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Dr. Rana J. Singh, Senior Technical Advisor (Tobacco and NCD Control) of The Union South-East Asia and Dr. Tara Singh Bam, Regional Advisor-Tobacco Control Programme of The Union, discuss new regulations on tobacco and its effects on the body during the 2014 #J2JLungHealth Media Training in Barcelona.
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   Role of Media in Tobacco Control Dr.Rana J Singh MD DPHA IFPM Sr. Technical Advisor (Tobacco Control) The Union  This session ….   ã Global Tobacco burden ã Tobacco industry interferences and tactics ã Tobacco control strategies ã Role of media in tobacco control ã J2J capacity building report from India  Global Burden of Tobacco ã Tobacco killed 100 million people worldwide in the 20 th  Century  – Leading preventable cause of death  –  kills up to half of people who use it ã Unless urgent action is taken  – By 2030 tobacco will kill >8 million people each year  –  >80% in developing countries  – Tobacco could kill 1 billion people  during the 21 st  Century  –   unless we act now Tobacco Lower RespInfectAIDS DiarrhealDiseaseTB TrafficInjuriesMalaria Measles    G   l  o   b  a   l   D  e  a   t   h  s  p  e  r   Y  e  a  r   (  m   i   l   l   i  o  n  s   ) Unless urgent action is taken, tobacco will kill 1 billion people this century World Health Organization Tobacco Is Now the World’s Leading Single Agent of Death
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