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  Analysis of the magazine ‘Top of the pops’    The masthead  of this magazine is ‘Top of the pops’. The masthead is easy to read and stands out on the magazine because of the colour used. The white on top of the bright pink stands out clearly and is contrasted well. You see the masthead straight away because of clearness of the title. The masthead is always shown at the top left of the magazine, therefore it is always recognisable and easy to find. The colour pink has been used for the masthead and this is a stereotypical colour that you associate with girls. The stars surrounding the masthead add girly detail and they connotate that the magazine is a young female audience. The font of the masthead is casual and easy to read with swirls, this would appeal to young girls and the name also uses words which are not hard to read and are easy to understand which shows us the magazine is targeted at girls aged 10-13. Front cover The  dateline is used at the bottom to not take up space at the top which is needed for main images and cover lines. The dateline is small however clear to read to make sure the audience is up to date with the issue numbers. The main image is a medium long shot of One Direction. Their feet have been cut off from puffs and cover lines, otherwise the shot would have been a long shot. One direction are all pulling faces which would attract young girls in; they are smiling or looking cool into the camera. The group are all huddled together with their arms around each other, this suggests the band are close and it makes the magazine look friendly and welcoming with friendly faces as the main image. One direction are a popular band who many young females have a liking towards, having the band as the front cover draws the audience as everyone knows them and will recognise them. The boys in the band cover the whole space of the magazine and there is no dead space around the boys on the right and left; making the magazine look busy and fun to read. The main cover line reads ‘OMG! Its 1D! FANGIRL SPECIAL’ this cover line links to the main image as it is talking about One Direction. The main cover line and main image go together which makes the magazine look organised; this may be a reason towards someone purchasing it. The words of the main cover line have a yellow border around them and this makes it stand out and also makes it clear to read. The border works well for this magazine as young girls aren't going to want to look at the magazine for ages to work out what it says.   The barcode  on this magazine is an essential element to sell the magazine. The barcode is at the bottom on the right and it has been used here to not interfere with the main image, cover lines etc.  Front   cover   There are many cover lines on this magazine, all the cover lines talk about things which come under the genre in which this magazine is associated with. There are name of people, gossip and news which would be familiar to the target audience ; 10-13 female girls. The cover lines all have a picture next to them creating a visual image for the audience. All cover lines have been written in informal and unsophisticated font which is casual and stands out to the target audience. The colours used for the cover lines are bright and would attract the audience. The colour scheme denotes pinks, blues and yellow. These three colours have been picked out and are used all over the front cover, they work well together and they do not clash. The colours stand out and the overall look of the magazine looks bright and colourful and this would attract the target audience to pick up the magazine and purchase it. White and black font has also been used in amongst the main three colours. These black and white colours work well and make the magazine clear to read. Using bright colours would appeal to 10-13 year old girls as they are stereotypically colours you would associate with young girls. The  strapline going across the top of the magazine includes topics which will be present in the magazine . This includes ‘gossip’, ‘cringes’, ‘shopping’ and ‘boys’. All these topics are relatable to young girls and they are subjects girls will want to read about. Putting these topics in the strapline convinces the audience to buy the magazine as they are given a positive insight on what will be available to read in the magazine. The colours of the strapline are in bright yellows and blues. These colours contrast well on the white and make the words stand out. Lots of images  are found on the front cover, these images include photos of celebrities like The Vamps, Pixie Lott, Rita Ora and Ariana Grande. All these celebrities are singers with a pop sub-genre. Having these artists on the front attracts young girls as they are seen as role models and people who’s music they enjoy listening too. This visual content on the front will show up straight away when the target audience see’s this magazine and having a familiar face on the front cover will attract them. These artists have also been laid on the page neatly with dead space and the layout may appeal to the target audience as it means the magazine looks well put together.  Contents page The name of the masthead  is shortened and reads ‘TOTP’ abbreviating the masthead creates a casual look and the magazine doesn’t look to formal. This appeals to the target audience as they are young girls who will not particularly be interested in formal magazines. The masthead is also positioned in the top right corner as this is in the strap line. Eyes tend to focus first on the top and having the name of the magazine here means people remember what the magazine is called-making the magazine more popular and known. The title says ‘Inside your mag...’ here the magazine is not stating the obvious; contents page, instead it is telling us what you will find inside the magazine. Not having the word contents at the top makes the magazine unique and not like others- this is a fresh and new title. The font used for this title is funky and casual which is something which will appeal to young girls as the laid back and cool font will catch their attention. The colours of this title are bright and go with the overall colour scheme. Using the ellipsis at the end adds interests to the title and readers will want to find out what there is inside the magazine. Page numbers are presented on the contents page to show the target audience where you can find each topic. As well as the simple page references there are also bigger page numbers presented around different parts of the magazine. The bigger page references are all next to a picture with anchorage text, this makes it easy for readers to quickly find a page about something they are interested in. For example if a reader was first visually drawn to a photo of Demi Lavato, they could quickly find the page she is on as the number is clear and big next to the photo. The target audience of this magazine won’t want to waste time trying to find the page so this makes the magazine easier to read and this may be a reason why people like this pop magazine. There is a clear showing of the page numbers  and the content found on the pages. Presenting the page references in this way is quick and efficient and this will appeal to the target audience as it gives them a brief summary of what is on each page. The numbers are in a different colour to the writing which means they stand out and this follows the codes and conventions of a typical magazine. In the headings of each page some words are in bold. The bold words are used to catch the readers eye so they can quickly see what they will find on the page.   The writers comment is presented on the contents page to persuade people to read this magazine. The writer talks about topics which come up in the magazine, she uses persuasive language to make young girls want to carry on reading the magazine. The readers comment is also friendly and welcoming this will make readers feel more comfortable and therefore enjoy reading the pop magazine.
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