T H E L E G E N D O F Z E L D A T W I L I G H T P R I N C E S S Act One - Ordon Village Act One Chapter I - S u b s e r v i e n t T w i l i g h t ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Subservient Twilight RUSL (talking to Link) Tell me...Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls? They say it's the only time when our world intersects with theirs... ...The only time we can
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  T H E L E G E N D O F Z E L D A T W I L I G H T P R I N C E S S Act One - Ordon Village Act One Chapter I - S u b s e r v i e n t T w i l i g h t ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Subservient Twilight RUSL (talking to Link) Tell me...Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls? They say it's the only time when our world intersects with theirs... ...The only time we can feel the lingering regrets of spirits who have left our world. That is why loneliness always pervades the hour of twilight... But enough talk of sadness...I have a favor to ask of you, Link. I was supposed to deliver something to the royal family of Hyrule the day after tomorrow... Yes, it was a task set to me by the mayor, but...would you go in my stead? You have...never been to Hyrule, right? In the kingdom of Hyrule there is a great castle, and around it is Castle Town, a community far bigger than our little village. ...And far bigger than Hyrule is the rest of the world the gods created. You should look upon it all with your own eyes. It is getting late... We should head back to the village. I will talk to the mayor about this matter. [Later that evening Ilia courts Epona indolently to the springs] FADO (running to Link's house) Hey! Link! You there? Hey, you mind helpin' me herd the goats? They ain't listenin' to me lately! Hey, where's Epona? C'mon, now, hurry on up an' bring Epona with you. [If Link tries to leave for Ordon Village] Hey hey, where are you goin' without Epona? Hurry on up an' bring her with you, bud. [Link joins Ilia at the springs] ILIA Oh, hi, Link. I washed Epona for you!  Epona is a girl too, so you have to treat her nice like one! Oh, but listen, Link... Could you do something for me? Can you use a piece of grass to play that song for me? You know, the one that Epona likes? I tried to play it for Epona, but I just can't seem to play it the way you can, Link. [Link plucks a reed from the ground and blows into it] It's such a nice melody... Epona looks happy. Well, she's all prettied up now, so I suppose you can ride her back. But don't you make her do too much, OK? What's the matter? Aren't you going to help out at the ranch? [Link returns to Ordon with Epona] SERA Ah, if it isn't young Link. Are you going to close down the ranch for the day? I just closed the shop, myself. I'm sure you know all about the mischievous monkeys that've been coming into the village lately... Those things worry me a bit. I'd better lock up tight here... I couldn't stand to have any more goods stolen... Can't trust that good-for-nothing husband to do anything right... BETH C'mon, Dad! You can't catch a silly little monkey? HANCH Uhh... Well... No. No, I can't. SERA Oh... Listen to us babble on. I didn't mean to keep you. All right, off to work with you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SERA Why don't you stop by and do a little shopping some other time? BETH Well... Have a good time at work, Link! HANCH ...And be careful out there! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  COLIN Oh... Hi, Link. I'm making you a fishing rod, y'know! All I have left to do is paint it, so get ready for fishing! I just need to finish painting it today... Then I need my dad to look it over... My dad, he always has to stick his nose in everything, y'know... RUSL Ah, great timing, Link! There was something I had forgotten to tell you. My son Colin is making a fishing rod so the two of you can play together. He should finish it today, so you come get it at the house tomorrow.  Now, it is Colin's first fishing rod, so it may not be the best one out there...but you will be kind and use it anyway, right? See you tomorrow! ULI Good evening, Link. This is a lovely sunset, is it not? It is kind of you to spend time with my husband, you know... It gives me time for myself! Oh, do you have to go put the livestock to bed now? Well, you should go to the ranch before the sun goes down. MAYOR BO Oh. Link. Looks like you're goin' to help Fado. Good job. He headed up to the ranch ahead of you. You go finish up your chores before the sun goes down. Go on. Get up to the ranch and help out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FADO Sorry to get you over here in such a hurry, Link! These guys have been awful skittish lately. They won't listen to a word I say. Sorry to ask, bud, but how's about you an' Epona herd 'em into the barn real quick? We ain't got much time, so you think you can do it for me? (No) I'm bettin' that with you two helpin' out, it'll be done in no time. Just say the word once y'all are ready to get started! Y'all about ready to start herdin' these goats? (Yes) Much obliged there, bud! OK, then, go on an' herd all these little scamps into  the barn for me! Dang, if it ain't a good thing y'all came! OK, then! Herd them goats into the barn with Epona! [Link herds the confluence of goats into the barn] Link, Epona... Much obliged to both of y'all! I can cover everythin' tomorrow without havin' to trouble you, so just sit back an' relax, bud. Oh... But, uh, how 'bout today? Wanna practice with fences? Just wait a spell, bud. I'll get them fences set up. Hoo, sorry that took so long! OK, then! Y'all ride all you want! Y'all get tired of ridin', just jump the gate an' head back into the village, OK, bud? Ain't nothin' cooler than fence jumpin' done just right! If y'all press A to dash just as you get near a fence, y'all can jump over the middle of it. Oh, an' if y'all get tired of ridin', just go ahead an' jump the gate to head  back to the village. I'll put everythin' away today! Act One Chapter II - C a t H a n d l e r ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cat Handler TALO (Calling to Link) Hey, wake up, Link! It's morning already! Oh, Link! Didja hear? They're selling a slingshot at the store right now! A SLINGSHOT! MALO I wonder how powerful it is... I... I need... I must try it... BETH Talo, if you and Malo want it so badly, just buy it at my parents' shop! TALO Do you see any Rupees in my hand? I can't afford that thing! C'mon, Beth, can't you just loan it to us for a while? BETH You know I'd get in trouble for that! If you two want it, save up your allowances or something. MALO But... our allowances are terrible... Aww, I wish I was born into a family with
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