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    Automation StudioAutomation StudioAutomation StudioAutomation Studio BasisBasisBasisBasis TM210      2  TM210 Automation Studio Basis  Requirements Training modules: TM201 – The B&R Product Palette Software: Automation Studio 3.0.80 Automation Runtime 3.00 Hardware: X20CP1485    Automation Studio Basis TM210  3   Table of contents 1.   INTRODUCTION 4   1.1   Objectives 5   2.   INSTALLATION 6   2.1   Installation Wizard 6   2.2   Licensing 7   3.   STARTING AUTOMATION STUDIO 8   3.1   The start page 8   4.   THE FIRST PROJECT 9   5.   AUTOMATION STUDIO 11   5.1   The CoffeeMachine sample project 11   5.2   Automation Studio Help 12   5.3   The workspace 13   5.4   Basic concept 18   5.5   Creating a concept 19   5.6   Organization of software 21   5.7   Organization of hardware 22   5.8   Managing the system configuration 23   5.9   Relationship between functionality and task 24   6.   HARDWARE PROJECT DEVELOPMENT 28   6.1   Inserting I/O modules 29   6.2   Assign variables to I/Os 30   6.3   Setting up a network connection 32   6.4   Build and transfer the project 33   7.   PROGRAMMING 36   7.1   Programs 36   7.2   Programming languages 36   7.3   Initialization and cyclic sections of a program 37   7.4   Variables and data types 38   7.5   The cross-reference list 41   7.6   Teamwork 42   7.7   Hardware and software upgrades 44   8.   SUMMARY 45    Introduction 4  TM210 Automation Studio Basis  1.   INTRODUCTION Automation Studio is a programming environment for B&R automation components, which include controllers, motion control components and visualization applications. The clear structure of projects and the ability to manage a wide range of configurations and machine variations makes working in teams that much easier. More than just a programming tool   Automation Studio – Helps turn your ideas into applications The user can choose between programming languages, diagnostic tools and editors to create and manage projects with maximum efficiency. The use of standard libraries provided by B&R and IEC programming languages that are integrated in the system enable a highly efficient workflow. Fig. 1 The Automation Studio splash screen This training module will use examples to demonstrate how to use the many tools available in Automation Studio. The extensive Automation Studio Help system provides the basis for the examples and exercises in this training module.
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