Third Open Merit List in Engineering Degree Programmes

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  Page 1  of 2   NOTIFICATION (Third Merit List)   In continuation of office notification No. DET 2772; dated 17-10-2014, the offer of provisional admission is hereby withdrawn for all those candidates who have not paid dues upto the due date, i.e., 23-10-2014, and in exercise of the powers vested to the Undersigned under Regulation 3 of the Statutes and Regulations relating to first degree awarded by the University of Agriculture Faisalabad, hereby allow provisional admission to the candidates as per attached list in the relevant categories of four years degree programs, i.e., B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering, B.Sc. Food Engineering, B.Sc. Textile Technology, B.Sc. Environmental Engineering and B.Sc. Energy Systems Engineering, in Winter Semester, 2014-2015. The candidates to whom the admission has been offered for their lower order of preference will be upgraded if seats are available. The candidates who will not deposit the dues and will not complete the enrolment formalities within prescribed time, their candidature will be terminated for further considerations of any category.  The selected candidates will have to fulfill the following conditions for completion of admission/enrolment formalities as detailed below:- 1.   Upgraded candidates must complete their enrollment formalities upto 29-10-2014.  The candidates who have been upgraded from Textile Technology to any other Engineering Degree Programs must deposit the additional dues of Rs. 2200/-upto 29-10-2014. 2.   Contact office of the Dean in person along with srcinal documents from October 25 to 29, 2014. 3.   Get admission clearance slip, hostel slip (if Border), Fee Challan form, and UAF-Registration form from the Faculty Library 4.   Deposit an amount of fee as mentioned below in Habib Bank Ltd. Agri University Branch up to 29-10-2014. Sr.No.Degree Boarder Non-Boarder 1 B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering Rs. 49110/ Rs. 37450/ 2 B.Sc. Food Engineering 3 B.Sc. Energy Systems Engineering 4 B.Sc. Environmental Engineering 5 B.Sc. Textile Technology Rs. 46910/ Rs. 35250/ 5.   Submit the following documents in the office of the Dean, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering & Technology for completion of other admission/enrolment DEAN’S OFFICE Tele Off: 041-9200194 041-9200161-70/ Ext.3001   UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE, FAISALABAD Faculty of Agricultural Engineering & Technology  No. DET: ____2875____  Dated: October 24, 2014  Page 2  of 2  formalities, failing which their provisional admission shall stand cancelled and they shall have no claim whatsoever:- i.   Original Bank Challan showing payment of above dues. ii.   Original educational documents for verification and missing documents if any. iii.   Prescribed courses enlistment form (UG-I) complete in all respects must  be submitted in Dean’s office upto 29-10-2014 . iv.   UAF-Registration form along with attested copies of Matric, F.Sc., and CNIC/ Form ‘B’. v.   Submit medical fitness certificate from a UAF Doctor or medical officer from a Government Hospital/MBBS doctor within 15 days after admission. (5)   Affidavit/undertaking on judicial paper of worth Rs.200/- as per specimen displayed on the Notice Board for desisting themselves from indulgence in ‘Politics’ during their study period in the light of orders of the August Supreme Court of Pakistan within 15 days after admission. (6)   In case any information/document attached with the application form is found  bogus/tampered/fabricated etc. at any stage of studies, the admission will be cancelled retrospectively without assigning any reason. (7)   Errors and omissions, if any, in this notification are accepted. (Prof. Dr. Allah Bakhsh) Dean Endst. No. DET :-2876-2900 Dated:- 24-10-2014 Copy forwarded for information and further necessary action to:- 1. All Deans/Directors 2. Registrar 3. Secretary to Vice Chancellor 4. Hall warden 5. Medical officer (Students) 6. Director Students’ Affairs 7. Deputy Registrar (SRB) 8. Admin. Officer (Fees) 9. Director Sports UAF. 10. Faculty Notice Board 11. Director, ITRCB for placing on University Web-site - (Nasir Abbas) Admn. Officer Enclosed: I.   Third Open Merit List (F.Sc. Male) II.   Third Open Merit List (F.Sc. Female) III.   Third Open Merit List (Three Year Diploma of Associate Engineer)  AEFETTEVEESETotalObtainedTotalObtainedFrom To *Weighted %age Upgraded  Third Open Merit List (F.Sc. Male) for Admission in Different Degree Programmes Mentioned Againist Their Names Preference Entry Test Marks out of 100 SSC MarksHSC Marks HQ if anySr. No.Application No.Roll NoName of ApplicantFather's Name 1655236Qais YameenMuhammad Yameen134526710508631100861-75.6745 Energy Systems Engg. Agri. Engg.2128646Faisal ijazLiaqat Ali125436010509151100885-75.6558 Energy Systems Engg. Agri. Engg.36691909Muhammad MohsinMuhammad Alamgir123455610509081100914-75.6407Textile TechnologyAgri. Engg.45692279Muhammad UsmanShaukat Ali123456710507961100886-75.5346Textile TechnologyAgri. Engg.5544592 Muhammad Usman Ashraf  Muhammad Ashraf123--6010509641100860-75.4528Textile TechnologyAgri. Engg.63065060 Muhammad Yasir Saleem Muhammad Saleem145236810508851100840-75.4390 Environmental Engg. Agri. Engg.77771752Muhammad ArslanMuhammad Arshad145236310509551100843-75.4087 Environmental Engg. Agri. Engg.85171084Akbar Ali Muhammad Arshad214356410509011100859-75.4074 Environmental Engg. Agri. Engg.97155047 Muhammad Mubasher Farid  Ghulam Farid124536210509411100854-75.3420Textile TechnologyAgri. Engg.101251341Muhammad JunaidMuhammad Ashraf123456510508781100858-75.2238Textile TechnologyAgri. Engg.112124180Amir Hamza Munir Ahmad315426210509251100858-75.2190 Environmental Engg. Energy Systems Engg. 126914302Kashif AliKhadim Hussain145236010509121100876-75.1896 Environmental Engg. Agri. Engg.137801392 Muhammad Ali Nawaz Haq Nawaz Sajid132546510508641100863-75.1844Textile TechnologyAgri. Engg.146121451 Hafiz Abdul Rehman Ali Muhammad Akram142356410509031100853-75.1727Textile TechnologyAgri. Engg.153114691Muhammad AdeelBashir Ahmad123546910508831100828-75.1554 Environmental Engg. Textile Technology161225679Abid NoorNoor Ahmad Javed421356510508401100872-75.1364 Environmental Engg. Textile Technology17424497 Muhammad Ather Fareed  Muhammad Ismail Bhati-1--26210509181100860-75.1766Admitted to Energy Systems Engg. 188522175Abdur RehmanGhulam Mustafa14532588507321100890-75.0781 Energy Systems Engg. 198202694Qasim ShafiqueMuhammad Shafique125346210509191100856-75.0139 Environmental Engg. Dr. Abdul KhaliqPage 1 of 3Prof. Dr. Allah BakhshDean ..........  AEFETTEVEESETotalObtainedTotalObtainedFrom To *Weighted %age Upgraded  Third Open Merit List (F.Sc. Male) for Admission in Different Degree Programmes Mentioned Againist Their Names Preference Entry Test Marks out of 100 SSC MarksHSC Marks HQ if anySr. No.Application No.Roll NoName of ApplicantFather's Name 2013643Umar Habib Muhammad Habib Ullah Amjad  123455510509301100897-74.9870 Textile Technology216901361Faisal MunirTariq Munir213456410509141100844-74.9732 Textile Technology224755155Naveed AkhtarMansab Dar134526510508301100872-74.9459 Energy Systems Engg. 231874515 Muhammad Faisal Ayub Muhammad Ayub413526810508921100826-74.9359 Energy Systems Engg. 242765714Osama Bin ZahidZahid Iqbal123455710508621100911-74.9281 Textile Technology252625580Waqas MahmoodMahmood Ahmad124536710509321100815-74.8978 Energy Systems Engg. 265031784Muhammad WaqasHaji Nayamat Ali4235159105089711008622074.8766 Energy Systems Engg. 276991651 Muhammad Asif Nawaz Mukhtar Hussain213456210509011100859-74.8074 Textile Technology2866739 Muhammad Bilal Saeed  Muhammad Saeed Anjum 123546110508921100869-74.7905 Textile Technology29924083 Muhammad Arslan Saleem Muhammad Saleem415236510508351100866-74.7684 Environmental Engg. 301234873Muhammad NumanAbdul Jabbar325416010509321100858-74.7524 Energy Systems Engg. 31901286 Muhammad Rehan Akmal Muhammad Akmal-1--25710509351100876-74.7277 Energy Systems Engg. 32865262Sajawal HussainAltaf Hussain215347110509121100793-74.7169 Environmental Engg. 336235551 Muhammad Hamid Abbas Muhammad Ashraf215436510508501100858-74.6905 Energy Systems Engg. 345525024Abdul Samad  Hafiz Muhammad Ahmad  125435710509081100886-74.6680 Energy Systems Engg. 356342083Muhammad UsamaKhawer Maqsood125436110508711100875-74.6632 Energy Systems Engg. 36931227Faizan BashirMuhammad Bashir214536110509101100858-74.6333 Textile Technology374525241Faisal AbbasMuhammad Abbas315427010508721100814-74.6095 Environmental Engg. 386601120Rizwan MaqboolMaqbool Ahmad Ch213455710508951100890-74.6022 Textile Technology Dr. Abdul KhaliqPage 2 of 3Prof. Dr. Allah BakhshDean ..........
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