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Conservation Biology, BIOL1120 “The Lorax” Assignment – 25 pts I. Instructions: 1. Read and/or view “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss PRIOR to class. 2. Answer the below comprehension questions (10 points) 3. Answer 5 of the below reflection questions (10 points) 4. Post on ePorfolio (2.5 pts) with a general education reflection that addresses at least two of the below learning outcomes (2.5 pts):  Communicate effectively  Think critically and creativ
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  Conservation Biology, BIOL1120“The Lorax” Assignment – 25 ts I! Instr #tions$ 1. Read and/or view “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss PRIOR to cass. !. nswer the beow co#$rehension %uestions &1' $oints(). nswer * o+ the beow re+ection %uestions &1' $oints(,. Post on ePor+oio &!.* $ts( with a -enera education re+ection that addresses at east two o+ the beow earnin- outco#es &!.* $ts(  o##unicate e++ectivey  Thin0 criticay and creativey  ivic iteracy II! Comrehension % estions  rite a 1 sentence  answer to the beow %uestions. 1. The Tru++ua Trees were scarce2 vauabe natura resources. hat #ade thevauabe and scarce3The Tru++ua Trees are a vauabe source because the ani#as de$ended on the#2 without the# their whoe ecosyste# crashed. They beca#e scarce because they were bein- cho$$ed down +aster than they coud -row.!. hy did the Once4er cho$ down the +irst Tru++ua Tree3The once4er needed its tu+ts to #a0e his thneed.). hat bene+it did the Thneed have +or consu#ers3The bene+it was a #ateria thin- that coud be used +or #any thin-s i0e a shirt2 a soc02 a -ove2 a hat2 car$ets2 $iows2 sheets2 curtains or covers +or bicyce seats.,. The Lorax did not thin0 anyone woud want to $urchase a Thneed. as hecorrect3 5o2 the very next #inute so#eone bou-ht a thneed +or 6).78.*. hat new ca$ita resource did the Once4er invent3 9ow did this he$ hisbusiness3:irst2 he buit hi# a radio4$hone to ca his +a#iy to co#e wor0 with hi#2 then he buit a +actory to #a0e his thneeds. ;ut the worst o+ a was the Su$er4 xe4 9ac0er which cut +our Tru++ua Trees in one s#ac0.<. ho was har#ed as #ore and #ore Tru++ua Trees were cho$$ed down and  they beca#e #ore scarce3The ;rown ;ar4ba4oots ost the Tru++ua +ruit +ro# the trees bein- cut down2 without trees the s#o- -ot bad and they Swo#ee4 Swans coud not sin- because they had s#o- in their throat2 his +actory was $roducin- -u$$ity4-u$$ and Scho$$ity4Scho$$ that $outed the water so 9u###in-4 :ish had to -o because their -is were a -u##ed. =. as it wise o+ the Once4er to cho$ down a the trees35O2 it was not wise +or the Oncer4er to cho$ down the trees because it destroyed a whoe ecosyste# and a the ani#as that ived there had to eave.8. In the story2 a the trees were cho$$ed down. In the #odern >.S. econo#y2why woud this not ha$$en3In the >.S there are conservation -rou$s that woud $rotect the# +ro# bein- cho$$ed down by hu#an activity2 but because o+ natura +orces the very ast tree coud -o extinct.7. hat situation or condition woud $ro#ote the cuttin- down o+ a trees or theoveruse o+ natura resources39u#an activity2 we are a very needy s$ecies and we are -rowin- at an ex$onentia rate and we overuse a o+ our natura resources and it is $ossibe that one day we use u$ a the natura resources. 1'. hen a -ood2 service2 or natura resource beco#es #ore and #ore scarce2what ha$$ens to the $rice3The $rice -oes hi-her #a0in- it #ore vauabe2 so because o+ this $eo$e use it even #ore to the $oint o+ extinction.11. o#$are the Once4er?s attitude toward the environ#ent at the be-innin- o+ the story with his attitude at the end.  t the be--in- o+ the story he didn@t care about the environ#ent he Aust cared about hi#se+ and #a0in- #ore #oney and #a0in- his co#$any -row2 which is the $robe# with a ot o+ $eo$e today2 then in the end once he reaiBed what he had did to the environ#ent he cared because he +i-ured out that the environ#entwas #ore i#$ortant than his business. I ho$e that $eo$e in our word reaiBe how i#$ortant the environ#ent is be+ore hu#ans co#$etey deci#ate our ecosyste#s and i+e on Carth. III! &e'le#tion % estions$ (sing 2)* senten#es, ans+er I-. o' the 'ollo+ing!  1.;oth the Onceer and the Lorax were $assionate about their -oas. Discuss severa reasons to ex$ain why the Onceer succeeded whie the Lorax +aied. The Once4er didn@t care what was -oin- to ha$$en to the environ#ent he Austwanted to 0ee$ cuttin- down the Tru++ua Trees to #a0e his thneeds and #a0e his co#$any bi--er and bi--er. The Lorax tried and tried to -et the Once4er to see what he was doin- by cuttin- down the trees and the $outionthat was bein- created +ro# his +actory and how it was i#$actin- the environ#ent and the ani#as but the Once4er didn@t care. !. n ar-u#ent was once #ade +or $rotectin- desert tortoises is that2 “deserttortoises are i#$ortant because $eo$e enAoy seein- the#.” Cx$ain why this is or is not a vaid ar-u#ent +or the $reservation o+ a s$ecies &such as the Swa#ee4Swans in the video(. They are enAoyabe to see but that is not why they are i#$ortant2 they are i#$ortant because other s$ecies de$end on the# +or surviva. The Swa#ee4 Swans were ovey to isten to but they have #ore o+ an i#$ortance than Aust bein- enAoyabe to us. e de$end on s$ecies and other s$ecies de$end on s$ecies +or surviva.).an aesthetic a$$reciation and vaue be tau-ht3 hy or why not3 Is it $ossibe to $ersuade so#eone that a #ountain vista or seashore is beauti+u i+ they did not aready a$$reciate it3 hy or why not3 I thin0 that it can be tau-ht but +or the #ost $art it has to co#e +ro# ex$erience to truy have an a$$reciation o+ ecosyste#s and i+e and other s$ecies. Cducationis very i#$ortant to -ive $eo$e the in+or#ation that they need but uti#atey their ex$eriences are -oin- to be what -ives the# that a$$reciation. ,.any countries have aws that $rohibit the abuse o+ ani#as. Discuss reasons +or these aws to exist. Do these aws estabish that the ani#as have a #ora standin- in their own ri-ht3 There are #any $eo$e that do not care about ani#as or their +eein-s2 but ani#as have +eein-s and e#otion Aust i0e us and can +ee $ain2 but these $eo$e that do not care Aust thin0 o+ the# as ess su$erior s$ecies and they do not #atter. There is aso $eo$e thou-h that do care about ani#as and understand the# and 0now how i#$ortant they are to us and +i-ht to $rotect the# and want to $revent anythin- bad +ro# ha$$enin- to the#.*.Identi+y one environ#enta issue that you beieve to be overbown and overstated in the threat that it wi uti#atey $ose. Discuss the actua threat and how it di++ers +ro# the $ubic $erce$tion o+ the threat.  Eoba war#in-2 I +ee that our eader in -overn#ent coud care ess about -oba war#in- and ri-ht now they say that it is a hoax and it is not even ha$$enin-2 and they are doin- nothin- to he$ sto$ it and in +act are doin- the exact o$$osite. Tru#$ $ued out o+ the Paris a-ree#ent when the whoe word had a-reed that we needed to +ind ways to $roduce renewabe ener-y and -et away +ro# coa2 and +ossi +ues but he doesn@t care so ri-ht now in #y own city Aust +eet away +ro# where I ive a #assive crude oi $i$e ine is bein- $ut in that wi -o +ro# the re+inery we have here in oods ross to yo#in-. I can aready seethe destruction +ro# this and #aybe other $eo$e see it to but the trees are dyin-a around this area2 I a# a#ost $ositive that the soi is $outed and it is ony a #atter o+ ti#e be+ore it -ets into our water syste#. ;ut that is ony scratchin- at the sur+ace o+ it. The destruction that is bein- caused because o+ carbon e#issions. Our $anet is heatin- u$ rather $eo$e want to beieve it is because o+ hu#an activity or not thete#$erature is risin-2 and it is causin- destruction everywhere. The $ace it is hittin- the hardest is our ocean. The ocean ta0es in the #ost carbon dioxide and it is creatin- our ocean to beco#e acidi+ied and without a heathy ocean i+e wi not continue on our $anet. <.The Lorax says that the Once4er is -reedy. Ereed is de+ined as a se+ish desire +or +ood2 #oney2 or $ossessions over and above what one needs. hat are so#e o+ the ways that the Once4er $roved his -reed3 9e says2 FI bi--ered #y #oney which every needs .F Is it true that everyone needs #oney3 9ow #uch #oney do $eo$e need3 Is it ri-ht to #a0e a ton o+ #oney whie destroyin- the environ#ent3 I hate #oney Aust +or this reason it is #a0in- $eo$e bind to what is reay -oin- on in our word. Ereed is the worst thin- when it co#es to #oney because everyone -ets -reedy with their #oney to so#e $oint. ost $eo$e wi not -ive away their #oney or share it because they thin0 they need it +or the#seves. The Once4er is a $er+ect exa#$e o+ how -reed +or #oney do#inates over the webein- o+ a i+e on Carth. y wish is that $eo$e coud reaiBe the insi-ni+icance o+ #oney and see the beauty o+ our natura word and the i#$ortance o+ our natura word. Their $eo$e that iteray hate -oin- ca#$in- and hate bein- out in nature and woud rather Aust sit in their house and watch day and ni-ht. 9ow sad is it that $eo$e have beco#e so consu#ed in their #ateria i+e that they don@t even want to ac0nowed-e the natura word around the#3 e have to +i-ht harder +or our environ#ent and a i+e on Carth because i+ we don@t there wi co#e a day when it is a -one2 and we wi be the ones to $ay the conse%uence +or it.=.hat did the once4er #ean by F>54LCSSF3 hat res$onsibiity does he see# to thin0 Fso#eone i0e youF needs to ta0e3 hat 0inds o+ thin-s canwe do today to ensure that natura resources wi be avaiabe +or $ur$osesin the +uture3
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