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  This is being distributed to a dozen people with whom an intense political discussion will be held tonight; it constitutes documentation of myriad assertions that will be “tested” among seasoned politicos. Not to be forgotten, however, is profound worriment based upon such reports as this one: ISIS Terrorists Kidnapped, Tortured Kurdish Children From Kobane, Syria, as a report provided a few days ago by Dr. Sherkoh Abbas has now appeared in-print: US-Trained Syrian Rebels Defect to Al-Qaeda,   Surrender Weapons. And, looming now is the fact that the next Senate might include not only a majority   of lawmakers dead set against a deal that recognizes Iran's rights to nuclear enrichment or that fails to   cover Tehran's ballistic missile programs or support for terrorist groups; it could conceivably include a veto-proof majority, depending on what an eventual agreement looks like. That’s why Iran is Quietly   Fearful of Republican Takeover of Congress. The agenda is in-formulation, but House Speaker John Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell, the incoming majority leader, previewed their plans in Thursday's Wall Street Journal  ; some lefties reported this strategy “ straight ,” while others predictably lambasted it. Republicans Will Take on the ACA Again, and Dana Perino has a helpful way for Republicans to remember what the voters in the midterm want to see them accomplish: 'Stop, drop and roll.'  STOP the President from any more executive action. DROP Obamacare. Get the economy ROLLing. Celebrating the Most Important Election of the Modern Age, the GOP extols American voters who, in their wisdom, ended an era on Tuesday ; while BHO feels the people who didn’t vote were his supporters, the electorate rejected a poorly-conceived domestic and foreign policy agenda that has weakened the United States. Exit Polls Showed Voters Upset With Obama, Eager for Tea Party-style Reform; the    world collectively exhaled… and celebrated .  It is desirable to truncate these “Blast” e -mails to points that would reflect policy-conclusions that have been generated following scrutiny of multiple hyperlinks [and chats with friends+. “Piling - on” additional data *such as further documentation of the  folly that is Common Core, except when it is reveled that the Common Core Co-Author Admitted He Wrote Curriculum to End “White Privilege” ] is eschewed, although emphasized are pieces that illustrate how the TEA [Taxed Enough Already] Party Movement has affected the GOP. [For example, even Lefties are beginning to fret about the fact that the Tea Party is 'Spreading Like Ebola in West Africa.']  Reactions to the   midterm electoral-results have quickly emerged, as per attachments [Rush, Geraghty and Boehr] and selected-commentary; also in the attachments is an extended back-and-forth regarding the issue of public- funding of the “disease - state” of potential -pregnancy. In addition to a spate of Gubernatorial wins and new House seats, “Pickups in South Dakota, Montana, West Virginia, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa and North Carolina earned Republicans the majority with a seat to spare, and they were already the favorite to win a runoff in Louisiana in December, which would give them 53 seats. [Conceding defeat behaviorally, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee canceled ads for Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) ahead of the December runoff in Louisiana; and  liberal groups aren’t jumping in to help her.] Republicans [are] poised to capture the Democratic- held seat in Alaska … *for   54 seats +.”  {Although unlikely, Gillespie still could defeat Warner in Virginia, yielding a 55- seat total…flipping the calculus from the current status, noting that the two Indies will remain in the Dem-caucus (Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont).}   Also, upcoming events that otherwise might have been overlooked will be conveyed: 11/9/2014 [@ 9:45 a.m.] Steve Feldman [Executive Director of ZOA-Greater Philadelphia District+ will discuss: “ The Hamas-Palestinian Authority Alliance and Prospects for Peace Post- Gaza War.” TBH-BE Mens Club-Israel Awareness Committee  joint brunch. 11/13/2014 [@ Noon] Itamar Marcus [Founder and Director of Palestine Media Watch] will discuss whether the Palestinian Authority is a Peace-Partner @ Dwayne-Morris in Center-City 11/13/2014 [@ 7 p.m.] Sharyl Attkisson *who discovered Obama’s   “Enemies List” includes her+  will speak in Newtown c/o 1210-AM Radio. [Also, E lection Eve “Fast & Furious” Document Dump by Justice Dept . continues to be scrutinized, and SHARYL ATTKISSON said there is 'NO DOUBT' CBS INTENTIONALLY HID [damning] OBAMA BENGHAZI INTERVIEW.] 11/13/2014 [@ 7:30 p.m.]   Mort Klein [ZOA-Prez] will speak on Israel @ KI. 11/13/2014 [@7:30 p.m.] Itamar Marcus [Founder and Director of Palestine Media Watch] will discuss whether the Palestinian Authority is a Peace-Partner @ Main Line Reform Temple. 11/23/2013 [@ 6 p.m.] ZOA Gala in NYC with all-star lineup. The reaction from the lefties was [acutely] simply to recognize the gravity of the R-victory [Huffington Post] and [chronically] amazingly to corrupt the message remitted by the electorate [cartoon]; Dems dismayed with the loss of the Senate are blaming a deeply unpopular Obama. {And, yet, Democrats have a Barack Obama problem, noting that — in the wake of his disaster (recalling he claimed his policies were on the ballot) — BHO went on national television to stomp his feet in retaliation, rhetorically show voters his middle finger, and behave generally like a petulant man-child; equal parts delusional and insulting, BHO exhibited himself as a man so enamored with himself and so imbued with hubris that he is utterly incapable of conceiving of himself as anything other than a monarch. Obama even “ celebrated ”  repudiation with release of another Al Qaeda suspect from Gitmo. In any case,  read Charles Blow’s latest offering to understand how BHO views the post-election world.    The major point made by Rush and other conservatives such as Sarah Palin [who Warned GOP: 'You Didn't Build This'] was to counter the meme promulgated by the GOP-Establishment that it had cleansed the GOP of the TPM; a manifestation of the recognition of how thoroughly   the TPM has become engrained within the GOP is the observation by PAT ROBERTS ['I'VE HEARD MY MARCHING ORDERS' TO STAY CONSERVATIVE] which, perhaps, was enhanced by the spate of TPM-oriented support-speakers who traveled to Kansas to pitch-in [including Cruz, Paul, etc.]. The conclusion promoted by the TPM is that The Tea Party and the Establishment GOP came together to give the socialist statists a resounding defeat. TV RATINGS DOWN ON ELECTION NIGHT...FOXNEWS TOPS ALL; Fox almost doubled the combined viewership of its left-wing cable competition and, thus,  FNC’s totals exceeded the aggregate of MSNBC/CNN. {Also, WEATHER CHANNEL MORNING SHOW BEAT CNN and MSNBC.} A comprehensive [yet succinct] review of the Lessons From the Night [per Erick Erickson] merits scrutiny; perhaps, noting that  56% of GOP Voters Felt ‘Compelled’ to Vote Vs. 43% of Democrats , it seems the pollsters under-valued the GOP. Data related to the  ‘ 14 Midterm Elections (per Rasmussen) were rectified by noting that the last minute swing vote went to the Republicans and, while it did not necessarily change the game in terms of the winner, it very much changed the spread between the candidates. Republicans clearly had the momentum and the enthusiasm; Democrats did not. Perhaps as a result, Democratic Senator Manchin Unloaded on Obama.   One key-outcome of the midterms was to undermine the Dems’ demographic -focus; this applies to Blacks [OBAMA TURNS TO BLACK LEADERS FOR SUPPORT; RANGEL: GOP RACIST, 'WE ALL KNOW WHO THEY ARE AND WHERE THEY'RE FROM'; SCOTT: STOP RACE BAITING!; Gets 'F' Grade from NAACP; CONDI RICE: Dem racial attacks 'appalling'], Women [Susan B. Anthony List: 'War on Women' Strategy Is Dead], and Hispanics [Anti- Amnesty, Pro-Border Security GOP Candidates in TX, GA Got Over 40% of Latino Vote].   BHO’s reaction was to become intransigent , particularly with regard to Illegals [Luis Gutiérrez Demands Obama to Enact Amnesty for 8 Million Illegals After Midterm Shellacking; Defiant White House: Obama will Seek Executive Amnesty “no matter how big a shellacking Democrats   get” ; and President Obama Challenges Republicans On Amnesty: 'I’m Not Going To Wait' ]; the reaction was intense [Midterm Exit Polls: 75% Reject Exec Amnesty, 80% Don't Want Foreign Workers Taking Jobs from Americans;  COULTER: ‘LET OBAMA EXPLAIN FENCES DON’T WORK’ WHILE HE HAS ONE ; McConnell Should Defund the White House if Obama Tries Amnesty; LEE : EXEC AMNESTY WOULD BE ‘CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS’ ;  KRAUTHAMMER: EXEC AMNESTY SHOWS 'ARROGANCE,' 'CONTEMPT’ ; Axelrod to Obama: 'Shelve' Exec Amnesty; Blue State [Oregon] Rejected Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants [even after the proponents for the licenses outspent opponents by more than ten to one]; and CNN's Crowley: Amnesty by Executive Order Unthinkable Now]. GOP Sens Warned Harry Reid Not to Allow Obama's Executive Amnesty, then Orrin Hatch claimed Reid's Leadership was 'Pathetic, Pitiful,' and Pollster Pat Caddell characterized Harry Reid as a 'Disgrace to Democracy.' Also, KNIVES OUT FOR PELOSI  [and, probably, DW-S, as well]. Yet, Amnesty-bills seem to be favored by Boehner and Ryan, plus other Bushites; recall also that the New Jersey DREAM Act was supported by Chris Christie. Rush devoted considerable time to the issue of Hillary; whereas some feel she was injured because those for whom she spoke had lost so ignominiously [SHARPTON: Election A Defeat For Clintons?;  Republicans Try to Tie Hillary Clinton to Democratic Losses; Halperin: Clinton a 'Loser'; Katzenberg already calling donors; what the midterm drubbing means for Hillary Clinton and 2016; The Biggest Loser: It was Hillary Clinton; German Newspaper: Hillary Won't Make it in 2016; and PLOUFFE WARNS: Obama voters no guarantee for Hillary], others defend her [Why the Senate GOP takeover might actually help Hillary Clinton]. Cruz is Scoping Out 2016 Office Space; Rush praised him (per the Attachment]. Regarding   Culture-Wars, Voters Gave Republicans a Mandate to Stop Gun Control, prompting some to conclude that Bloomberg Wastes $50 Million on Anti-NRA Midterm Ads; also, reinforcing my libertarian views *not “libertine”+, it’s just fine that  Marijuana Legalization Won Big in Midterms. Finally, I disagree with the fact that a BAKERY WAS ORDERED TO MAKE GAY BERT AND ERNIE WEDDING CAKE OR FACE COURT CASE, for the situation is comparable to the religious- exemption *“Hobby Lobby” case+ in conjunction with the ObamaDon’tCare mandates+ ; in such a discretionary situation (when there is no shortage of bakeries), people shouldn’t be compelled to do what they feel is amoral (here, countenance Gay Marriage, particularly noting that this will undoubtedly be addressed by the SCOTUS, noting today’s Appellate Decision preserving a gay-marriage ban in four states. This attachment contains a colloquy that argues for more public-funding for more contraception-efforts noting, in particular, the risk that some states would restrict
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