The New Albion Guide to Analogue Consciousness: An Atompunk Opera Libretto

By Paul Shapera
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   Music and Lyrics by Paul Shapera  The New Albion Guide To Analogue Consciousness was first released as a concept album in July 2014, and featured the following cast: Rachael/Adrian: Lauren Osborn Lee/Man on Radio: Paul Shapera Connor: Oliver Marsh The Mascot 3000: Kayleigh McKnight Yaser Latef: Darrel Whitney   Musical Numbers:  Act 1: 1. Overture –  The Mascot 3000 2. New Albion 9 –  The Mascot 3000 3. Rachael - Rachael 4. Introducing The Mascot 3000 –  The Mascot 3000 and Connor 5. The Shopogopolios –  Rachael, The Mascot 3000, Man On Radio 6. What The Trite And Banal Say –  Rachael, The Mascot 3000, Connor  Act 2: 7. New Albion 8 –  The Mascot 3000 8. Kyrie –  Adrian and The Voodoopunks 9. Connor - Connor 10. The Lovers –  Lee, Adrian, The Mascot 3000 11. The Deceit –  Adrian, Lee, Connor, The Mascot 3000, The Voodoopunks 12. The Voodoopunks‟ Ascension   –  The Mascot 3000 and The Voodoopunks 13. Ark 1 - Connor  Act 3: 14. Elysium –  The Mascot 3000 15. Postcard From Perdition Trail –  The Voodoopunks 16. Lee –  Lee 17. Rachael Returns –  Yasser, Rachael, The Mascot 3000, The Blood Red Dogs 18. The Moth –  Lee 19. The Show No One Saw –  Rachael  Act 4: 20. When I Woke (The Mascot 3000) –  The Mascot 3000 and Connor 21. In This Episode –  The Mascot 3000 and Connor 22. The Rescue Plan –  Lee, Rachael, The Mascot 3000 23. The Creatures Speak –  The Mascot 3000, Rachael, Creatures 24. Connor (Reprise) –  Connor and The Mascot 3000 25. Lost Night‟s Lullaby - Rachael 26. New Albion 10 –  The Mascot 3000   Act 1:   Overture    Mascot 3000: Would you like to initiate consciousness? Consciousness initiating Would you like to initiate narrative? Narrative initiating Please choose era Era: Atompunk Please select location Location: New Albion  New Albion 10    Mascot 3000: There‟s a city it is said that borders with the land of dead   And since you‟re here again, you best just stay   New Albion‟s its name, a sleek and large and lonely place  And a tale of it we tell today Two decades now it‟s been since a voodoo religion  Spread like flames and disappeared like smoke Only a generation hence, oh the tech boom was intense But these days Arcadia Corp is closed Here‟s to the days of bliss and wishes   Here‟s to the wild seeds once sown   Here‟s to the cults and waltz and whis pers Before they just us all alone Left us hangin on our own Housing projects lay half bare Bathed in lonely, neon glare Chorales of cockroaches sing hymns all through There‟s an oracle now who the middle classes all flock too   Though it‟s a radiat ed pile of ooze
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