the Mysteries.’ First instructions on the Mystery of the Chariot If you want to single yourself out in the world, so that the secrets of the world and mysteries of wisdom may be revealed unto you, study this teaching   and take care of it till the day of your passing. Do not try to understand what is behind you, but do investigate the words of your lips. You must understand what is in your heart, and by keeping it silent, you shall be worthy to behold the beauty of the Merkabah, and be careful with the glory of your Creator and do not descend to it. If you descend to it, do not profit from it, for if you acted thus, you would be banished from the world. The glory of Elohim is this: conceal the secret given unto you, lest you be banished from the world. In that hour when Moses went up to the mountain, the Holy Blessed One taught him as follows: Anyone whose heart goeth astray, he should recite these Names thus: ‘In the name of BARY ABHAY HAY MRMRAWT SMWSLM 1  ABRY and ANKYBWN (or ANYKWN, ANBYGH), ye Holy Names, open my heart. Let all that I hear and learn be gathered in my heart: Scripture, Mishnah, Talmud, Halakhot and Aggadot. And may I never forget this, neither in this world, nor in the world to come. Blessed art Thou YHWH, teach me Thine ordinances’ (Ps. 119:12)’. This is the Name which was revealed unto Rabbi Aqiba, as was contemplated in the work of the Chariot, and Rabbi Aqiba descended and he taught it to the students, and he said unto them: ‘My sons, handle this Name with care, for it is a great, holy and pure Name, and all those who make usage of it in fear, holiness, purity, and humility, their seed shall increase and they shall be successful in all their endeavours. And their days shall be lengthened. BA”Y AQB”W …(?).  The Four who entered Paradise Rabbi Aqiba said: ‘We were four who entered Paradise: one who gazed and was stricken, another one gazed and died, another who gazed and became a heretic, but I alone entered in peace and left in peace. Not because I was greater than my comrades, but because my deeds caused to me to fulfil what was taught by the sages in the Mishnah: ‘Your works will bring you near, and your works shall keep you afar’.  T  And these were the ones who entered Paradise: Ben ‘Az  y, Ben Zom  ’, and after Rabbi Aqiba. And these are those who entered the Pardes: Ben Azai, Ben Zoma, Ah   # er (‘the other’ = Elisha ben Abuya), and R. Aqiba. Ben Azai peered into the sixth Palace and saw the brilliance of the atmosphere of the marble stones that were paved in the Palace 2 . And his body could not endure, and he opened his mouth and asked them: ‘These waters, what is their nature?’ And he died. Of him it is said: ‘Precious in the eyes of YHWH is the death of His saints’. Ben Zoma peered at the brightness of the marble stones and  perceived it as water. His body could endure not to ask them, but his mind could not endure it. And he was harmed. He went mad. Of him it is said: ‘Thou hast found honey, eat moderately’ (Prov. 25:16) ‘The other’ gazed, and thereby committed heresy; of him it is said: ‘Give neither thy speech nor thine acts unto sin’. Rabbi Aqiba ascended in peace and descended in peace; of him it is said… (?). Divine revelations Rabbi Aqiba said: In the hour when I ascended on high, I made marks at the entrances of the firmament more than at the entrances of my own house. And when I arrived at the curtain, there came forth angels of destruction to obliterate me. And God said unto them: ‘Leave this elder alone, for he is worthy to contemplate my glory.’ Rabbi Aqiba said: In that hour when I ascended to the Merkabah, there came forth a heavenly voice ( bat q  l  ) from under the Throne of Glory, speaking in the Aramaic language: ‘Before God made heaven and earth, He established a vestibule to heaven, to go in and to go out. He established a solid name to strengthen by it the whole world. He invited man to it to enable him: To ascend on high, to descend below, to ride upon the wheels, to explore the world, to walk on dry ground, to make use of the Crown (= to practice theurgy), to praise the glory, to recite adoration, to combine letters, to recite names, to behold what is on high, and to  behold what is below, to know the meaning of the living, and to see the vision of the dead, to walk in rivers of fire, and to know the lightning. Who is able to explain, who is able to see? Firstly it is written ‘no man shall see me and live’. But second it is written that ‘God speaks with a human and he lives’. And thirdly it is written ‘I beheld YHWH seated on a high and exalted throne.’ etc. And what is His name? SSYWT 3  KSPN WDNYN DNYN NYN NYNYH, all of whose hosts are made of fire, even as the fire of YH, ŠWWH HYY S   % BY AŠKNYN, splendour, KY ŠK NGYNY ABYKN. He sitteth upon a high and exalted throne. Holy, holy, holy is YHWH Tzaba’ & th, the whole earth is filled with His glory. Blessed be the glory of YHWH from His place. AWT    ( YYS, PYSWQSYN, PYT   % H, ŠHQH, QSPP, PT   % QYT   % WQW ( or   PSQYSWQW), APHH, SPHQ, SWPQ, YAZYN (or YAYQ), T   % M, HA, HHAY, SQWM, WHM, WHAQY, AHH, ALHYM, PT   % , HYY. The holy ones of the Most High say: ‘we see something like the appearance of the lightning flash’. The prophets say: ‘In a dream, we see a vision, like a man who sees a vision of the night’. The kings who are on earth say: ÿlwqh str ghym  (?). And Rabbi Aqiba saith: ‘He is as it were, like us, yet He is greater than all. And this is His glory, which concealeth itself from us. And Moses saith unto them: ‘do not investigate you words; instead he should be praised at his place. Therefore it is said: ‘Blessed be the glory of YHWH from His place’.
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