Thoughts - XX [Midterms and Kurdistan]

Midterms Kurdistan
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    I can’t resist… the real clear politics 2014 senate map now shows both a 45-45 split and  ALL 10 of the   toss-up races with the GOP candidate ahead   in the most recent poll. It seems that the answer to my prior query [“How LOW can Obama go?”] is increasingly NOT “in - limbo,” for not only are the Dems/BHO sinking, but also they are reaching campaign “lows” [ e.g. , Wendy Davis]. {Double-pun was intended.} These forces are at-play nationwide; the most recent articles focus on Arkansas [Mark Pryor’s Dumb, Job -Killing Legislation], Colorado [John Fund Braced for Voter Fraud in Colo rado, I’m Braced for a Win ], Kentucky [LEFT BLASTS ALISON GRIMES FOR 'OFFENSIVE' TV AD ATTACKING MCCONNELL ON AMNESTY and Grimes is Done in Kentucky and Community Organizers Building Ground Game to Overcome Grimes' Gaffes and Despite the Campaign E-Mails, the DSCC has Left Allison Grimes Behind in Kentucky], Louisiana [Mary Landrieu: I Oppose Obama's Planned Executive Amnesty], New Hampshire [SCOTT BROWN JUMPS AHEAD IN POLLS FOR THE FIRST TIME and N.H. Dem Chair to College-Aged Voters: You Don't Matter], and North Carolina [HAGAN COMPANY POCKETED STIMULUS CASH and More Stimulus Problems for Kay Hagan]. Although “Year #6” is said to be a nemesis for the incumbent party, in contrast with BHO’s absence from the campaign-trail, in 2006, Bush Couldn't Keep Up with Requests to Campaign with GOP; BHO is also on the defensive regarding delays in naming an attorney general and revealing Obama Don’tC are Enrollment [Until After The Election] . That’s why it has been sug gested that Dems are Receiving a Political Standing 8-Count as Dems are Down To Blaming Pollsters; overnight, the WSJ/NBC News Poll confirmed Republicans Hold Advantage as Midterms Near . Nate Silver’s theme is  The Clock Is Ticking  [“ In general, this dynamic helps the GOP because it holds leads in enough states to be the overall favorites in the race for Senate control. If the election were held today instead of in three weeks, the FiveThirtyEight model would have Republicans as about 2-to-1 favorites to win the Senate —  instead of  60 percent. So the GOP’s win probability will gradually increase each day unless Democrats start catching up.”].   {Meanwhile, MSNBC’s  Al Sharpton Repeats Whatever a Conservative Said In the Form of a Question.} PENN STATE STUDENT GOVT voted narrowly TO ask TRUSTEES not to REOPEN FREEH REPORT; thus, again, this Sandusky  issue has “legs” although it isn’t affecting Corbe tt. It seems    the stench of the “October Surprise” may be anti -BHO/Dem, as the CDC Director is under attack for having changed his narrative ['It's Hard to Stop Ebola,' But No 'Large Outbreak' in US] and even Hillary is piling-on [Ebola 'Is Not Going to Stay Confined']; illustrating the increasing fear among the electorate is the frenzied media reaction to the fact that NBC ’s  Chief Medical Correspondent Ditched Ebola Quarantine for A Bowla Soup. After it was revealed by a NURSES UNION that DUNCAN was NOT PUT IN ISOLATION and that WASTE PILED NEARLY UP TO CEILING, Obama Announced a 'Surge of Resources into Dallas' would occur...a fortnight After the First Ebola Case in US; now, a Second Texas Health Worker Tests Positive for Ebola. {Does anyone believe a Progressive Dark Money Group that Blamed GOP for Ebola Deaths?} On the culture-war  front, the Log Cabin Republicans held their monthly ‘phone - conference last month and, in PA, the Chapter’s status will be the #1 topic-of-discussion when I meet with Rep. Vereb on Friday [just after adjournment]; recall he is not only the Secretary of the GOP-Caucus, but he also is the Chair of the MontCo GOP. {Also, it  matters little that the Supreme Court Blocked Part of Texas's Abortion Safety Law, for this was merely a “stand -in- place” action while legal wheels turn.}  Regarding POTUS- ’16 , as previously discussed, the GOP-Establishment is flailing for an advocate, as it is increasingly obvious that We Must Move on from Mitt and no other [pro-Amnesty] leader has emerged. Meanwhile, Clinton ’s  War on Women [revealed on the Friday data- dump of papers from the ‘90’s] counterpoints the current divisiveness of the Dems [who can’t find a meme that resonates], for it has never been better to be an American woman; women who are young, single and childless earn 8 percent more than men in 147 out of 150 major American cities, and rape and abuse are down dramatically over the last two decades. Lest we forget, Islamic State Jihadists Lined Streets of Kobanê with 'Hundreds' of Severed Heads and Gouged Eyes; reports from inside Kobanê, the Syrian border town considered a potential watershed capture for the terrorist group the Islamic State, are ever more dire as   American-led airstrikes appear to have done little to stop the massacre of Kurds in this gateway town to Turkey. Meanwhile, the fact that Susan Rice lied again hasn’t been rectified;  Turkey continues to Deny Her Claim that Agreement had been Reached on Turkey’s involvement in the Fight against the Islamic State ; that’s why Lindsay  Graham said the WH is populated by the 'Only People' Who Think the anti-Islamic State Strategy Is Working and why KRAUTHAMMER simply advised that SUSAN RICE 'SHOULDN'T GO ON TELEVISION.' Meanwhile, it seems the Iraqi Army Worse Than Previously Thought in the face of the  Islamic State’s Recent Military Gains and 334 Saudis Returned to Terror After Failed Jihadi Rehab, two ominous signs as the Islamic State Called for Murder of Civilians and Disbelievers in the U.S. (and Among Our Allies). Even perennially-outrageous, quasi-lib Geraldo Rivera  tweeted “ Kobanê is the real Benghazi, the besieged fortress where president really can & must save heroic defenders .”   {Remember, we’ve issued an APB to   ID a celebrity who might champion our cause, as BHO continues to resist helping the Kurds and BHO continues to arm Islamists  [while covering for others, such as Erdo ğ an, who are also Islamists]. Recalling proof that  BHO’s support for the Free Syrian Army is foolhardy , it is remarkable that the NY-Times has just cited a CIA Study of Covert Aid that Fueled Skepticism About Helping Syrian Rebels. Again reflecting the dangers of appeasement, it has again been shown that Anti-Semitism infests New PA Schoolbooks used in UNRWA schools: 2001-2014.  pamela geller ’s recent articles encompass these concerns: o   The Battle for Baghdad has Begun  o   Cue the Clowns: ‘Spread hummus, not hate’ campaign against AFDI ads of truth   o   Turkey Helping Islamic State, Bombed, Gassed Kurdish Fighters o   Obama is Training Islamic State Jihad Terrorists  o   Islamic State Worried Media Will Cover Up its Jihad Terror Attacks as “Random Killings” “Workplace Violence”   o   Feds warn of ISIS-inspired attacks on police, government officials, media  o   Qatar Awareness Campaign: Brookings Institution and Qatar  –  The Money, Power and Influence Behind Global Terror @stopqatarnow  o   Yes, There is Worse Than Eric Holder —  Meet Tom Perez  o   UK: Jihadist on Trial for Terror Plot to Assassinate Tony Blair, Bomb Synagogues because “Oh you the believers, fight those of the infidel who are near to you. W hy do you not fight in Allah’s cause for those oppressed men, women and children”   o   Islamic State: Slain hostage was no innocent —  he was a Jew  o   Nothing Has Changed After Investigation Exposes Islamic Plot to Take over British Public Schools  o   American Shot Dead, Another Wounded In Attack In Saudi Capital Riyadh  o   UK: Rotherham child sex abuse files “go missing from council archive”   o   Watch VIDEO: Pamela Geller at the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley  o   Turkey’s Erdogan says Lawrence of Arabia bigger enemy than Islamic State, seems to endorse Islamic State plan to redraw region’s borders  Although Vox's Max Fisher [a lib] Found Muslim Support for Killing Apostates 'Disturbing,' he singled-out Bill Maher as The leading voice of American bigotry against Muslims. Fisher's most recent effort to combat media stereotypes [headlined,  The perfect response to people who say all Muslims are violent, in one tweet ] uses a classic straw-man argument, for Fisher never identified anyone who had made that claim [probably because no one has actually said that]. Perhaps it is becoming increasingly obvious to the low-information voter that the radical religious view that has manifested itself in al Qaeda and the Islamic State is how Islam is understood and practiced on the Arabian Peninsula and throughout the Maghreb. [these guys take no prisoners]
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