Description 1. The ode was original a ceremonial poem written to celebrate public occasions or exalted subjects. A B C D 2. Knowledge of the rate at which a ship is traeling through the water is important if the naigator A B C need to estimate the time of arrial. D !. The earth is the onl planet with a large number of ox gen in
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Transcript 1. The ode was srcinal a ceremonial poem written to celebrate public occasions or exalted subjects. A B C D2. Knowledge of the rate at which a ship is traeling through the water is important if the naigator A B Cneed to estimate the time of arrial. D !. The earth is the onl planet with a large number of ox gen in its atmosphere. A B C D#. $obert %rost was not well &nown as a poet until he reached the forties. A B C Dcf' The amounts of ox gen and nitrogen in the air almost alwa s remain stable( but the amount of water A B Capor ar considerabl . D). *ulticolored woodcuts must be printed with as man bloc&s as +++++++ colors in the composition.,A' there are ,B' man ,C' some of ,D' it is-. A painter who lied most of his life in the *iddle est( /rant wood has called America0s ainter of  A B C Dthe 3oil.4. hile ancient times people simpl painted inanimate objects( during the $enaissance the paintingof A B Cstill life deeloped as an accepted art form. D5. The American frontiersman( politician( and soldier Da croc&ett is one of the most popular of A B CAmerican hero. D 6. Three months after the hae been laid( crocodile eggs are read hatched. A B C D17. eas re8uire rich soil( constant moistures( and a cool growing season to deelop well. A B C D 11. A dolphin locates underwater objects in its path b doing a series of clic&ing and whistlingsounds. A B C D 12. The greater an objects0s mass( the more di9cult it is ++++++++++++ . ,A',A' to speed it up or slow it down ,B' it speeds up or slows down,C' than speeding it up or slowing it down,D' than speeding up or slowing down1!. A desert area that has been without water for six ears will still bloom when rain will come. A B C D 1#. :ne of the essential features of the modern s& scraper is being the eleator. A B C D1). A rabbit moes about b hopping on its hind legs( which are much longer and more strong thanits A B C Dfront legs.1.A 2.D !.B #.D ).A -.D 4.A 5.D 6.D 17.B 11.D 12.A 1!.D 1#.C 1).D1-. The snow egret is about the si;e of large crow. A B C D14. The grape is the +++++++++++ ( juic fruit of a wood ine.,A' s&in,B' which is smooth,C' smooth s&in,D' smooth<s&inned15. =n the second half of the nineteenth centur ( textiles from the southwestern >nited state(particularl fabrics woen b the ?aajo people( +++++++++++++++++++++ .,A' began to be used as rugs,B' rugs began to be used,C' as rugs began to be used,D' began to used them as rugs16. During adolescence man oung people begin to 8uestion <<<<<< held b their families.,A' the alues,B' of the alues,C' the alues are,D' are the alues27. During the *iddle Ages( handwriting notices &ept groups of nobles informed of important eents. A B C D 21. =n her writing( @limor  lie often dealt with her own personalit as it was( rather than +++++++++ .,A' as was denes b others,B' its denitions b others,C' other0s denition,D' as others dened it22. Congress chartered the rst Ban& of the >nited 3tates in 1461 to engage in general commercialban&ing and ++++++++++ as a scal agent of the federal goernment.,A' to act,B' acting,C' that has acted,D' haing acted2!. @ssentiall ( a theor is an abstract( s mbolic representation of +++++++++++++ realit .,A' what is conceied,B' what it is conceied,C' what is conceied to be,D' what is being conceied1-.,D' 14.,D' 15.,A' 16.,A' 27.,B' 21.,D' 22.,A' 2!.,C' 2#. Tenant farmers are those the either rent a farm and wor& it for themseles or wor& the farm forthe A B Cowner and receie pa ment. D 2). 3lightl oer half of the population of @l aso( Texas( sa s both @nglish and spanish. A B C D2-. ic&ories are medium to large trees common in eastern and the central areas of ?orth America. A B C D24. Approximatel one<third of all persons inoled in adult education programs in 1647 wereenrolled in A B C occupational education course. D25. ?atural adhesies are primaril of animals or egetable srcin. A B C D26. As a glacier melts( roc&s( boulders( trees( and tons of dirt deposit. A B C D!7. The 3uwannee $ier has been neer important for transport and no signicant h dropowerpotential. A B C D!1. American manufacturers depend on ocean shipping for most of trade with other countries. A B C D!2. The root of the chicor plant is often ground up and added to coee to elimination its bitterness. A B C D!!. 3ome nematodes are er tin that it =s necessar to iew them through a microscope. A B C D!#. =t is estimated that a scientic principle has a life expectanc of approximatel a decade before it A B Cdrasticall reised or replaced b newer information. D!). The more arid the continent( the less the amount of annual precipitation +++++++++++++++ .,A' runs o that,B' runs it o ,C' that runs it o ,D' that runs o 2#.A 2).D 2-.C 24.D 25.C 26.D !7.A !1.C !2.D !!.B !#.D !).D !-. e reall desered the award because he performed +++++++++++++++ was expected of him.,A' much better from,B' more better than,C' much better as,D' much better than !4. e was stopped each do;en ards b friends who wanted to congratulate him. A B C D!5. As we hae nished the rst lesson( now we will read the second one. A B C D!6. To ta&e pride in what deseres boasting is one thing( and to ta&e good care of it is 8uite +++++++++ .,A' others,B' thing,C' another,D' the other#7. The doctor0s records must be &ept thorough and neatl ( so as to insure good boo&<&eeping. A B C D#1. h is a man in ciil life perpetuall slandering and bac&biting his fellow men( and is unable tosee A B Cgood een in his friends D#2. Do ou thin& that the labor bill will be passed :h( es. =t0s +++++++++ that it will.,A' almost surel ,B' er li&el ,C' near positie,D' 8uite certainl #!. Ei&e a s non m of speech( which is the general term( address implies some degree of formalit . A B C D##. $abbits and hares loo& much li&e and are often mista&en for each other. A B C D #). As eer other nation( the >nited 3tates used to dene its unit of currenc ( the dollars( in termsof A B C D the gold standard.#-. The prime minister0s coniction for improper campaign practices is li&el to result in increasing A B C pressure that she resigns. D #4. hen the boulders are made of roc& that is dierent from the bedroc& which the or the soil of the A B Celd rests( the are called erratics. D#5. =t would be di9cult for a man of his political a9liation( +++++++( to become a senator from thesouth.,A' though charming and capable is he,B' een with charm and so capable
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