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Cloud by Default Reviewer Information Tobias Höllwarth Gluckgasse Vienna, Austria Mail: Tel.: Mobil: Web: Document Version: 1.0
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Cloud by Default Reviewer Information Tobias Höllwarth Gluckgasse Vienna, Austria Mail: Tel.: Mobil: Web: Document Version: 1.0 Date: 22 th April 2014 by: Tobias Höllwarth 2 P a g e INTRODUCTION TO THE NEW GLOBAL EDITION Following the successful publication of the Cloud Migration book in 2011 and the second edition in 2012, as well as the Chinese Edition (2013), Slovenian Edition (2012), Taiwanese edition (2013), and several other language editions, a new and significantly updated English language global hard back edition Cloud by Default is planned to be published in Q and launched at the next EuroCloud European CLOUD summit. The original version of the book was created by a team of more than 50 specialists from 11 countries selected for their expert knowledge and reputations. The authors were lawyers, tax consultants, engineers, economists, IT consultants, business model consultants and data protection experts. A number of other specialists were responsible for multiple reviews and quality assurance. The EuroCloud organization also provided its know-how, quality assurance and professional advice throughout the project. The new book will include a business management explanation of the key terminology and concepts for Cloud based services, legal, tax, security and data protection considerations. GOALS The new Cloud by Default book will be our first Global Edition, and will focus around our goal of creating a definitive executive guide for leaders and managers of organisations that require a better understanding and guidance with the use of Cloud based business processes, solutions and new Cloud based business models. 3 P a g e TARGET AUDIENCE AND PLANNED CONTENT The target audience for the new Global Edition are executives and managers of organisations of any size who are interested in becoming more familiar with Cloud concepts, key considerations and other important factors. The book will be of interest to those business, public sector and IT leaders that are considering or planning to migrate parts of their business processes and/or existing IT solutions into the Cloud. The planned approach is to limit the depth of detail covered in the individual sections so that each topic explained will be focused on business and IT leaders, and based on a concise writing style over a limited number of pages per section. The new book will be readable and relevant to all countries, and thus focus on general aspects, and not on country-specific issues, rules or laws, although they may be mentioned where there are significant variations across borders. This will provide non-it specialists an entry level understanding into the topic, while at the same time covering all important aspects. It will be easy to read and offer practical value to the business executive, business manager and IT leadership target audience. TEAM OF AUTHORS A team of masters authors have been assembled across the world from various countries to lead the development work. Some members of the team have also worked for Gartner in successful senior roles for approximately 10 years, and one key member of the team is a CIO for a large international insurance company. The book will be developed in a collaborative way to ensure all sections are well integrated into the final published edition. This approach will provide each author or reviewer the ability to focus in their areas of specialisation, whilst also providing the ability to review and help integrate other specialist sections. 4 P a g e REVIEWING BOARD A team of highly qualified reviewers from all around the world will be part of the Reviewing Board of this book project. The board will help to reach an excellent quality of this book project. Each reviewer will be asked to fill out the Reviewers Form and to point out 10 points (maximum) that are subject to criticism. In this way, the amount of necessary work for each reviewer can be kept moderate. Each reviewer will be named in the book: name, company, contact information, short description of the author's biography. Similar or additional information will be published (if desired) on the project website OUTLINE PROJECT PLAN FOR THE REVIEW The publication of the book is planned for Q at one of the main EuroCloud European summit conferences. The proposed reviewing schedule listed below summarises the current plan in order to achieve this goal. Planning phase Project start, first meetings Q Phase 1 Agreement of additional content topics Q Phase 2 Coordination with co-authors Q Phase 3 Completion of text, consolidation phase End of May 2014 Milestone Handover of text to members of Reviewing Board 9 th of June Phase 4 Proof reading and Reviewing periode 9 th 22 nd of June Milestone Deadline for submission of review to Editors 22 nd June 8:00 p.m Milestone Websession to discuss reviewers comments 24 th 08:00 pm CEST Final Submission Submission to publishing company End of June P a g e Publication Official Publication and printing September 2014 Book cover examples from versions published (German, English, Chinese and Slovenian) 6 P a g e More information about the book can be found at 7 P a g e
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