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  Analyzing Test Items Lecture  LET Review for T.L.E. ROT (Review of Terms)   Denition of !RRE T# RE$I$TA E an% &OLTA'E   Te rate of ow of carges *er unit time (!nit+ Am*ere)   urrent Resistance of a material to te ow of carges ($I unit+ Oms)   Electrical Resistance Electrical ,*ressure- or a measure of electrical *otential %ierence ($I !nit+ &olts)   &oltage  LET Review for T.L.E ROT (Review of Terms)   Denition of a*acitor# $witc an% /use Device use% to store carge in a circuit   a*acitor Device tat close an% o*en a circuit   $witc Electrical %evice tat serves as a switc wen a certain ma0imum current is attaine% 1y te circuit /use  LET Review for T.L. ROT (Review of Terms)   2ore Terms $erves as a means of %irecting e0cess carges to te groun% %uring malfunctions   'roun%ing wires An electrical %iscarge 1etween a clou% an% te o**ositely carge% groun% or 1etween o**ositely carge% *arts of clou%s.   Ligtning

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