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    1 Pre-Licensure Examination for Teachers HELE (Home Economics and Livelihood Education) Home and Family living/housing and family economics Multiple choices: Direction: Select the best answer by writing the letter on your answer sheets. 1.   The human resources which the family can use to achieve its goals include a.   Knowledge c. energy b.   Abilities/skills d. all of these 2.   A democratic way of talking over family problems and trying to make decisions which are satisfactory to all family members is a.   Problem analysis c. family council b.   Problem solving d. counseling 3.   A person’s willingness to understand the member who is in trouble shows  a.   Care c. concern b.   Loyalty d. commitment 4.   A very suitable guideline in all human relation a.   Wisdom c. laws b.   Golden rule d. decrees 5.   To achieve a satisfying family each member is expected to live his role with corresponding a.   Needs c. care b.   Responsibilities d. loyalty 6.   An act of making up one’s mind:  a.   Decision c. values b.   Adjustment d. contentment 7.   Traits that are det rimental at one’s development are know as:  a.   Strength c. values b.   Standard d. weaknesses 8.   A careful approach to setting goals and achieving them: a.   Management c. home management b.   Good management d. proper management 9.   A trait which becomes the crucial de terminant of a girls’ social status among her peer:  a.   Emotional trait c. social maturity b.   Physical attractiveness d. psychological maturity 10.   It is the way the family use the different resources to attain family goals a.   Goal c. management b.   Home Management d. resources 11.   The best training ground for family members to develop their skill in decision making: a.   Home c. Church b.   School d. Movie House 12.   The laws that define the right of a child are embodied in Presidential Decree No. 603. a.   Magna Carta c. Curl Rights b.   Child & Youth Welfare Code d. Constitution 13.   A resource which all of us share alike a.   Time c. Knowledge and skill b.   Energy d. Money 14.   A system of principles for a conduct of life is a.   Strength c. philosophy b.   Values d. weaknesses 15.   Accepting not only the happiness that come to the family is a.   Concern c. companionship b.   Caring d. commitment 16.   A process of reaching a solution to a problem which is based on family goals, resources and value is called a.   Decision making c. problem solving b.   Assessment d. reorganizing 17.   It refers to the stream of money, good services and satisfaction that comes under the central of the family to be used to satisfy needs and desires a.   Income c. standard of living b.   Goods d. cost of living 18.   It is commonly caused by boredom, frustration, conflicts, depressions, anxiety and other emotional problems a.   Physical fatigue c. psychological fatigue b.   Pathological fatigue d. biological fatigue 19.   Family surpluses are best placed in a.   Saving account c. stocks b.   Real state d. shares    2 20.   When children of couples leave the house and have families of their own, the couples are now in the stage of a.   Contracting b. Beginning c. expanding d. child-bearing Answer Key: Home & family living/ Housing and family Economics 1.   d 2.   c 3.   c 4.   b 5.   b 6.   a 7.   d 8.   d 9.   c 10.   b 11.   a 12.   b 13.   a 14.   c 15.   d 16.   a 17.   a 18.   c 19.   a 20.   a
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