DAILY NEWS IN ENGLISHNorth Korean soldier shot trying to defect to South A North Korean soldier was shot and wounded as he made it to a South Korean controlled…
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DAILY NEWS IN ENGLISHNorth Korean soldier shot trying to defect to South A North Korean soldier was shot and wounded as he made it to a South Korean controlled border post. It was a rare defection at the only point where soldiers from the two sides stand just meters from each other. A North Korean soldier defected to South Korea on Monday by bolting across the border truce village of Panmunjom, the only place along the heavilymilitarized Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) where the two sides stand face-to-face. The North Korean soldier was shot and wounded by his own side before reaching the section controlled by South Korea. He was taken by helicopter to a hospital. There was no exchange of gunfire between the two sides, but South Korea said its forces were put on alert. North Korean soldiersoccasionally try to defectacross the heavily-fortified DMZ, but it is rare for defections at Panmunjom.Yemeni ports to reopen for aid, says Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, reacting to UN famine warnings, says ports in Yemen under its control will reopen for aid shipments. Riyadh had shut them down last week after a missile attack blamed on Iran-backed Houthi rebels. The Saudi mission at the UN announced Monday that "all ports" controlled by Yemenʼs Saudibacked government would reopen "within the next 24 hours." Last week, UN and other international agenciesheaped criticism on the Saudi-induced port closures, warning that the blockade would bring millions of Yemenis closer to famine deaths if not lifted. The ports to reopen were Aden, Mocha and Mukalla, said a statement from the Saudi UN mission. It also asked the UN to send inspectors to ports in rebelheld areas, like Hodeida, to avert alleged weapons smuggling.267/2017 • 15, NOVEMBER 2017Donald Trump Jr. releases exchange with WikiLeaks Twitter account The oldest son of US President Donald Trump revealed direct messages with WikiLeaksʼ Twitter accountThe material has been submitted to congressional committees looking at Russiaʼs involvement in the US election. Donald Trump Jr. released a series of screenshots on Monday showing Twitter messages between himself and WikiLeaks sent during the final stages of the 2016 presidential election. In the exchange, WikiLeaks asked Trump Jr., the oldest son of US President Donald Trump, to push an article critical of former Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. It also tried to convince Trump Jr. to leak his fatherʼs tax returns in order to "dramatically improve" Wikileaksʼ perceived impartiality. "That means that the vast amount of stuff that we are publishing about Clinton will have much higher impact," Wikileaks told Trump Jr. in one of the messages, "because it wonʼt be perceived as coming from a ʼproTrumpʼ ʼpro-Russianʼ source, which the Clinton campaign is constantly slandering us with." The messages began in September 2016 and ran through to the following July. Trump Jr. released the 10 screenshots just hours after American news magazine The Atlanticfirstreported on them, being sure to highlight his "whopping three responses." In a statement, Trump Jr.ʼs lawyer, Alan Futerfas, said thousands of documents, including the direct messages, had been turned over to US congressional committees investigating Russian intervention during the 2016 presidential election. "Putting aside the question as to why or by whom such documents, provided to Congress under promises of confidentiality, have been selectively leaked, we can say with confidence that we have no concerns about these documents and any questions raised about them have been easily answered in the appropriate forum," said Futerfas. Senator Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, called on the panel to subpoena more documents and force Trump Jr., who spoke with the committee privately in March, to publicly testify. "There seems to be no reasonable explanation for these messages," Blumenthal said.Left-wing extremism: German police step up search for former RAF terrorists German police have released new photos and videos of three former Red Army Faction (RAF) terrorists who are linked to at least nine robberies. The suspects allegedly robbed an armored car last year with a bazooka. After decades of searching forthree former members of the leftist Red Army Faction (RAF)militant group, German police published new videos and photos of the suspects on Monday in the hopes of getting a concrete lead. Ernst-Volker Staub, Burkhard Garweg and Daniela Klette are suspected of carrying out nine robberies in northern Germany after years hiding from authorities. Lower Saxonyʼs state criminal police office circulated videos which allegedly depict 63-year-old Staub and 49-year-old Garweg carrying out an armed robbery at a supermarket in the northern German town of Hildesheim last May.Amnesty slams Syrian regime for crimes against humanity Amnesty International says the Syrian regime has conducted unlawful sieges aimed at forcing civilians from their homes ahead of "reconciliation" accords. It accuses Damascus of using "surrender or starve" tactics. The regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad has committed crimes against humanity and war crimes by subjecting cities to unlawful sieges that gave civilians no choice but to give up or die, rights group Amnesty International said on today BUDAPEST5 / 12 °C Precipitation: 0 mm267/2017 • 15, November 2017Germany recovers from deadly Storm Herwart The second major storm to hit Germany in a month has flooded city streets and caused havoc for transport. Four people were killed when the brutal winds brought down trees in Poland and the Czech Republic. Germany was still reeling from the aftermath ofStorm Herwarton Tuesday after days of train standstills, flooding and traffic chaos that destroyed historic buildings and caused Berlin to declare a state of emergency. In the Czech Republic and Poland, Herwart claimed the lives of four people who were struck by falling trees. On the North Sea island of Langeoog, a freight ship remained stranded on the beach after flood waters receded. The town has called in top salvage experts, who remained stumped two days after the worst of the storm. Over the weekend, the storm wrecked havoc on the nationʼs transport system. The trains in much of northern Germany, including Hannover and Hamburg, came to a complete stop – forcing rail operator Deutsche Bahn to send thousands of passengers in cramped taxis, sometimes for hours, to destinations as far away as Berlin. German police detain Syrian for ʼpreparingʼ explosives attackA 19-year-old Syrian has been detained on suspicion of planning to carry out a terror attack in Germany. The man was ready to carry out the attack using highly explosive materials, according to prosecutors. A Syrian man suspected of planning a terror attack was detained in the northern German city of Schwerin, the Federal Prosecutorʼs Office said on Tuesday in a statement. The suspect, identified as 19-year-old Yamen A., was taken into police custody. Prosecutors said in a statement that the teen is "strongly suspected of having planned an Islamist-motivated attack" that involved "highly explosive" materials. Authorities added that Yamen A. had already "concretely prepared" the attack. In July this year, the suspect made the decision to detonate an explosive device in Germany "in order to kill and injure as many people as possible," the statement read. Yamen A. then began to procure components to make an explosive device, including chemicals. It was not initially clear whether the suspect had selected a location to carry out the attack, prosecutors said. They added that there are no signs that Yamen A. was connected toany terrorist organizations. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said the suspectʼs arrest prevented a "serious terror attack in Germany." 2Karl Lagerfeld evokes Holocaust to bash Germanyʼs Angela Merkel on refugees Franceʼs media regulator has launched a probe after he made the remarks on a popular French talk showThe German fashion designer has criticized the "pastorʼs daughter" for opening Germany to "millions" of migrants. Franceʼs media regulator announced on Monday that several hundred people had launched complaints againstGerman fashion designer Karl Lagerfeldafter he appeared on a French talk show over the weekend. Lagerfeld, who sits ashead creative director for Chaneland Fendi, sparked outrage on Saturday when he evoked the Holocaust to criticize German Chancellor Angela Merkel and herDonald Trump to new Fed boss: Youʼre hired! US President Trump is turning the announcement of a new Federal Reserve head into a reality TV experience like his show The Apprentice. But is it just a distraction from other problems? Jens Korte reports from New York. US President Donald Trump is looking for a suitable candidate to take over the US Federal Reserve Bank, which is by many accounts the second most important position in America after the president. But the casting for the job is a throwback to his days on the reality TV show "The Apprentice" when he played himself, Donald Trump, the real estate mogul and businessman. In the show, he selected candidates from a group ofopen-door policy toward refugees fleeing conflict. "One cannot — even if there are decades between them — kill millions of Jews so you can bring millions of their worst enemies in their place," Lagerfeld told a French television show on Saturday. "I know someone in Germany who took in a young Syrian and after four days said, ʼThe greatest thing Germany invented was the Holocaust.ʼ" applicants who were then allowed to work for him as an "apprentice." The process was long and accompanied by as much spectacle as possible. As president, Trump is now staging what the political website The Hill mockingly called "Central Bank Apprentice." For months, Trump has been tossing out names — such as Gary Cohn, formerly the number two at the investment bank Goldman Sachs, and who was seen as a favorite for the position for several months — only to drop them unceremoniously.German job agency seeks minimum wage worker to trawl child porn photos from homeAustralia shutters Papua New Guinea detention center Around 600 asylum seekers have refused to leave the facility, citing fears of attacks from locals. Australian lawmakers have warned of a "humanitarian emergency" when authorities in Papua New Guinea shut off the water. Private security staff at a controversial Australian detention center in Papua New Guinea left the facility for the first time in years on Tuesday ahead of its expected closure. The facility formed an integral part ofAustraliaʼs expensive offshore detention programknown as "Sovereign Borders." However, Papua New Guineaʼs Supreme Court ruled that the facility is unconstitutional and needed to be closed. Some 600 asylum seekers residing at the facility have refused to leave, saying the alternatives provided are less secure. Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the campʼs closure would proceed, and that the asylum seekers have access to temporary residences nearby. "All have been informed for a considerable period of time that there is safe and secure alternate accommodation where health and other services will be maintained," Dutton told Reuters news agency in an emailed statement.A Bavarian job ad sounded enticing until potential employees were told what it actually involved. Investigators have questioned the practise of unskilled, minimum wage workers sifting child porn collections from home. A German business that posted job ads seeking workers to sift through troves of child pornography images came under scrutiny this week for its questionable handling of child abuse images. A data analysis business in the Bavarian city of Augsburg offered potential employees the chance to work from home in exchange for €450 ($525) a month, as part of a so-calledtax-free Minijob. The job advertisement called for a "forensic image analyzer," according to local news outlets. Applicants needed their own computer and some computer experience. They would be given four to five days of training after which they could work from home.267/2017 • 15, November 2017Donald Trump meets Philippine President Duterte as ASEAN summit kicks off in Manila US President Trump has said he has a "great relationship" with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as the two met at a regional summit in Manila. The meeting got off to a rocky start with a group handshake gone awry. US President Donald Trump praisedPhilippine President Rodrigo Duterteon Monday after the two met on the sidelines of an international summit in Manila. Trump told reporters that he and Duterte have "a great relationship" and that he has "really enjoyed" being in the Philippines for the annual Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit. The White House and Duterteʼs spokesman gave conflicting accounts on whether theAnti-Semitic Anne Frank football stickers appear in Germany Stickers displaying Anne Frank wearing football jerseys have appeared in Germany as an antiSemitic provocation by neo-Nazi fans. Dortmund and Leipzig ultra groups appear to be copying their Italian counterparts. An anti-Semitic campaign by far-right Italian football supporters appears to have spread to Germany, after stickers featuring murdered Jewish child diarist Anne Frank wearing a Schalke 04 football jersey have appeared in social media posts and stuck up around Düsseldorf, near the cities of Dortmund and Gelsenkirchen, where the club Schalke is based. The fake Panini-style stickers were first reported by local blog Ruhrbarone, which published a photo of them it said had been found on the Facebook profile of a neo-Nazi active in the local far-right scene. No one has taken responsibility for creating the image, but the fact that Anne Frank is pictured wearing the jersey of Schalke 04, biggest rival of football club Borussia Dortmund (BVB), seems to corroborate Ruhrbaroneʼs speculation that the neo-Nazis are BVB supporters.two discussed human rights issues in the meeting. "Human rights briefly came up in the context of the Philippinesʼ fight against illegal drugs," said White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders. She added that the two also discussed the fight against the so-called "Islamic State" (IS) and narcotics. However, Duterteʼs spokesman said that Trump did not raise any human rights concerns during the 40-minute meeting.Emmanuel Macron — French savior or tormentor?Elected six months ago on a platform of hope and change, French President Emmanuel Macron is taking no prisoners both at home and abroad in a bid to make his country great again. Elizabeth Bryant reports from Paris. The countryʼs 39-year-old president has been likened to Jupiter, Napoleon and Louis XIV — not necessarily in glowing terms— even as his approval ratings have plummeted from Mayʼs giddy post-election highs. But so far, Macron has crucially managed to duck themassive and crippling street proteststhat sunk previous efforts toshake up the countryʼs sluggish economy and slash its near 10-percent unemployment rate. And the implosion of politics-as-usual in France that has seen traditional parties and leaders struggling to survive— and his fledgling La Republique En Marche party catapulted to power — has left him a clear path to govern. "In France, you cannot reform anything and remain popular," says analyst Philippe Moreau Defarges, of the Paris-based French Institute of International Relations. "And if he doesnʼt act quickly, he will lose."Austrian full-face veil ban comes into effect Austriaʼs prohibition of full-face coverings has officially come into force. The government said the ban helps uphold Austrian values and promotes integration despite criticism from Muslim and refugee groups. People in Austria are now banned from covering their faces in public.3267/2017 • 15, November 2017 German teachersʼ association calls for €10 billion for school repairsBillions of euros are needed to renovate Germanyʼs schools, the teachersʼ association has said. Fixing unhygienic conditions and faulty heating systems has been "scandalously" delayed, the associationʼs head said. The German Teachersʼ Association called on the next German government to approve billions of euros to renovate dilapidated schools in the country, according to a report published Monday. "In light of the scandalous renovation backlog at numerous schools, the [next] coalition agreement must include a comprehensive investment program for school renovations and refurbishments," the associationʼs chairman Heinz-Peter Meidinger told the German daily newspaper Bild. The association is urging a minimum commitment of €10 billion ($11.6 billion) over the next four years. The Credit Institution for Reconstruction (KfW) previously estimated the total cost of repairing Germanyʼs crumbling schools at €34 billion — far above the associationʼs request, noted Meidinger. Meidinger, who is also a principal of a school in the southern state of Bavaria, expressed shock at the learning conditions at some schools in Germany. He listed cases of schools with "leaky roofs, mice and rats in the utility ducts, intolerable hygienic conditions in the toilets, poor thermal insulation and crumbling plaster on the interior and exterior walls and a lack of regular cleaning." The conditions were a "shame" for Germany, Meidinger added. Climate change: World way off track on Paris accord goalsExisting national goals will only meet one-third of the Paris climate target, according to a UN report. The study comes less than a week before the world climate conference kicks off in Bonn. As the United Nations prepares to welcomedelegates from across the world to Bonnon Monday for the two-week COP23 climate summit, it released a stark warning today. The national pledges currently on the table by the signatory countries will only bring a third of the reduction in emissions required by 2030 to meet global climate targets. The biggest roadblock is not with national governments, says the United Nations Environment Program report. Rather, the private sector and regional governments arenʼt increasing their climate action at a rate that would help close this gap. The Paris goal is to limit global warming to at least under 2 degrees Celsius — and to 1.5 degrees if possible — in order to avoid catastrophic climate change. 4BMW loses $158 million Swiss fine appeal It hasn’t been the best week for BMW. On Thursday, South Korea said it was fining the company for flouting emission rules and on Friday, a Swiss court confirmed a fine of $158 million for breaking competition laws. German car manufacturer BMW has lost an appeal against a $158 million (€136 million) fine imposed on it by a Swiss court after it was found to have blocked Swiss residents buying its cars elsewhere in Europe. Originally imposed in 2012, the fine came about after the Swiss competition authority WEKO investigated several complaints from Swiss car buyers that they had been stopped from buying BMWs in other European countries,with the BavarianTrump likely to pick Powell as new United States Fed chair Under pressure from fresh allegations against his campaign team, US President Donald Trump is preparing to announce Fed governor Jerome Powell as his choice to replace Janet Yellen at the head of the central bank. Sources familiar with the matter told the news agency Reuters on Monday that Jerome Powell was the leading candidate of the Trump administration, with the White House sayingthe US presidentwas being expected to make the official announcement on
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