TK-34-424_WPRA_ Scaffolding Erection and Dismatling

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    KUWAIT NATIONAL PETROLEUM COMPANY COLD HOT  ENTRY  MASTER COPY LocationMAA  MAB  SHU LM OTHERReference NumberMAA-OP-U! -#PRA-$%-De&artment ' Di(i)ion Operation Date$ '* '+*$%Area ' Unit Area –9,Unit -34,TK-34-424(KNG STORAGE TANK) Re(ie, Date De)cri&tion of Acti(it  Scaffolding Erection, Modification and Dismantling –Tank External. Note: The tank is positively isolated, opened and cleaned prior to this risk assessment. E)timate. Number of Per)on) /i0e/ to be e1&o)e.NoHa2ar.Li0e/i3oo.Se(eritRi)0Miti4ation 5Precaution ta0en6 Con) 7NPC'Co.e)'Practice)8Li0e/i3oo.Se(erit Re) 1 Hazards from the connected equipment 3 3 Alert    Tank sa!! e positi#e!$ iso!ate% &ro' a!! sores as per te appro#e% !in% !ist*  +!in%in sa!! e %one as per te appro#e% !in% !istsin stan%ar% rate% !in%s*  $sia!!$ #eri&$ tat a!! !in%s are present*  A op$ o& te !in% !ist sa!! e kept at .o !oation* 2 2 Care 2 Scaffolding Erection, Modification  Dismantling ! Tank External  /a!! o& personne! &ro' eit  /a!! o& 'ateria! &ro' eit  0o!!apsin o& Sa&&o!% 3 3 Alert    0arr$ ot Gas test* & as test res!ts are oka$ as per te per'it reire'ent, per'it te ati#it$ $appropriate ork per'it*  Reire% ork per'its sa!! e o taine% e&orestartin te .o *  Sa&&o!%in per'its sa!! e eete% an% sine% $KN0 appro#e% sa&&o!% sper#isor*  On!$ traine% an% erti&ie% Sa&&o!%ers sa!! e 2 2 Care ae #  o& $ 5o no6 7SE-TSSA-8-2829 Re# : , ;a$ 281: S< <ork er'it S$ste' = Risk Assess'ent   Eposre to Toi (72S)= /!a''a !e Gases  7eat Stressenae% &or te eretion>%is'ant!in o& te sa&&o!%*  0on%ition o& sa&&o!% 'ateria!s sa!! e eke% prior to se*  Te area sa!! e arria%e% &or natori?e% entr$into te sa&&o!% eretion>%is'ant!in area*   No oter para!!e! ork sa!! e a!!oe% in te area  e!o te sa&&o!% eretion>%is'ant!in ati#it$*  Use kets it rope &or !oose nts, o!ts an% oter 'ateria!s*  Ensre to se te rass a''er*  ersonne! arr$in ot sa&&o!% eretion>%is'ant!insa!! ear &!! o%$ sa&et$ arness it %o !e!an$ar% an% sa!! e !ate% i!e orkin ateit*   N' er o& personne! an% oter 'ateria!s on tesa&&o!%in sa!! e restrite% as per sa&&o!%in!oa% earin apait$*  A RE5 ta sa!! e pro#i%e% i!e eretin >%is'ant!in te sa&&o!%*  A&ter o'p!etion o& eretion o& te sa&&o!%, tesa'e sa!! e inspete% an% tae%* Ensre GREENta on te sa&&o!% e&ore sin it*  Sa&&o!% sa!! e inspete% as per KN0 appro#e%ek!ist an% erti&ie% $ o'petent personne! ine#er$ @ %a$s*  A!teration>;o%i&iation o& te sa&&o!% sa!! earrie% ot $ o'petent personne! an% sa!! ereerti&ie% a&ter o'p!etion*  <i!e ti!i?in porta !e !a%%ers tree-point ontatsa!! e 'aintaine% at a!! ti'es*ae %  o& $ 5o no6 7SE-TSSA-8-2829 Re# : , ;a$ 281: S< <ork er'it S$ste' = Risk Assess'ent   Sa&&o!%ers an% Sa&&o!%in sper#isors sa!! a%iton ea si&t o& sa&&o!%in se in or%er to ensrete interit$ o& sa&&o!% an% ensre on aps eteen p!anks*  A!! openins on te sa&&o!%in p!at&or's sa!! e protete% it ar% arria%in (ar%-rai!s an% toe-  oar%) or $ pro#i%in sa&et$ nets*  ro#i%e s&&iient o!% ater an% rest ork $!e &or te orkers*  <ear 72S 'onitor it #a!i% a!i ration*  ei!e sa!! e a!!oe% &or !oa%in an% n!oa%inte 'ateria!s an% Separate 7ot <ork per'it sa!! eisse% &or te #ei!e entr$*  Oter preations ot!ine% in te ork per'it sa!!  e &o!!oe%*3 &ersonal 'n(ur) due to Slips, Trips  *alls   3 3 Alert    ;ini'' personne! sa!! e in#o!#e% in te .o *  roper osekeepin sa!! e 'aintaine% at a!!ti'es in te ork area*  Use sita !e E as 'entione% in ork per'it at a!!ti'es in te ork area* 2 2 Care 4 &oor hazard communication  3 3 Alert    0on%t Sa&et$ ta!k e&ore startin te .o *  Ep!ain a o#e preations in !anae ra&ts'anan n%erstan%*  Ep!ain preations in ork per'it, assoiate% per'its = atorisations  eri&$ te$ a#e n%erstoo% proper!$ 2 2 Care : Difficult) in access+ Escape 3 3 Alert    Keep aess !earB ensre orkers an esape easi!$in ase o& e'eren$*  <orkers sa!! e 'in%&! a ot te presene o& te'ateria!s !$in on te ron% to a#oi% trippin* 2 2 Care ae   o& $ 5o no6 7SE-TSSA-8-2829 Re# : , ;a$ 281: S< <ork er'it S$ste' = Risk Assess'ent   ;ateria!s sa!! e !ai% in a 'anner tat %oes not  !ok %esen% &ro' sa&&o!%*  er&or' re!ar osekeepin at te en% o& te .o ensrin no !e&t o#er 'ateria!s* S&ecific &re(ention an. &rotection mea)ure) 7NPC reference)9  For any other activity (not mentioned above), separate risk assessment will be done based on the nature of the activity.  Work Permit System & isk !ssessment S#$%SS!$'$ and all related procedure shall be  followed.  *eep blind list, risk assessment, and permits at site. 7e9 ALARM –   Seriou) or ma:or 3arm ,i// &robab/ occur ALERT –   Mo.erate 3arm &robab/e; ma:or 3arm un/i0e/ to occur  CAUTION –   Minor 3arm &robab/e; ma:or 3arm un/i0e/ to occur CARE –   Minor 3arm &o))ib/e; ma:or 3arm (er un/i0e/ to occurSection Hea.O&eration)Contro//erMaint'Con)tr8En4r857NPC6Maint'Con)tr8En4r85Contractor6Safet En4r8ContractorSafet En4r8 57NPC6Ot3er)Si4nature NameEm&/ < -ote 1*;aster 0op$(oriina!) sa!! e retaine% in &i!e &or reor% an% &tre re&erene*2*otoop$ sa!! e attae% it ork per'it*3*Re&* No* i%ane6 E* CO0ATON-5ET*>5*RSK ANACDSS-DEAR-SERAC NO*e*1* ;AA-RA-8:-1881,2*RF-RA-8:-1881*4*& sa'e Risk assess'ent is ein se% aain,it 'st e re#iee% to ek re!e#an$* :*<RA sa!! e re#iee% e#er$ 'ont**<RA o'p!iane ek!ist &or te 'itiation 'easres i%enti&ie% spei&i to te a?ar%s an% te sa'e to e sine% $ te ork per'it eetor an% isser one in a @ %a$s or as per te &reen$ %ei%e% $ <RA tea', ie#er is !ess* ae $  o& $ 5o no6 7SE-TSSA-8-2829 Re# : , ;a$ 281: S< <ork er'it S$ste' = Risk Assess'ent
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