The Story of Christmas

the story of christmas
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  The Story of Christmas   The Annunciation  Almost two thousand years ago, there lived a young couple who were engaged to be married. They lived in a town called Nazareth in Galilee. One night the young woman, Mary , was visited by an angel named Gabriel , who told her that God had a plan for her. She had been chosen to be the mother of the Son of God. She was a little afraid, but the angel resassured her, so she felt that this was true and good. The Nativity  ight before she was to give birth to her baby, she and her husband, Joseph , had to travel to !ethlehem in udea. The #ing had ordered everyone to return to their home town to ta$e part in a census. !y the time %ary and oseph arrived in !ethlehem, she was about to give birth, and all of the inns were full. They settled in a barn for the night, and esus was born and put in a manger for his bed& There were sheperds in a nearby field that night, and an angel came to tell themthat the Son of God had been born nearby in a barn. They were a little afraid,  but soon many angels sang a beautiful song, and they felt reassured. 'hen theyfound %ary, oseph, and esus in the barn, they realized that the angels were right, and they were amazed. The Visit of the Magi  %eanwhile, there were three wise men who were also searching for esus. These men had seen a special star in the s$y, and they $new that it was a sign of the Son of God. They followed the star, and it lead them to the barn. 'hen theyfound %ary and oseph, and esus, they fell on their $nees and worshipped the  baby, and presented him with special gifts of gold and incense.(hristmas is celebrated in the home with an evergreen tree decorated with small ornaments and electric lights. )eople li$e to decorate the outsides of their homes with wreaths and lights, and sometimes with whole Nativity scenes on their front lawns& %any people have miniature creche  *manger+ sets inside, too.  amilies get together on (hristmas -ve to have dinner, and there are religious services on this night, often as late as midnight. There is singing and there may  be a pageant in which children reenact the Nativity. On (hristmas, families e/change gifts, 0ust li$e 'ise %en did, but there is one  person who celebrates (hristmas in his own special way. There is an old man who travels around the world from house to house on (hristmas -ve, and whengood children wa$e up on (hristmas morning, they find the gifts that he has left them. This is a mysterious and miraculous part of (hristmas that has never  been e/plained. 'e only $now that the man1s name is Santa Claus .
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