The Man Who Morphed Into God

This short article covers modern misconceptions from Philippians 2. Who being in the form of God thought equality with God not something to be grasped. It demonstrates how those who try to use the text as proof of the Deity of Christ shoot their own teachings in the foot.
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  THE MAN WHO MORPHED INTO GOD By Watchman Dean November 7, 2014 It is amazing how many people will quote Philippians 2 and then in their empty headed zeal attempt to use it to establish trinity (or even the deity of hrist for that matter! It#s amazing because that chapter doesn#t even come $%&' onsider if you will the conte)t What was the author trying to say* +he sub,ect Was the sub,ect of Philippians 2 the deity (or lac- of deity! of the nature of .esus hrist* /ot at all +he sub,ect was humility Philippians 2: 3 Let nothing be done tho!gh sti e o #ainglo$% b!t in lo&liness o 'ind let ea(h estee' othe bette than the'sel#es) By quoting this chapter to defend deity (being that it is actually about being humble and humbling yourself! it is e)pressed that they believe the author admonishes us human beings we who are literally 0born in sin0 and frail and wea- to have the same attitude in life and the author urges us to humble ourselves to the same e)tent that a 1%D3an has humbled himself 4ccording to their interpretation  we must therefore become ,ust as humble as is a 1od who came to earth and humbles himself 5ow do I get this* It#s in the  chapter6 * Let this 'ind be in $o!+ &hi(h &as also in ,hist -es!s : +his chapter is using hrist as an e)ample of how humble wemust be logic demands therefore that (according to them! .esus was humble (even though he was 1od himself! and we must repeat this great humility We must be li-e 1ods upon the earth 1od#s who shed their 1odly powers to become humans and slaves +he author fails therefore to e)plain how we humans we mere creatures we who are not even close to equality with 1od can ever be as humble as hrist was humble (Who was a GOD according to them and who left behind his GODLY POWERS to not only live as a man bt as a slave! +he author fails to e)plain how we shall have this same 0humble mind 05ow in the W%7$D are we going to 0let this mind0 be in us* It#s absolutely ludicrous We can /'8'7 have that same humility that same 0humble mind0 for we ourselves have noequality with 1od to shed in our humility9 &o the author e)horts us #let this mind be in yo$# and in light of the fact they believe the author was using a 1od who  became a man leaving behind his 1odly attributes and powers as our e)ample the author as-s the impossible +here is simply no way we can use 5I& humility as our  e)ample and emulate it We cannot let 5is humility live in us for no matter how much we humbled ourselves in this lifeit couldn#t even come close to his 0mind0 of humility /ow moving along +hose who ma-e Philippians 2 about 1od becoming a man are missing the point of the chapter Itis in fact not about a 1od becoming a man but it about a man who became 1%D (or 1odly! +his is seen in the following te)t6  . Who+ being in the o' o God+ tho!ght it not obbe$ to be e/!al &ith God: +he word 0form0 here used is morphe (from where we get the word metamorphosis! It literally spea-s of a man who 3%7P5'D into 1od but yet lived his life never clinging to his rights and powers as 1od In short Philippians if it#s tal-ing about a 1od who became a man it says of that 1od3an that he did not $4I3 his rightful due as 1od  while he was a man9 We -now that hrist was equal with 1od that cannot be debated Does this ma-e him literally 01od in fleshly form*0 It does not :iguratively it does ma-ehim 0the image0 of 1od but man-ind also was the 0image0 of 1od and in the 0form of 1od0 from the very beginning In fact hrist the second 4dam came to 7'&+%7' us to that form and image Ro'ans 0: 21 o &ho' he did oeno&+ he also did pedestinate to be (on o'ed  to the i'age o his 4on+ that he 'ight be the 5stbon a'ong 'an$ bethen) &o in Philippians 2 he starts out tal-ing about how hrist  was the first man to rise to such perfection in spirit that he  was 0equal0 to 1od but nevertheless wal-ed contritely and humbly before us even becoming the servant of all +his is a B'4;+I:;$ message %ne that is completely D'&+7%<'D  by the trinitarians and those who try to ma-e it about hrist as a D'I+< on earth 5ere#s where they get so empty headed it#s hard not to laugh +rinitarians have a battery of scriptures they use to try and prove that hrist claimed to be <5W5 himself +hey have even more scriptures that they use to prove that hrist claimed to be6 6) o'nis(ient 2) o'nipesent 3) o'nipotent  +hey have hrist saying and doing things that they claim  belong only to 1od himself <et then they quote the following of hrist from Philippians 26 7 8!t 'ade hi'sel o no ep!tation+ and too !pon hi' the o' o a se#ant+ and
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