Theres No Crying In Baseball...Or In E Discovery 04.30.10

1. There’s No Crying In Baseball…or in eDiscovery<br />April 30, 2010<br /> 2. About Kevin Nugent<br />18 Years experience in Management &…
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  • 1. There’s No Crying In Baseball…or in eDiscovery<br />April 30, 2010<br />
  • 2. About Kevin Nugent<br />18 Years experience in Management & eDiscovery Services<br />Consulted and worked for Xerox, Pitney Bowes, IKON, Lockheed Martin, Bayer…<br />Spoken widely on the use of methods to minimize data and manage eDiscovery costs<br />BS in Public Administration & Inter-Governmental Relations from Eastern Michigan University <br />Has served as the Regional Director for Encore since 2007<br />Board Member , Cystic Fibrosis Foundation<br />
  • 3. About Encore Discovery Solutions<br />Founded in 1995 as Lex Solutio in Phoenix, AZ<br />Became Encore Legal Solutions in 2004 and Encore Discovery Solutions in 2008<br />Private equity ownership (Frontenac Company of Chicago)<br />Continued evolution of service offering in legal technology to a knowledge-based provider of electronic discovery services<br />Company is materially profitable and operates with no long-term debt<br />
  • 4.
  • 5. There’s No Crying In Baseball…or in eDiscovery<br />A View From The Dugout Of How To Deal with eDiscovery Challenges<br />April 27, 2010<br />
  • 6.
  • 7. Winning In Baseball and eDiscovery Matters depend upon good “Defense” and good “Offense”<br />Litigation Readiness<br />=<br />
  • 8. Litigation Readiness Timeline<br />8<br />
  • 9. 9<br />Litigation Readiness<br />Is your client ready?<br /><ul><li> Early disclosure
  • 10. Meet & Confers
  • 11. Rule 30(b)(6) depositions
  • 12. Cost shifting</li></ul>Our objective is to help our clients get ahead of the electronic discovery curve so they can control risk and costs and gain better case outcomes.<br />
  • 13. Part of Being Prepared Requires a Plan<br />Developing an ESI Strategy<br /><ul><li> The Client, Outside Counsel and the eDiscovery Provider need to be on the same page
  • 14. Determine who the key Custodians should be
  • 15. Review options going forward; cost sharing, cost shifting, data sampling
  • 16. What resources and tools do you have available</li></li></ul><li>Protecting your clients data at the Meet & Confer is the 1st step to establishing your position<br />
  • 17. Data Forensics and Analytics<br />Surgically hitting the data “strike zone”<br /><ul><li>Expert Testimony
  • 18. Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • 19. E-Mail Reconstruction and Analysis
  • 20. Data Quality / Reliability Audits
  • 21. Transaction Anomaly Detection
  • 22. Money Laundering and Fraud Detection</li></li></ul><li>Forensic Collection & Analysis<br />13<br />MD5 Hash Value<br />=<br />
  • 23. Forensic Collection & Analysis<br />14<br />Active – "actively resides on user's hard drive"<br />Archival – compiled in back-up tapes<br />Residual – "delete" doesn't really mean "delete"<br />"A deleted file is not a deleted file, it is merely organized differently." State v. Townsend, 2002 WL 31477600 (Wash. Nov. 7, 2002)<br />Metadata – "data about data"<br />
  • 24. Knowing where your data resides, and performing a Smart Collection, allows you to side step obstacles<br />
  • 25. Forensic Collection & Analysis<br />16<br />Potential Risk<br />Most Common Collection Methods<br />Cost<br />Self collection by corporate/internal IT staff<br />Vendor collection of ESI making a copy<br />MODERATE<br />Vendor collection of forensic image of all relevant custodian units and servers<br />HIGH<br />Vendor collection of ESI forensically imaging targeted files (collaboration with client & vendor)<br />MODERATE<br />
  • 26. Project Management<br />Good project management and communication is at the core of every successful project. Project management best practices should be applied to every project for your firm to ensure a successful out come.<br /><ul><li>Consulting and Design
  • 27. Project “Kickoff Meetings”
  • 28. Quality Control
  • 29. Deadline Management
  • 30. Communication, Reports, and Status Tracking
  • 31. Project Completion and Billing </li></li></ul><li>Now for the “offense”<br /><ul><li> Defensible Data Minimization
  • 32. Development of effective search terms
  • 33. Filtering Strategy
  • 34. Concept Searching
  • 35. Transparent Searching
  • 36. Cost Sharing</li></li></ul><li>Approach to Data Minimization<br />Eliminate the majority of data before Processing<br /><ul><li>Targeted data collection
  • 37. Exclusion of system and non-relevant file types
  • 38. Date range, keywords and document types filtering
  • 39. Deduping and reduping
  • 40. De-NISTing
  • 41. Early case analytic assessment
  • 42. Advanced culling techniques
  • 43. Smart de-duping including email attachments and zips
  • 44. Email threading and concept / person / time context
  • 45. Concept clustering and near duplication</li></li></ul><li>E-Discovery Data Funnel<br />Smart Collectionof Data<br />De-NIST, File Type & Date Range Exclusion<br />Deduplication & Key Word Filtering, Linguists<br />Pre-Processing Tools/Early Case Assessment<br />Document Review<br />Productions<br />20<br />
  • 46. Review Minimization Solutions<br />Enable Analytic Tools To: <br /><ul><li>Pull Together Documents Containing Similar Concepts</li></ul>Integrating Power Tools To:<br /><ul><li> Suppress Irrelevant Data
  • 47. Suppress Redundant Email
  • 48. Review Only Inclusive Emails</li></ul>Traditional Review Platform<br /><ul><li>Full Text
  • 49. Metadata
  • 50. Static Image</li></li></ul><li>Review Technologies<br />Content Analyst/Clustering<br />Advanced Analytics of Text<br />Find Documents that Typically would not be Found through Traditional Key Word Searching<br />Organize Documents Based on Topics<br />Equivio (email thread suppression and near duplicate identification)<br />Remove email threads so only inclusive emails are reviewed<br />Identify Similar Documents and Ensure Only the Final Version is Produced<br />
  • 51. Leveraging Best-of-Breed Technologies<br />Consulting:<br /> Data Collections, Forensics & Analytics<br />Document Review<br />Intelligent Culling and Analytics<br />Pre-culling<br />Filtering & Forensic Minimization<br />Processing<br />
  • 52. Are these tools defensible?<br />“Mushrooming volumes of ESI require us to rely more on automated search tools at the same time courts and opposing counsel are less willing to indulge the fiction that these tools perform in unskilled hands. The jig is up, and lawyers are now obliged to prove these proxies really work.”<br />US Magistrate Judge Paul Grimm<br />
  • 53. Obstacles to winning in eDiscovery<br />Clients that want to capture their own data<br />Not having the Client, Outside Counsel and the ESI Service Provider on the same page<br />Corrupt data<br />The key drivers for managing eDiscovery and its costs are Volume of Data, Type of Data and your Time Frame<br />Lack of communication within the team<br />
  • 54. Obstacles to winning in eDiscovery<br />Custodians getting in the way because they are not available or have covered up data<br />Not being able to see where you need to go – lack of information<br />Reluctance to establish or seek out vetted eDiscovery resources, there is too much at risk not to<br />
  • 55. Questions & Answers<br />Thank you for your participation!<br />Kevin Nugent <br />Regional Director<br /><br />
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