Things You May Not Know About Quantity Surveyors in Kenya (Autosaved)

quantity surveyors are the essential link between the clients who commissions the building, the architects and engineer who designs it and the builders who build it.
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    Compiled by; Mathu and Gichuiri  Things you may not know about Quantity surveyors in Kenya Quantity surveyors in Kenya play a key role in the construction industry, and they are key members of the construction teams because they are the essential link between the clients who commissions the building, the architects and engineer who designs it and the builders who build it. He is the expert on the construction costs and communication and his services are used from the inception of the project to completion of the same. The quantity surveyors major skill is in the analysis of design cost relationship. He also advices on, and controls the budget as well as dealing with the procedures, documentation and the financial administration of construction contracts. Modern construction is complex because design of a building is subject to  functional, dimensional, technological and financial constraints. This therefore requires a team which brings together men of varied training and experience- the architects, Quantity surveyors, Engineers and Builders. But how does one qualify to be a quantity surveyor? How to qualify to be a quantity surveyor  For you to be a qualified quantity surveyor in Kenya, you need to have sat for the examinations offered by the Board of Registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors (BORAQS). All candidates must have a level of academic attainment equivalent to that required for university entrance. The training normally takes place for a period of about 5years and consists of full time education and practical experience which leads to the professional qualification. However today emphasis are being placed on full time education often through a university degree, and this takes place over a minimum period of three years  followed by a period of practical experience, obtaining substantial exemption  from the institution’s examinations.   What a quantity surveyor does Today the role of a modern quantity surveyor is much more comprehensive, varied and with a more different emphasis. The chartered quantity surveyor is a  professional whose training and experience are directed towards the planning and control of expenditure on construction of all kinds, including the effective means of accounting for it. His knowledge of construction economic enables him to;     Advice on what the project would cost     Advice on the size and standard structure that can be erected for any given expenditure.      Advice on tendering procedures and contractual arrangements.    Help prepare documents for obtaining tenders and arranging a contract.    He/she will give advice on the economics of a project and the  preparation of a budget    Exercise financial control during the construction so that the budget is not exceeded without authority.     Act with the architect and the engineer to ensure that the financial  provisions of the contract are properly interpreted and applied so that the client’s  financial interest is safeguarded and that the constructor is  paid a proper price for the work done. New and wider opportunities are also being opened to quantity surveyors and many of them are already making contributions in fields such as; project coordination, environmental economics and social accounting, cost engineering and production and resources control. Experts cost advice is very essential, this is because it is of no use designing a building which meets the functional, technological, dimensional requirements of the brief and is aesthetically satisfying but which your client can not be able to afford.


Jul 23, 2017
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