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  TECHNOLOGY AND LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION - SET A   1 Field of Specialization  –  150 Items Major in TECHNOLOGY AND LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This test booklet contains 150  test questions. Examinees shall mange to use three and one half (3 1 / 2 ) hour. 2. Read INSTRUCTIONS TO EXAMINEES printed on your answer sheet. 3. Shade only one (1) box for each question on your answer sheets. Two or more boxes shaded will invalidate your answer. 4. AVOID ERASURES. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Detach one (1) answer sheet from the bottom of your Examinee ID/Answer Sheet Set. 2. Write the subject title “ TECHNOLOGY AND LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION ”  on the box provided. 3. Shade Set Box “A” on your answer sheet if your test booklet is Set A; Set Box “B” if your test booklet is Set B.   MULTIPLE CHOICE: 1. Which of the following refers to the things of value and right owned by the business? a. expense b. liability c. asset d. profit 2. Water boils 212 degrees. When water is “rolling boil” it means the bubbles are ___________.  a. rolling non-stop c. forming slowly and can be stopped when stirred b. forming rapidly and cannot be stopped when stirred d. spiling out of container 3. It refers to the lighter organic material that rises to the surface of the water. a. Froth b. Aerobic c. Scum d. Anaerobic 4. Chisel is an example of a ___________. a. Hand tool b. Basic tool c. Stricking tool d. Power tool 5. When materials are to be laid out, the best tools to be used are __________. a. Measuring tools b. Tooth cutting tools c. Lining tools d. Boring tools 6. Which of the following tools is the first one to use in cleaning nails? a. Buffer b. Cuticle nippers’  c. Cuticle knife d. Cuticle scissor 7. A busted bulb is most likely result of a/an. a. Short circuit b. Grounded circuit c. Open circuit d. Parallel circuit 8. It refers to as the tile of a person who is skilled in the field of sanitation a. Plumbing b. Plumber c. Engineer d. Doctor 9. Mortise and tenon joints are usually used in making furniture, d oor window, and tools. If mortise means “holes”, tenon means  a. cut b. notch c. overlap d. projection 10. This wood machine is used for broad surface planning and matching board or planks. a. Jig saw b. Jointer c. Single surface d. Wood lathe 11. It is the care on personal appearance which includes the condition of the body and how one looks and smells. a. Good health b. Grooming c. Personal development d. Proper hygiene 12. Manicure and pedicure should be done _______________. a. Everyday b. Monthly c. Weekly d. Yearly 13. This is a wooden manicure stick intended for a variety of uses, such cleaning underneath the nails and removing polish from around the cuticle nails. a. buffer b. Cuticle nipper c. Cuticle scissor d. Orangewood sticks 14. Is used to soften dead nail cuticle. a. Cuticle remover b. Nail bleaches c. Massage cream d. Nail whiteners 15. Which is true about dark colored vegetables? a. Affordable and fresher c. Fresher and sweeter b. Cheaper and juicer d. Nutritious and cheaper 16. To make a pie attractive and appetizing, it should ________. a. have an uneven surface c. be well fluted only on 1 side  TECHNOLOGY AND LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION - SET A   2 b. have an uneven thickness all around d. be well-fluted, neat and even on the side 17. Why should foods be preserved? a. to prevent food spoilage c. to promote agriculture products b. to economize on food consumption d. to create a profitable hobby 18. A part of an electrical circuit, consisting of batteries, generator, or a main electrical power which supplies electricity. a. Control b. Load c. Source d. Voltage 19. Which of the following electrical qualities is a derivative one? a. Power b. Source c. Voltage d. Control 20. Salt is a necessary ingredient in yeast-raised breads because salt is: a. makes the bread taste better c. removes the water in dough b. controls the rising of the bread d. retains the moisture in dough 21. Larry’s gums bleed every time he brushes his teeth. He lacks food rich in:  a. Vitamin A b. Vitamin B c. Vitamin C d. Vitamin D 22. Stripping off the outer covering of food is: a. Paring b. Peeling c. Styling d. Stirring 23. The basic nutrients that are essential in maintaining the body functions and good health are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamin, minerals and water. Which of these is an essential part of body tissues and comprises 2/3 of the body weight? a. Carbohydrates b. Proteins c. Vitamins d. Water 24. Which of the following consumes electricity most? a. Dry cell b. Heat c. Magnet d. Motor 25. The number of complete cycles performed in one second is expressed in this unit known as: a. Frequency b. Hertz c. Power d. Resistance 26. It is needed for a variety of plumbing tasks, from changing faucet washers to disassembling plumbing- related appliances, and they come in an assortment of sizes and types. a. Adjustable wrench b. Locking pliers c. Pipe wrench d. Screwdriver 27. It is receptacle or vault to collect organic waste discharge from the house sewer. Its main function is to liquefy and precipitate solid waste purifying odorous materials. a. Bibet b. House drain c. Canals d. Septic tank 28. The most popular and widely used materials for the construction of a septic tank is _________. a. Plastered concrete hallow blocks c. Prefabricated asbestos b. Reinforced concrete d.Thin metal and plastic 29. Which is a hairstyle for formal occasions in which strands of hair and shaped into spirals to stimulate a flower? a. Brush up b. Curly c. Petal and rolls d. Plain 30. It is an electrical device worn by the patron on his/her head to provide heat for proper distribution of oil during scalp treatment a. cotton swab b. hair brush c. heating cap d. plastic cap 31. Onions when peeled or cut irritate the eyes and give biting sensation of the tongue, this is due to the presence of a. mustard oil b. sodium nitrate c. sulfoxide d. sulfur compounds 32. A space occupied by a person in a meal with all of the appropriate table appointments is called a. cover b. diner’s plate  c. menu d. placement 33. Dice in food preparation is cutting food into _________. a. halves b. small particle c. cubes d. quarters 34. What quality pushes electrons to move? a. voltage b. wattage c. frequency d. resistance 35. A part of an electric circuit w/c converts electrical energy into another form of energy to do work. a. load b. circuit c. source d. control 36. There are numerous kinds of saws. The one used by sawing along the grain wood is called: a. back saw b. rip saw c. cross cut saw d. power tool  TECHNOLOGY AND LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION - SET A   3 37. When materials are to be laid out, the best tools to be used are ________. a. measuring tools b. toothe cutting tools c. lining tools d. boring tools 38. The view that is generally drawn directly above the front view in an orthographic drawing is: a. bottom view b. side view c. rear view d. top view 39. Geornetrical solids are usually drawn in ________. a. two view b. eight views c. six views d. four view 40. When solidity of an object is shown by gradual darkening of its particular potion/s then the process involved is _________. a. Darkening b. Lighting c. Shading d. Shadowing 41. If a drawing has an equal measure, then it refers to __________. a. Isometric drawing b. Mechanical drawing c. Perspective drawing d. Oblique drawing 42. A well groomed cosmetologist does not need this: a. Daily bath and deodorant c. facial makeup b. Hairstyle d. expensive jewelry 43. 44. It used to remove old nail polish for the nail plate. It is rapped around the orangewood stick to clean under the edge and remove excess polish around the nail. a. cotton b. adhesive tape c. antiseptic d. mending tissue 45. Which of the following tools is the first one tool in cleaning nails? a. buffer b. cuticle nippers c. cuticle knife d. cuticle scissors 46. It is the study and application of beauty treatment. a. cosmetology b. electrology c. hairstyling d. skin care 47. Storekeeping is a busy job. Although tiresome, it is very enjoyable because the owner acts as a host, a store owner, housekeeper, security guard and seller and he is also considered a _______. a. store owner b. retail person c. manager d. financer 48. If you have a small business, you want people to patronize the store. The best way of attracting more buyers depends on a. store layout c. high-pricing of local mercahndise b. baeutifuil saleslady d. consumers’ like  49. It states the importance of the project, its objectives and significance __________. a. proponent b. location c. rationale d. title 50. An individual who can identify the various products or services which people need and delivers at the right time and place at the prices is ___________. a. Capitalist b. Entrepreneur c. Contractor d. Industrialist 51. The practice of adding baking soda when cooking vegetables for the purpose of retaining the green color and the crispiness should be avoided primarily because _________. a. the flavor of vegetable is modified c. they become less perishable b. they become hard to digest d. Vitamin C is destroyed in the presence of alkali 52. It is the end product of the accounting process. It is the means by which quantitative information about monetary activities of a business enterprise can be provided to parties concerned like management, government, among others. a. Financial statement b. Income statement c. Balance sheet d. Book of final entry 53. These are obligations which are not expected to require the use of current assets or the creation of current liabilities within the year or operating cycle. a. Accured liabilities b. Current liabilities c. Long-term liabilities d. Short term liabilities 54. They are on the right and an increase in a credit account decrease a debit account. a. Credit account b. Debit account c. Nominal account d. Real Account 55. It is used in pairs, one to grip the pipe and other to turn the fitting, which have adjustable, toothed jaws designed for gripping and turning threaded pipes and pipe fitting. a. Pipe wrench b. Adjustable wrench c. Rib- joint pliers d. Locking pliers  TECHNOLOGY AND LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION - SET A   4 56. It is where plumbing started: a. Egypt b. Greek c. Rome d. Athens 57. Decomposition of organic, matter from human waste is bacteriological process caused by the following except: a. Anaerobic bacteria called anaerobes c. Anaerobic decomposition b. Aerobic bacteria called aerobes d. Facultative bacteria 58. It comes in a metal or plastic case, with a cotton line coming out of one end and in used is drawing a staright line. a. brushes b. jointers c. steel square d. chalk line 59. A butt is a wood joint usually fastened by nails, wood screws or __________. a. cement b. dowels c. epoxy d. none of these 60. It helps to return the skin to its proper pH after washing it with soap and water. a. Face cleansers b. Face creams c. Face lotions d. Face toners 61. What are the three nutrients that are found in the bread, cereal, rice and pasta group? a. Carbohydrates, iron and vitamins B c. Fiber, protein and water b. Iron, carbohydrates and zinc d. Protien, zinc and minerals 62. Which of the following adds more color to the table? a. Centerpiece b. Place mat c. Table cloth d. Table napkin 63. The force which opposes and reduces the flow of electrical current is recognized as _______. a. Electromagnetic force b. Power c. Frequency d. Resistance 64. It refers to the lighter organic material that rises to the surface of the water. a. Anaerobic b. aerobics c. Froth d. scum 65. What materials are to be laid out, the best tools to be used are __________. a. Measuring tools b. Toot cutting tools c. lining tools d. Boring tools 66. To completely describe a cone, sphere & rectangular pyramid, the number of views needed is: a. One b. two c. Three d. six 67. It is considered as the heaviest and darkest line that surrounds a drawing and is usually rectangular in shape. a. Border line b. Visible line c. Dimension line d. Cutting plane line 68. Where should you place the name of the top view for labeling? a. Above the view b. Beside the view c. Below the view d. Inside the view 69. It is used to prevent friction burns-during a massage and to soften and moisturize the skin a. Cuticle remover b. Massage cream c. Nail bleaches d. Nail whiteners 70. The aspects of business management that analyzes and determines the supply and demand for the product or service in that past and its competitive position at present is: a. Budgeting aspect b. Finery aspect c. marketing aspect d. Production aspect 71. Before starting a business, one should have a clear idea, sometimes called a _________. a. Descript of the project b. Details of the project c. Market feasibility d. Rationale 72. If a drawing is general made without the aid of drawing instruments and staright edges, then it is classified as __________. a. Freehand drawing b. Isometric drawing c. Orthographic drawing d. axonometric drawing 73. One of the following is used for the fine cutting and for making dedicate wood joint. a. Back saw b. Keyhole saw c. Compass saw d. turning saw 74. A nail is an are essential material in putting in place piece of wood. To drive or pull a nail the right tool for job is __________. a. Ball peen hammer b. Cross peen hammer c. Claw hammer d. Mallet 75. It comes in a metal or plastic case, with a cotton line coming out of one end and is used in drawing a straight line. a. Brushes b. Jointers c. Steel square d. Chalk line 76. The financial record that tells you how much your business worth is that _________. a. Cash flow report b. Income statement c. Cash report d. Balance statement
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