{0}{48}- Carl: You can't keep me from it.|- Rick: From what? {50}{82}Carl: From what always happens. {82}{177}Previously on AMC's|The Walking Dead... {189}{247}- Carl: What was your son's name?|- Andre. {249}{345}What we're willing to do is not my call. {348}{441}Rick: I got another plans.|involving dirt and cucumbers. {441}{508}We can all live together,|and nobody dies. {511}{595}- Liar.|- No! {626}{724}Rick: We've all done the worst,|kinds of things just to stay alive! {1
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  {0}{48}- Carl: You can't keep me from it.|- Rick: From what?{50}{82}Carl: From what always happens.{82}{177}<i>Previously on AMC's|The Walking Dead...</i>{189}{247}- Carl: What was your son's name?|- Andre.{249}{345}What we're willing to do is not my call.{348}{441}Rick: I got another plans.|involving dirt and cucumbers.{441}{508}We can all live together,|<i>and nobody dies.</i>{511}{595}- Liar.|- No!{626}{724}<i>Rick: We've all done the worst,|kinds of things just to stay alive!</i>{1415}{1530}- Hi, Daddy.|- You're a sight for sore eyes.{1638}{1709}- Doing okay?|- Yes, sir.{1765}{1837}- Any trouble?|- No.{1846}{1952}- You had some.|- A little.{2069}{2143}Carol, I'll take that.{3479}{3582}.:: ::.|>> <<{3584}{3702}{Y:b}{C:$aaeeff}{3726}{3879}{y:u}{c:$aaeeff}T³umaczenie:|Igloo666{4210}{4316}{y:u}{c:$aaeeff}¯The Walking Dead 4x16 A|A{4479}{4555}How hungry are you,|scale of one to 10?{4555}{4608}15.{4627}{4659}28.{4723}{4838}Well, it's been a while.|I'm gonna go check the snares.{4860}{4987}- Can I go with you?|- Well, how else are you gonna learn?{5078}{5143}Hey, you, too.{5426}{5541}Rick: We'll stay another day or two.|Get some more rest.{5541}{5630}- Finish healing up?|- I'm almost there.{5701}{5800}- We're close now, right?|- To Terminus?{5802}{5869}- Yeah.|- We are.{5915}{6056}- When we get there, are we gonna tell them?|- Tell them what?{6111}{6212}Everything that's happened to us.|All the stuff we've done.{6265}{6402}- Are we gonna tell them the truth?|- We're gonna tell them who we are.{6411}{6548}But how do you say that?|I mean... who are we?{7087}{7152}There you go.{7188}{7267}It's a small one. It'll do.{7346}{7435}So, this is just|a simple slipknot.{7447}{7540}Tie one on both ends then you|tighten one side to a branch.{7540}{7636}Now, you see how the ground here|is sort of like a funnel shape?{7644}{7751}- It's a trail?|- That's right. That's where you want to set the noose.{7761}{7948}So you hide it with leaves, then you put sticks all around it|so any animals going by have to run this way right into the trap.{7979}{8054}Man: <i> Somebody help!</i>|- Carl.{8066}{8137}- Carl, stop! Carl!|- Man:<i> Get back! Back!</i>{8161}{8238}<i> Help!</i>|Get away! Get back!{8245}{8317}Help! Somebody|help! Help me!{8344}{8423}<i>Get away!</i>!|<i>No!</i>{8471}{8569}- Help! Somebody help!|- We can't help him.{8823}{8890}We've got to go.{9533}{9638}- Morning.|- Everything okay?{9643}{9768}- Yeah, just want a little help with something.|- What time is it?{9780}{9854}I never know what|time it is anymore.{9857}{9957}Ever since I gave Glenn my watch,|it's always right now to me.{9957}{10020}It's early.{10068}{10178}- He's decent.|- Morning.{10178}{10281}- Bethy's gonna take Judith.|- Rick: <i>What are we doing?</i>{10302}{10396}You'll see.|You're not going to need that.{10437}{10513}It'll just get in the way.{10782}{10842}<i>Let's go.</i>  {10962}{11075}Thought maybe there'd be some houses|down this way. Maybe even a store.{11125}{11226}- There's got to be some food around here somewhere.|-Hey, look.{12204}{12300}- That was one small rabbit.|- It was something.{12345}{12420}Got to hand it to the thing.|It traveled well.{12484}{12607}Have you noticed that's all|we talk about anymore? Food. {12676}{12770}- I forgot what this feels like.|- Me, too.{12786}{12909}- I hope we're able to forget again soon.|- We're close.{12909}{13005}Just got to make it|through another day.{13014}{13144}If folks there are taking people in, they have|to be strong. They have to have a system.{13199}{13290}I wonder if the|whole thing's legit.{13582}{13702}- We let people in.|- We did. So did the Governor.{13779}{13908}Yeah, it's always the same, isn't it?|Don't get to know until we know.{13932}{14038}- Maybe this place isn't even there anymore.|- Oh, dearie me.{14050}{14127}You screwed up, asshole.{14155}{14237}You hear me?|You screwed up.{14434}{14544}Today is a day of|reckoning, sir. Restitution.{14549}{14642}A balancing of|the whole damn universe.{14738}{14846}Shit, and I was thinking of turning in for|the night on New Year's Eve. ( laughs ).{14901}{14978}Now who's gonna count down the|ball dropper with me, huh?{14980}{15079}Ten Mississippi!|Nine Mississippi!{15093}{15174}- Eight Mississippi!|- Joe!{15436}{15541}- Hold up.|- You're stopping me on eight, Daryl.{15575}{15642}- Just hold up.|- This is the guy that killed Lou,{15644}{15776}- so we got nothing to talk about.|- The thing about nowadays is we got nothing but time.{15791}{15956}- Say your piece, Daryl.|- These people, you're gonna let 'em go.{15987}{16124}- These are good people.|- Now, I think Lou would disagree with you on that.{16136}{16268}I'll, of course, have to speak for him and all,|'cause your friend here strangled him in a bathroom.{16313}{16421}You want blood, I get it.{16498}{16591}Take it from me, man.|Come on.{16702}{16836}This man killed our friend.|You say he's good people.{16860}{16951}See, now that right|there is a lie.{16982}{17045}It's a lie! {17052}{17104}No!{17131}{17236}Teach him, fellas.|Teach him all the way.{17258}{17306}- No!|- Come here, boy.{17308}{17368}You leave him be!{17455}{17524}You'll get yours.|You just wait your turn.{17526}{17670}- Listen, it was me. It was just me.|- See, now that's right. That's not some damn lie. {17692}{17795}Look, we can settle this.|We're reasonable men.{17797}{17917}First, we're gonna beat Daryl to death.|Then we'll have the girl.{17920}{17968}Then the boy.{17970}{18078}Then I'm gonna shoot you|and then we'll be square.{18241}{18282}Let him go.{18284}{18356}Stop your squirming.{18478}{18541}Let him go.{18977}{19073}I got him. Oh, it's gonna|be so much worse now.{19442}{19500}Come on, get up!{19617}{19680}Come on.|Let's see what you got.{19821}{19898}- Leave him be...|- Huh? Right over here.{19900}{19998}What the hell are you|gonna do now, sport?{20519}{20603}- I'll kill him!|- Let the boy go.{20770}{20830}He's mine.  {20871}{20950}Stay back!|Please---{21715}{21770}Here.{21823}{21861}What is?{21864}{21993}Those feral pigs in the forest, it|doesn't take much to domesticate them.{21996}{22053}Same with the horses|we've seen.{22053}{22132}We have seeds. We can|grow our own food.{22135}{22185}It's time we started planting.{22288}{22420}- Can't do it myself.|- I got to go out there.{22432}{22511}Go on runs,|be at the fences.{22523}{22636}I teach you how to do this.|You teach Carl.{22638}{22751}- We're going to be here a while.|- They need me.{22758}{22861}We've been here two months.|You've made it work.{22861}{22955}- The war is over, Rick.|- No, we don't know that.{22957}{23015}I'm talking about you.{23017}{23168}I'm saying it, and I'm saying this,|you pull Carl back from going out there, fine.{23192}{23250}- He shot that boy.|- Yeah, I know.{23252}{23372}He needs his father. He needs|his father to show him the way.{23391}{23518}What way are you going to show him?|He can shoot, we know that.{23535}{23638}What's his life|going to be? What's yours?{23705}{23765}All this.{23825}{23969}I'm just saying everything,|because I owe you.{24007}{24072}We all owe you.{24120}{24199}We can make|this better now.{24218}{24309}Things changing in here,|doesn't change things out there.{24312}{24417}No, it doesn't. But we're|here today, right now.{24439}{24523}This is a good|place to start.{24585}{24674}There's a run soon.|I got to go.{24676}{24736}No, you don't.{26182}{26237}We should save it to drink.{26242}{26350}You can't see|yourself, he can.{26580}{26726}- I didn't know what they were.|- How'd you wind up with them?{26755}{26870}I was with Beth.|We got out together.{26925}{27007}I was with her|for a while.{27105}{27165}Is she dead?{27215}{27285}She's just gone.{27378}{27462}<i>After that, that's|when they found me.</i>{27474}{27594}I mean, I knew they were|bad, but they had a code.{27630}{27781}It was simple. Stupid,|but it was something.{27798}{27889}- It was enough.|- And you were alone.{27932}{28088}They said they were looking for some guy.|Last night they said they spotted him.{28119}{28239}I was hanging back. I was|gonna leave. But I stayed.{28328}{28419}That's when I saw|it was you three.{28421}{28527}Right when you saw me.{28570}{28661}I didn't know|what they could do.{28786}{28860}It's not on you, Daryl.{28944}{29148}It's not on you. You being back, with|us here, now, that's everything.{29349}{29421}You're my brother.{29745}{29874}Hey, what you did last night,|anybody would have done that.{29915}{29975}No, not that.{30121}{30241}Something happened.|That ain't you.{30246}{30325}Daryl, you saw|what I did to Tyreese.{30325}{30421}It ain't all of it|but that's me.{30423}{30512}That's why I'm here now,|that's why Carl is.{30512}{30663}I want to keep him safe.|That's all that matters.{31061}{31138}- You okay?|- Yeah.{31289}{31361}- I'm okay.|- I know.  {31452}{31502}How?{31543}{31641}'Cause I'm okay, too.{31929}{32015}We're getting close.|Be there before sundown.{32015}{32116}Now we head through the woods.|We don't know who they are.{32133}{32193}All right.{32912}{33015}We all spread out, watch|for a while, see what we see.{33027}{33147}And get ready.|We all stay close.{33183}{33274}- You want to stick with me?|- It's all right.{33492}{33581}Why didn't you go|with your dad?{33773}{33900}When I told you about Andre,|you never asked how he died.{33943}{34034}- I knew why.|- Yeah, but the how is important.{34082}{34161}We went to a refugee camp.{34173}{34288}Andre and my boyfriend Mike,|that was Andre's father,{34288}{34432}and our friend Terry. At the|camp, it just got worse and worse.{34463}{34612}People were leaving. People|giving up. But I didn't.{34655}{34739}<i>I was coming back from a run.</i>{34789}{34871}I saw the fences were down.{34890}{35022}I heard the moans.|It was over.{35029}{35142}And Mike and Terry, they|were high when it happened.{35211}{35331}They were bit.|Could have stopped it.{35367}{35506}Could have killed them.|But I let them turn.{35564}{35662}I made it so they|couldn't bite, couldn't scratch.{35662}{35813}I tied chains around their necks.|It was insane. It was sick.{35856}{35995}It felt like what I deserved, dragging|them around so that I would always know.{36017}{36103}I found out that|they kept me safe.{36185}{36307}They hid me. The walkers|didn't see me anymore.{36307}{36386}I was just another monster.{36396}{36580}And I was. Me.|I was gone for a long time.{36681}{36789}But then Andrea brought me back.|Your dad brought me back.{36851}{36909}You did.{37048}{37230}I see how you've been looking at your dad.|You don't have to be afraid of me, or him.{37367}{37465}He told me the other day|that he was proud of me.{37520}{37621}That I was a good man.|I'm not.{37623}{37695}- Carl.|- I know more now.{37695}{37808}About what he wanted from me.|And I tried, but...{37846}{37930}I still have these thoughts.{38081}{38165}I'm not what he thinks I am.{38237}{38321}I'm just another monster, too.{39443}{39508}Just in case.{40167}{40270}/Terminus.|/those who arrive survive.{40282}{40376}Follow the tracks to the point|where all lines intersect.{40378}{40486}There are maps at the crossings|to help guide you with your journey.{40491}{40584}Sanctuary for all.|Community for all.{40613}{40673}Those who arrive survive.{40673}{40781}Terminus, sanctuary for all.Community for all.{40793}{40824}Those who s--{40982}{41078}Well, I bet Albert|is on perimeter watch.{41229}{41318}- You here to rob us?|- No.{41361}{41457}We wanted to see you|before you saw us.{41524}{41632}Makes sense. Usually we do|this where the tracks meet.{41675}{41747}Welcome to Terminus.{41766}{41874}I'm Gareth. Looks like you've|been on the road for a good bit.{41910}{41970}We have.{41989}{42078}Rick. That's Carl,|Daryl, Michonne.{42181}{42279}You're nervous. I get it.|We were all the same way.{42282}{42399}We came here for sanctuary.|That what you're here for?{42416}{42483}- Yes.|- Good.

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