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  TONE PREPARED BY WAN NUR SAKINAH BT WAN HUSSIN NUR AINNA MARDHIAH BT ISMAIL NURFATEEN AMIRA BT HAZMI SHAZANA BT SHAMSUL BAHAR  DEFINITION   ut or’s  use of words and writing style to convey his or her attitude towards a topic   Reveals it through choices of words   EXAMPLES: It was a dark and stormy night. -(Sets a scary, uneasy tone.)  The sun was shining brightly on the meadow. - (Sets a happy tone.)  FATHER: We’re going on a vacation.   SON: That’s great!   (The tone of the son’s response is very cheerful.)   FATHER: We can’t go on a vacation this summer.   SON: Okay. Great! That’s what I expected.   (The son’s tone is sarcastic in the given response.)   “ Can someone tell me what the hell is going on here?!” (An example of aggressive tone.)   IMPORTANCE IN UNDERSTANDING TONE    To avoid misinterpreting the meaning HOW TO N LYZE TONE   • Pay attention to diction • Look at the imagery • Study the details • Listen to the language • Break down the sentences structure

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Apr 16, 2018


Apr 16, 2018
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