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TIME MANAGEMENT IMPORTANCE OF TIME MANAGEMENT IN ARCHITECTURAL THESIS WRITING: - is the Act or Process of Planning and Exercising Conscious Control over the Amount of Time Spent on Specific Activities, especially to increase Effectiveness, Efficiency or Productivity. REFLECTION IMPORTANCE(TRUE or MANAGEMENT OF TIME FALSE): DURING 1. A TypicalARCHITECTURAL THESIS School Year/Semester may WRITING
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  IMPORTANCE OF TIME MANAGEMENT IN  ARCHITECTURAL THESIS WRITING:   TIME MANAGEMENT -isthe  ActorProcessofPlanningandExercising ConsciousControlovertheAmountofTimeSpenton SpecificActiviti    es,especiallytoincreaseEffectiveness,Efficiencyor    Productivity.  IMPORTANCE OF TIME MANAGEMENT DURING ARCHITECTURAL THESIS WRITING -isthe  ActorProcessofPlanningandExercisingConsciousControlovertheAmountofTimeSpenton  pecific     Activities,especiallytoincreaseEffectiveness,  fficiencyor    Productivity.   REFLECTION  (TRUE or FALSE): 1. A Typical School Year/Semester may seem like plenty of time to write your thesis? But without good Time - Management Strategies, you may find yourself SCRAMBLING AT THE END?  2. Learn   ing Time-Management Skills will help increase your Productivity and Efficiency. 3. The Key to managing your Time Effectively is Prioritizing your GOALS when writing your thesis.  PickyourdeadlinesforeachphaseofwritingtheThesisandsticktothoseDeadlines. CompareyourthesisCalendarwiththeDeadlinestheUniversityArchitecturalDesign10ThesisModeratorisimposingandPlanaccordingly. IMPORTANCE OF  ARCHITECTURAL THESIS WRITING a. PLAN A SCHEDULE b. GIVE YOURSELF AMPLE TIME TO THINK  Findaplacewhereyoucanbeproductiveinyour ResearchandWriting.Ifyouneedsomemovement,aCOFFEESHOPandaLAPTOPLOUNGEmightrightforyoubut  withDISCIPLINE.Ifyouneedsilence,thentheLIBRARYis whereyouWRITEandREFLECT.  Figureoutwhen    you’re MostProductiveatacertain PeriodinaDAY.Ifyou'reaMORNINGPERSON,DoingResearchandWritingmightsuityoubestatSUNRISE. c. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY d. TAKE BREAK ONE AT A TIME  SLEEP WELL during NIGHTIME and during Breaktime in the MORNING and AFTERNOON but bare in mind do all these breaks with Dicipline. e. ALWAYS CONSULT with your THESIS ADVISER YourTHESISADVISERisNOT    yourco-ThesisPresentor  noraHousemateinyourThesisCamp....!YourTHESIS  ADVISERisapersonwhohasseenandexperiencedthe pitfalls   ofunforeseentimeandtopicissuesthatarisethroughoutthecourse   ofyourthesiswritingprocess.
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