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The Polyphony of Turtles

The Polyphony of Turtles
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   The Polyphony of Turtles Some people said that they swam from an ocean, on the other side of the planet. And some said that they flew, but everyone knows that turtles don’t fly. So how did these giant turtles get here? And someone sang a song with no logic, only meaning.any years before, there lived a community of fishermen on a small island in a large ocean, by a large continent. And these fishermen caught fish and gathered oysters, guided by the moon and the goddess of the ocean who sang to them of the future. She would lead them to fish, warn them of storms, show them the way home, and give them a good death when their time came.  Then someone sang a song with no meaning, only logic.!ut the fishermen were distracted from their own songs and they accepted a song that was given. So, they no longer "uestioned their fate and forgot how to listen to the songs of the moon and the goddess. They turned their skills to the ways of farming the waters to manufacture massive crops of fish. And in the lagoons where fresh and salt waters once stirred the edge of life, oysters crowded. And on the land they cleared the trees for "uick crops, becoming sub#ects of the land at the edge of the sea and sub#ects of the sun on the edge of time. $or a while, they thrived at the edge of culture, sustained by the memory of songs, but they forgot to teach their children to sing.And someone sang a song with no meaning, only logic. Time passed, things changed, the earth revolved and then evolved some. The freshwaters that once flowed freely dried as the land began to subside. Storms brought bitter rains, and fierce winds that filled the lagoons with sand. And while they were distracted by the desire of heritage, their children slipped away.  Then someone sang a song with no logic, only meaning.As they waited in despair for fate to run its course a singer came from far away. At first they ignored her because they could see no value in her songs. Some resented her intrusion, but eventually they listened. And when she sang their song to them they were shocked at what had befallen them.  Then someone sang a song with no logic, only meaning.And the singer reminded the fishermen of their many songs and in particular the songs to the turtles. So the fishermen sang these  songs, first in desperation, then in unison and finally in #oy, taking responsibility for the many possibilities available to them. And then, as if by magic, giant turtles emerged from the sea and walked to the edge between sea and land, the edge between reality and hope. %f course the fishermen were at first frightened, but they carried on singing and more turtles came ashore making a thousand hills. Then someone sang a song with no logic, only meaning.And each turtle brought a new song and each song touched the others, but kept its character. &uided by the moon, aligned by the stars the turtles formed an earthly constellation, and the &oddess returned to bring each turtle a good death, and each turtle breathed a forest. And the forests rose rich with food and medicines. They slowed rivers, absorbed floods and gave freshwater and shelter. !etween the turtles tides ebbed and flowed making new lagoons for the oysters to grow and the fish to swim free. And the families of the fishermen lived out a dialogue of their own futures becoming. Then the &oddess sang a song with no logic, only meaning. ' (avid )aley September *++
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