Top 5 Qa Automation Engineer Interview Questions With Answers

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  10/4/2014 Top 5 qa automation engineer interview questions with answers 2/4 Top 5 qa automation engineer interview questions with answers Presentation Transcript 1. Top 5 qa automation engineer interview questions with answers Interview questions and answers Page1 of 82. What is Flow Control? Flow control, also called optimized production technology, focuses on theefficient flow of material through the production process. The philosophy of flow control focuses on bottlenecks. For example, an owner using flow control will not buy a machine capable of 1,000 units anhour if supply is only 500 units. Examine systems and determine where lowest flow is experienced, thenaddress that point and make sure it operates at full capacity. Flow control applies well where maximum productivity is required. Interview questions and answers Page 2 of 83. What is Materials Requirement Planning? A given quantity of finished goods requires a given quantityof raw materials and components to make them. Materials requirement planning systems are computerizedtools that manage when materials must be ordered to supply production at a later date. MRP is effectivewhen output quantities are known. Small business owners are often their own MRP systems, storing theinformation needed to supply production in their knowledge and experience. Activities such as computer tracking inventory and forecasting demand are MRP activities. Interview questions and answers Page 3 of 8 View slide4. What is Just-In-Time? Just-in-time, or lean manufacturing, is a production management philosophy built around the continuous reduction of waste. It is suited for businesses where production efficiency iskey. Anything that interferes with productivity is waste and, therefore, the enemy under JIT systems.Techniques that support JIT philosophy include reducing inbound inventory by creating supplier deliveryschedules, minimizing outbound stock with customer delivery schedules and constant work in-housereducing scrap material and wasted man-hours. These techniques improve cash flow and maximize salesmargins. Interview questions and answers Page 4 of 8 View slide5. What are your biggest strengths? This question will help polishing your qualification to therequirements of the employer. Steps to answer this question: a) Identify which you are good at:Knowledge; Experience; Skills; Abilities. b) Prepare a list of your strong points: c) Review therecruitment requirements: You should review carefully the recruitment requirements to know for surewhich requirements are the most important to the employer. d) Make a list of your strong points in your resume/cover letter: List and describe your strong points in your resume and cover letter orderly.Youshould make descriptions to those points in your resume. e) Prepare persuasive answers to the question of the employer about strong points: You do not only state your strong points to the employer but must also provide evidence for them by references or records attached with your application form. Interviewquestions and answers Page 5 of 86. Why should we hire you? For one, the interview question “give us reasons to hire you”, “why shouldwe employ you” or “what can you bring to our company” is something that differentiates the bestcandidates from the other good candidates. This question deals with your ability to sell yourself. Think of yourself as the product. Why should the customer buy? Tips to answer: ã One of the best ways to answer this question is to make a short list of all your advantages and create a paragraph that would point out the positive aspects that you would bring to the new job position. ã One of the points that you can raise is thesimilarity of the job profile you are aiming for at the company to the job profile you enjoyed in your  previous job. ã You can also draw the interviewer’s attention to your key skills and strengths, namely – quick learning, excellent communication skills, etc. ã In addition, your professional ambitions should bemade clear – the motivation and dedication that you have for the profession and the opening position.Interview questions and answers Page 6 of 87. Useful interview materials: Pls visit:, this blog include useful jobinterview materials as follow: ã Free ebook: 75 common interview questions and answers ã 82 marketinginterview questions ã Top 10 interview secrets to win every job interview ã 13 types of interview questions Show more  No comments yet QA Interview Questions WithAnswers 40072 views Latest QA Testing TrainingInterview Questions and Answers 24405 views Top 5 automation engineer interviewquestions with answers 998 views Basics of Automation & ManualSoftware Testing 2109 views Top 9 engineering interviewquestions answers 1677 views Latest QA Interview QuestionsAnswers 579 views Agile Methodology Tutorial 10419 views Qa interview questions and answersfor placements 328 views Industrial Automated Equipment -Examples of Devices Utilized at thesame time 63 views Qa automation engineer interviewquestions 10 views Continuous Integration testing basedon Selenium and Hudson 1443 views Material Handling System byMiranda Automation PrivateLimited, Navi Mumbai, Na…… 1252 views Top 5 software qa engineer interviewquestions with answers 3029 views PLC SCADA DCSTraining PLC SCADA DCS ESDInstrumentation 100% Job OrientedTraining Chennai RelatedMore  10/4/2014 Top 5 qa automation engineer interview questions with answers 3/4 and how to face them ã Top 12 common mistakes in job interviews ã Job interview checklist 40 points ãTop 3 interview thank you letter samples Interview questions and answers Page 7 of 88. Other job interview tips 1. Practice types of job interview such as screening interview, phone interview,second interview, situational interview, behavioral interview (competency based), technical interview,group interview… 2. Send interview thank you letter to employers after finishing the job interview: firstinterview, follow-up interview, final interview. 3. 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